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Week in Review: June 29, 2009

Tue, 30 Jun 2009|

Chief Halton reviews this week's fire service news, including the Supreme Court decision in the New Haven firefighter case.



Hello and welcome to fire engineering as we can review. A fire engineering senator Bobby Alton. And now the news the Supreme Court today and a 54 decision ruled in favor of the New Haven, Connecticut twenty. These firefighters sued because they were denied promotions based upon their race. The New Haven firefighters claim they would not promotions by the city of New Haven because not enough black and Latino candidates scored high enough to be promoted immediately. The Supreme Court agrees with the New Haven twenty firefighters. And said that the city was wrong and scraping the promotional results. The court said. Fear of litigation alone cannot justify. And employers reliance on race to the detriment of individuals who passed the examination. And qualified for the promotions. In -- 93 page decision the court issued a rendition. Against the original lower court decision. What this means is the Supreme Court decided. That there was so much overwhelming evidence that the initial court should of immediately awarded a summary judgment for the New -- -- The decision also brings into question the decision making an ideological positions of Supreme Court candidate Sotomayor are. Who dismiss the case is having no merit when it came to her court for review on appeal. Thousands of firefighters facing layoffs across country union leaders are warning that these layoffs will affect public and firefighters safety. Firefighting positions have been eliminated or going to be eliminated in Orlando Atlanta Philly Flint and Columbus, Ohio. And other places furloughs continue. Including Tulsa Oklahoma. Were recently -- fire and police unions have agreed that the entire workforce will take eight unpaid furlough days for the rest of the calendar year. Union leaders cite the fact that the city of Atlanta insurance premiums could rise by as much as 10%. Due to the continued reductions in staffing and the closing of several firehouse is in the city of Atlanta. Proposed budget cuts in Columbus, Ohio are targeting 238. Firefighters and closing as many as seven. Of the 32 fire stations. Fire engineering believes this is clearly going to affect the public safety. Of Columbus and the other cities we. -- From the fire engineering editorial blog new rules were announced for the safer grant program with more new rules com. After intense lobbying from the I. The Obama administration. Has approved new rules for governing how -- departments can use the funding acquired from the staffing for adequate fire -- -- response grant program. The new guidelines will apply to the 210. Million that congress has approved an an additional 200 million which was moved from the fire act grant. The Obama administration is allowing Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano. Discretion and waving the rules which govern the currency for program. Yeah I -- that also announced. That a new committee will be developed to design new rules for how -- -- can be used to address the current wave of staffing cuts. To read more about the new safer rules check out the fire engineering editorial blog we're -- foreigners trading community dot com. Our final story has to do with the recent DC metro rail accident which claimed the lives of nine civilians. As the department currently reviews this event for lessons learned. And to prepare better for the future all fire department should remember that rail accidents are far more common one would assume. For example regarding the DC metro line -- -- an axis of a significant nature since as recently as 1982. When three passengers were killed when it by the -- injured. Again in 19964. Core metro line accident occurred. Also and operator of a -- line was killed in November of 2004. When a crash occurred when two real cars collided. All department should review the fire engineering June edition in the training notebook section. -- author Jeff Simpson has an excellent article on training for railroad emergencies. In view of the recent LA in DC train accidents firefighters need to take a hard look. How capable how prepared and how ready they are for this type of emergency. -- -- -- -- That's the news and remember. Be careful up there.

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