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Week in Review: May 29, 2009

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews the major fire news stories of the week, including stricter building codes in one California community's wildland interface areas.



Hello and welcome to -- -- we -- review I'm Bobby -- editor in chief of our engineering magazine and this week we're being brought to you by FDIC on line. Be sure to go to fire -- dot com and sign up for next month's free FDIC on line two day conference. FDIC online will be this June 10 and eleventh. And this month were featuring frank -- on the politics of safety Jeff shoot from the Cleveland fire department. An engine company tips and tactics. And -- Buchanan from -- Virginia on meeting with attitude Jeff Seton from San Jose California. And search operations. Battalion chief Steve -- wrote us from Chicago Fire Department and tactical decision making for -- from Illinois on the company officer's role in safety and survival. And Paul -- back from Rutherford New Jersey and wood frame construction principles and hazards. Don't miss your opportunity to attend all of these seminars absolutely free at the world's only online fire conference FDIC online June 10 and eleventh. It's all free and now the news. It's the city of Oakland California has approved an ordinance requiring tighter building standards in areas which are susceptible to urban interface fires. California currently has -- state law that requires cities that are subject to natural hazards such as fire create a map which identifies those areas. Or adopt -- -- which has been created by cal fire. Areas that fall into those identified as high risk must use stricter building codes to reduce the probability conflagration in those areas. Fire chief Mike and -- -- she stated that Oakland will be in the system is one of those cities that has complied with the government code which will open -- -- -- for funds from FEMA. To prevent something from happening or after something does happen we'll open up upland funds. To the citizens to help rebuild. California firefighters across the state are waiting to discover what the failure of propositions he threw me in recent election. We'll have on the State's fire departments. California governor has stated that cuts will likely have to be made in government services. And firefighters know only too well if these cuts are often realized by misinformed reckless municipal decisions to reduce fire department staffing. Staffing is an area of safety that should never be compromised. Fire engineering steadfastly affirms that and -- PA compliant -- person staffing is the safest and most effective way to man fire apparatus. Anything shy and this is high risk. We fervently hope the leadership in California. Does not compromise public and firefighter safety. -- ill advised staffing cuts due to our nation's current fiscal downturn and California's. Fiscal mismanagement. The State of New York is drop the commercial driver's license mandate for volunteer firefighters. After five years of having a law which few knew about and virtually no one compliant -- It's surprising move common sense the legislature of the State of New York voted unanimously. To eradicate the law so now both paid and volunteer firefighters can get legally drive their fire apparatus. So long as its official use of the vehicle and it belongs to the fire department. Houston Texas a fire ripped through the gallery furniture store and forced Houston firefighters to go to four alarms to contain the blaze. The fire was contained to the business is warehouse. And firefighters were able to successfully protect a 100000. Square foot show. After a two and a half hour firefight. The fire was discovered about 8:40 PM by store employees who attempted unsuccessfully. To fight -- using extinguishers. Used and deployed about a 150 firefighters to safely extinguish the fire. Employees mentioned that within two minutes of discovery the entire warehouse was full of smoke. The cause of the fire still under investigation. However -- generator is suspected to cause the fire. Remember FDIC online registration is now open it's absolutely free. And you get to see seven of America's most influential and respected speakers presenting as well as an incredible variety of vendors. Who virtual who's which you can visit and see your equipment. You can visit with their representatives and have conversations with their staffers ask questions and get immediate feedback. There's even a virtual lounge where you can have a virtual beer and conversations that your fellow firefighters. Sign up now for FDIC online. I'm Bobby -- That's the news and remember. Be careful there.

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