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Week in Review: July 7, 2009

Wed, 8 Jul 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's fire news, including a firefighter death in Pennsylvania.



Hello and welcome to. Firing hearings we can review and chief Bobby Alton and now to the news. A clarion county volunteer firefighter. Ryan when guard who was serving as a member of the -- will volunteer fire company. Passed away yesterday at responding to a degree fire -- complain about a headache shortly before collapsing. Ryan was 28 years old and survived by his wife. Our condolences to Ryan's family and all the members of the struggle -- far. Today Wisconsin was the scene yesterday a massive blaze in the Patrick -- -- meatpacking plant. Over 100 firefighters from local fire departments fought the blaze and many are still on scene today putting out hot spots. Fire officials believe that the fire started and -- space between the roof and sprinkler system. Residents need to be evacuated due to pneumonia leak which occurred during the fire the plant employed over 2000 employees and was a 120 years old. There were no reported injuries at this fire. Well what -- engineering reported over two weeks ago has been confirmed Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran at that time was reported as being under consideration. Where the position of the US -- administrator. The US Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano. Today confirmed that President Obama intends to nominate Kelton Cochran. -- Cochran has twenty years experience and is currently serving as the fire chief in Atlanta Georgia. Prior to serving in Atlanta achieve -- served in the Shreveport Louisiana our apartment. Are -- which is chief copper great success in his future endeavors becoming US fire administrator. Our engineer and -- remind you that the fire station construction grant application deadline is this Friday. Applications for the 2009. Assistance to firefighter station construction grant program which is part of the -- stimulus package are -- Friday. This money can be used to modify existing fire stations repair existing fire stations or build brand new fire stations. This -- -- far engineering dot com you need to review several exclusive pieces. Make sure you we watch this week's training minutes video. Which is dolphins super -- here with Anthony have you -- and Frank Rich. There's also an exclusive podcast with frank Ritchie who has the lead plaintiff in the New Haven twenty Supreme Court decision that was released last week. That in depth interview is now available in the podcast section on fire engineering dot com. As well as a new podcast from the international society of our -- instructors. Check out our -- section and make sure you look at Chad Cox's through the -- entry for store front doors. This multi media article is one of -- -- are -- available only on fire engineering dot com. He's in -- unique pieces combined print and video for you about some moment educational benefit. Finally fire engineering would like to take a moment to remember our great friend and partner chief Danny crane. Who passed away on July 4 -- for a long illness. And he was a popular speaker and a certified instructor. And he served for 35 years with the Chicago Fire Department. And taught at northwestern university. And for the Illinois our services institute. And he was a long time member of the fire -- instructors advisory board and frequent speaker force the Odyssey. And he wrote many articles are engineering and also called co authored a book. With Juan Williams entitled personal empowerment achieving individual and departmental excellence. Fire engineering in the entire fire service is deeply saddened and he's passing. -- it's -- a great friend he was a mentor and leader too many of us in the fire service. And he always had a kind word and a smile for -- firefighter in that. He was a man deep faith and tremendous commitment to the fire service. And he had an on faltering belief in the goodness of his fellow man he was -- true gentleman and -- will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him. I'm Bobby hall. That's the news. And remember. Be careful there.

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