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Tower Ladder Bucket Rescue

Mon, 18 May 2009|

John Riker demonstrates how to position the tower ladder bucket to remove both conscious and unconscious victims.



There. -- wolf in the training room. This afternoon we're gonna show you how to position of power -- -- -- out the window. Of course remove participation. And then to reposition and we moved -- on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's important that we -- the floor of the -- out of -- for -- approximate height of the Cold -- This rule out. The victim groups usually -- over the window -- To be assistant to the bucket by the opera. Positioning the bucket so low -- too -- To make it difficult. Transition. Once the victims placed in the bucket. He should -- secured with a -- bill. To a substantial part of the basket. Let's take a look at using a -- that a bucket to remove -- unconscious victim. This scenario it's important place the top of the tower ladder bucket just below the window -- This will make bringing the victim. Into the bucket much easier because he will not have to be lifted any higher than the window -- Once pulled into the basket. Gravity takes -- Victim at this point can now be attended to by the firefighters. Give the necessary first day. Using the tower alert two affect rescue is an important part -- operation. We hope these tips that we are getting you here today we'll help you when -- department -- your next rescue. Thanks for watching John right now.