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Week in Review: September 2, 2009

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Chief Halton reviews this week's fire news, including a massive wildfire near Los Angeles, California.



Hello and welcome to Bobby hall means we can review. I'll -- halt an editor in chief of fire injuring magazine. And now to the news. Firefighters in California have made good progress today against the -- -- -- which is ravaging the Angeles National Forest which is north of Los Angeles. Firefighters have determined that the fire must've been human caused because no lightning can be identified as a possible ignition source. Today Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was on scene serving breakfast to firefighters. And providing words of encouragement. Firefighters have created a perimeter around 22% of this blaze as of this afternoon. Bulldozers have carved out more than 95 miles of line mostly on the eastern front near the San Gabriel wilderness. Since this fire began on August 22. It has destroyed more than five dozen homes. And killed two California firefighters. Captain Ted hall and firefighter Arnie Quinones. Were killed when the engine they were riding on lost visibility and heavy smoke. And -- off the road tumbling 800 feet down a mountainside. Claiming the lives of both men. Captain hall leaves behind a wife and two adult sons. Firefighter -- -- behind a pregnant wife with their first child. As California firefighters -- on the loss of two of their own they also struggle to protect an extremely valuable historic observatory. TV and radio facility on top of mount Wilson which is northeast of Los Angeles. On Tuesday back fires were set near the facilities. And water drops from -- to try to protect this critical piece of infrastructure. To read more about this important story and heroic efforts being undertaken by California firefighters. Go to fire -- dot com or read this week's fire engine -- newsletter. Our thoughts and prayers. Are with the families and friends of fire fire can -- and Catherine hall. In Bartlesville Oklahoma firefighters were challenged to save businesses on either side of -- 99 year old buildings historic. -- Brothers clothing store. Which was discovered well involved around 3 AM Monday morning. Using proactive aggressive tactics the Bartlesville firefighters were able to contain the blaze to the building abortion. Firefighters were concerned about the structural stability of the building's walls and engineers are being called -- determine whether or not. The building would need to be completely -- an electrical failure is currently under suspicion as the cause of this fire. The Merrimack far -- will soon require all their firefighters to carry computerized medical ID tags. The tags which are similar to a USB memory stick we'll carry medical information about the firefighter. And we'll be attached to firefighters gear when -- off duty. Firefighters coming on duty will turn their tags into their officer. And if needed medical information will be accessed from the tag in order to provide accurate and timely medical care in the case of an emergency. Assistant fire chief David -- -- they said it's critical when treating a firefighter for something that they have the utmost concern for the safety of the personnel. And when someone goes down on scene it could be a real hassle trying to get their medical information. EZ USB memory sticks will make the information readily accessible for the firefighters. And will contain information on their current illnesses conditions allergies immunization records family medical history lifestyle habits. Medications. And more. All the information will be entered by the firefighters themselves and firefighters are required to update the information as their medical information changes. It's finally on behalf of myself and fire engineering. We like to extend our deepest condolences. To the families of buffalo firefighters the -- and Charles chip McCarthy and firefighter Jonathan chrome. Who were laid to rest last week after -- tragically and fired 1815 Genesee street. To buffalo firefighters died -- the floor collapsed beneath them. Firefighter chrome lieutenant McCarthy responding -- possible trapped victim in the basement of this fire. The two lost heroes were searching the floor above the fire area when the collapse occurred. The buffalo firefighters on scene tried valiantly. To access their comrades. As the fire ravaged building. Congressional Lombardo was on scene and gave -- heartfelt report as the efforts were still under way to recover the bodies of lieutenant McCarthy. And Jonathan chrome. The sparse serves as a tragic reminder along with the loss of our California comrades. -- can Jonas and captain hall. As the inherent risk in constant danger than a profession requires us to face. It's with the utmost sincerity. That we extend our deepest condolences. To all of those affected and ask that all of you. Keep the families of Charles McCarthy. Jonathan chrome. Arnie -- -- And -- hall in your thoughts and prayers. I'm chief Bobby Holton. That's the news. And remember. Be careful.

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