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Week in Review: July 23, 2009

Fri, 24 Jul 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's fire news, including a ruling about racial recruitment disparities in the FDNY.



Welcome to fire -- hearings we can review. Bobby hall editor in chief of fire -- magazine. And this week were brought to you by our good friends at the congressional fire services institute. Fire engineering is the exclusive partner with the congressional -- services institute webinar series so we would -- reminded everyone watching today. Of the upcoming congressional fire services webinar. To be broadcast on July 31. At 2 PM eastern time. This must webinar is America burning. Looking back on his vision for reducing the threat of fire and our nation. This webinar will be moderated by congressional fire services institute executive director bill web. The program -- -- feature Lewis and Billy. -- original member of the national cup commission on fire protection and control that authored the 1973. Landmark report America burning. Mr. and ability is a legendary figure in the American fire service and has served as a director of the Delaware fire training again. Mr. and Billy remains extremely active in the American -- service. Please be sure to go to far engineering community dot com and following link this webcast. Or go to CS SI dot com. And -- today for America burning on July 31. At 2 o'clock. And now to the news. US district court Nicholas -- but yes issued a ruling agreeing with the US department of justice and the fraternal order of black firefighters. In finding that disparities among whites and the number of black firefighters. Taking and passing the recruit examinations in 1999. And 2002. For the FD and why were too wide. According to the judge. The numbers of New York City. -- stark contrast to some of the other large cities in America -- minority firefighters are represented in higher significantly higher percentages. According to the judge 3100. Candidates were black and 4200. Candidates respect. But -- -- appointed only 184 black firefighters. And 461 Hispanic -- fighters. The judge said that black and Hispanic applicants have disproportionately felt the written exams and those who pass replaced is fortunately lower. Down on the -- less than the whites and that now he must consider remedies. The judge do it drew a distinction between his decision and out of the Supreme Court in the Connecticut case. He said the New York City lawsuit presented a different question. Whether the -- had actually had disparaging impact upon black and Hispanic applicants for positions as entry level firefighters. The Connecticut case the judge said did not confront that issue. The judge said the New York City case proved that when employment test is not related for the job which it tests. And when the test adversely affects minority groups we may not fall back on the notion that better test takers make better employees. He added. The city asked the court to do just that and regrettably the -- did not take sufficient measures to ensure that they're performers on its examination. Would actually be better firefighters. The New York City attorney says that the city has now developed a new test which administered in January 2007. And spent two million dollars in recruitment campaign that took particular aim at increasing the number of minorities on the FDNY. As a result of this effort -- -- department of New York has tripled the number of blacks and nearly doubled. The number of Hispanics. Who took the 2007. Exam compared with the previous two examples according to the New York City attorney. She said now minorities -- 38% of the candidates on the passing list and 33. Percent of the fourth balancing candidates ranked highest on the list. Are minorities. In addition over 13 of the recent graduating class a probationary firefighters. Are minorities the most diverse class in the city's history. Fire engineering agrees wholeheartedly. With the path -- New York City Fire Department is taken. Outreach education. Mentoring and assistance are far more effective and far more efficient at getting good firefighters. And achieving true diversity. And quotes. One of the most dramatic videos on television in recent memory. A four year old boy is pulled from his -- burning vehicles by two off duty Milwaukee firefighters. The boy suffered serious deep burns to 20% of his body and will require months of treatment and rehabilitation. But he will live. The two off duty Milwaukee firefighters. John and -- -- let's -- -- -- its Brothers off duty at home when their wives came upon the accident. Using their cell phones to notify their husbands. The two Brothers then ran to the scene of the accident to find the families SUV. Overturned it in engulfed in flames. After assisting the mother and one of the other young children out of the car. The -- firefighter Brothers then entered the burning vehicle and effected the rescue of the young boy. Fire engineering on behalf of the American -- service would like to congratulate these two American heroes. For their bravery their courage and her unrelenting commitment. To their fellow citizens of Milwaukee. On behalf of everyone here fire engineering well done and thank you. Closing I'd like to remind everyone to go to fire engineering dot com and check out season for training it's just posted this week. This week assistant chief Jim Crawford reviews change overs and assessments. While performing firefighter rescue and recovery. Paul Combs has a new editorial cartoon posted his June editorial cartoon is now featured exclusively of -- here in Marjorie dot com. Available for your review comments. And remember go to CF SI dot com -- -- community and signed up for the July 31 upcoming webinar on America burning. This is one you will not want -- -- that's July 31. At 2 o'clock America burning with bill Webb and legendary firefighter. Lewis and ability. -- all the health and that's the news and remember. Be careful.

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