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Week in Review: July 17, 2009

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's fire news, including a massive fire in California.



Hello and welcome to. -- hearings we can review and chief Bobby Hoffman. This week were brought to you by our good friends that underwriters laboratory. In Palo Alto, California yesterday firefighters from around the peninsula responded to a five alarm blaze that destroyed three homes on a quiet cul-de-sac. Firefighters respondents report of a structure fire around 5 PM yesterday afternoon. The fire which is still under investigation. Spread quickly through the -- spaces of the adjoining homes according to the Menlo Park fire chief. Seventeen engines by water trucks -- needed to contain the blaze. Damages estimated over one million dollars no civilians were injured but there was a report of one firefighter sustaining a minor -- Oklahoma City firefighters arrived on scene of the pine -- condominiums Thursday. Flames -- already visible from both ends of the building and second floor residents were hanging out of windows screaming for rescue. Two residents suffered from smoke inhalation and three firefighters. Were transported from injuries from this three alarm fire. Firefighters' injuries are not thought to be looked -- threatening nor other civilians. The fire appears to have started accidentally and -- the residents kitchens. Deputy fire chief clay said Soviet firefighters were required to fight the fire 120 apartments were damaged or destroyed in the fire. Chief -- of these two people rescued from windows after becoming trapped on the second floor. Derby, Connecticut a former volunteer firefighter and has been convicted and setting a series of fires including one in an unoccupied home. This week he was sentenced to nine months in prison. Former firefighter Edward Jones who's 21 years old -- -- were released and be on probation for four years once he completes the six months in prison. Jones pleaded guilty to third degree arson and conspiracy to commit third degree arson jones' co defendant Cameron's sister rally. It was twenty was sentenced to six months in prison this June. Derby fire Marshal Phil hawks prepared a written statement to the court and indicated that a prison term. Would send me loud and clear message to other potential -- arsonists that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. -- Marshall hawks also stated. That the firefighters who put these fires not only endanger their brother firefighters. Who responding tool -- fighting the fires. But they also broke the trust of the public -- look at firefighters as those who help not -- those -- -- fires. -- was injured in any of these fires and prosecutors believe the sentence is appropriate. Dallas firefighters were called an apartment complex on Rucker boulevard to fund well -- fire that quickly escalated. To five alarms over 100 Dallas firefighters were required to bring this fire under control. The fire seriously damaged or destroyed 24 apartments leaving at least forty residents without homes a teenage boy who was injured. We jumped from a third floor balcony to escape the flames and smoke. He was taken to park memorial hospital. Authorities question -- a woman who was seen running from the scene who's known to be mentally ill and until recently have been living in group home. And now final note. Firefighters across the country this week watched -- Frank -- -- And his fellow New Haven firefighters testified at the confirmation hearings for justice Sonia Sotomayor. Firefighters did not take a position either way as to whether or not the judge is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. They rather simply told their story of how they were discriminated against based upon their race. The Supreme Court several weeks ago found in favor in their lawsuit against the city of New Haven for racial discrimination. The firefighters who brought the suit a white and Hispanic. They claim that they were denied promotion simply because of their race. The Supreme Court agreed and now has set -- That no group can be disadvantaged. In order to promote another group. What that means that quota systems and promotional lists which are based on racial or gender based outcomes are no longer. Legal in the United States of America. Regardless of how you feel about affirmative action. Racial quotas or justice Sotomayor. All firefighters should be proud of the professionalism and integrity. Which displayed by all of the New Haven firefighters. By their conduct and their bearing during these hearings. And FDIC 2009 this year we will have a panel regarding race relations. Promotions. And diversity in the fire service. We have already invited the black professional firefighters. And we will be inviting other interested parties to sit on the panel to discuss this issue. Attorney general Eric Holder so that America was a nation of cowards regarding race. The American fire service is proud to prove attorney general holder wrong. The American -- service does not represent a nation of cowards but rather a nation of brave bold and courageous people. -- more than willing to sit down and discuss our differences and our commonalities. On the issues of race gender and sexual orientation. It has often been the case in the American landscape that the fire service has led the way. We are -- profession and we are the bravest. We will find a solution and we will do it with dignity and courage. -- -- -- That's the news and remember. Be careful.

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