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Week in Review: May 19, 2009

Tue, 19 May 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's fire news and recognizes National EMS Week.



Fire engineering this week -- review. She's Bobby -- and this week we are being brought to you on behalf. The fire service based advocates coalition. Monday may eighteenth marked the beginning of national -- week. This is an opportunity to honor the men and women. -- deliver pre hospital emergency care throughout the United States this vital services provider primarily by cross train multi role. Emergency fire department responders who are based. In our nation's fire departments. Over the past 35 years the fire service has been retooled. To be an all -- responder including the provision of pre hospital emergency medical care. -- service based EMS providers are located trained equipped and provide virtually every community with timely. Pre hospital -- 11 care. Firefighters EMTs -- and paramedics respond quickly and professionally and -- passionately communities across the United States. And they do it every day twenty force. Fire service based -- -- coalition recognizes the life -- contributions and achievements. As well as the dedication and commitment of those who serve -- fire service based yet a systems. Nationally -- -- weakest time to pause and say thank you. The entirety of this community especially those firefighters EMTs and paramedics and our nation's all -- response professional systems. Fire service based EMS advocates coalition is based in Washington DC. It provides the members of congress and federal agencies with the information they need to effectively support fire based EMS systems throughout the nation. For more information about our service based -- advocates and how to join the coalition. Visit WWW. Fire service EMS. Dot com. -- top story today comes to us from Maine -- the state legislature is currently considering adding cancer the presumptive legislation remains firefighters. Supporters of this legislation including fire engineering clearly understand that the -- risk of contacting cancer posed by today's highly toxic fires. As usual lawmakers including democratic representative Cynthia hill. Believe that -- cancer could result increased expenditures for municipalities. And therefore for the taxpayers. According to representative hill voting against the bill -- a responsible thing to do. Supporters of the bill including -- professional firefighter fourth district vice president Ron green disagree. And they say that there is no documented evidence of any increased to workers' comp expenses. In the 29 other states that have adopted similar legislation. -- firefighters should contact their legislative represented -- immediately. And urged the passing of LD 621. Class -- twelve people who expected to become Oakland firefighters were told Tuesday. That they would be released from the fire academy on May twentieth. Because of the city budget problems. The city of Oakland is currently 83 million dollars of debt and has said that it cannot afford to hire any more firefighters. Officials have stated that they hope to be -- offer jobs to these twelve individuals. As firefighting positions become available. The city of Oakland currently has 475. Firefighters and is currently in negotiations with local 55. The issue of releasing the recruits is certainly going to affect the negotiations. We hope this give Oakland in the union can somehow managed to maintain safe and efficient staffing levels and not become another city which sacrifices safety. For money. In a related story from Marion Ohio. On May tenth two year old Jacob Hackett and his brother that's eight months old lost their lives of fire which according to Merritt Bart -- -- -- -- -- Ralph was made even more difficult due to recent cuts in manpower and Marion fire department. This is not replacing firefighters -- resign or retire and currently only has 59 members from its full stepping strength and 65. And although -- to a civilian losing one firefighter may not appear significant. It does take -- response capabilities. Away from the officers and firefighters were faced -- dynamic complicated. And complex responsibilities. At working fires. This fatal fire occurred in -- building. Which had been renovated from the hospital into rentals. The -- fire department arrived with only six members and quickly called for mutual aid. An off duty help but were unable to reach to two small children time. Marion mayor Scotch -- answer at this to say. Every time an employee movies we reevaluate. And assess the budget. I'm concerned that the economy is hurting our ability to provide services to our citizens. We can talk all we want about the budget and job losses but let's put things in perspective. Two very young lives were lost and that's going to affect the Stanley forever. Well said mr. -- yes staffing matters training matters and moving even one firefighter. From a standard foreperson compliance -- engine or truck can have. Tragic results. In Long Beach, California eight businesses were destroyed an early morning fire that tore through a strip mall which had no fire stopping. Firefighters needed more than three hours to contain the four alarm blaze that they believe started in the shared attic space and was driven by high winds. Two important -- to take away from this Long Beach fire. First code enforcement code compliance matters inspect all commercial businesses in your first do especially attic spaces and basements. Second. We're seeing more and more wind driven flame fronts be very aware of windy conditions. Weather and -- so when ever you are estimating how to attack and approach a working fire. Our final story comes from Plano Texas what fire engine currently is the story which is going to be repeated. More and more frequently as time goes by. Plano fire chief Hugo sparse as proposed new standards for physical fitness replace a firefighters. Included -- that -- -- body fat. Flexibility. Cardiovascular health and physical condition. The issue stretches across the nation recently three out of every four Boston fire recruits. Were found to be overweight. The -- gonna become more and more contentious. As new studies like Indiana university's. Physiological stress associated with structural firefighting study. Shows clearly that -- debts for firefighters. Are attributable to stress and over exertion. And that and he preexisting cardiovascular disease such as doctor -- Harvard University study showed can be fatal. The Indiana study one step further it showed clearly that good physical fitness is necessary -- departments with Mo call items. For firefighters who have high call volumes though they are going to require an elite level -- athletic conditioning. If they're going to be able to withstand the increased physical stresses placed upon one. When doing structural firefighting. This going to be a battle in negotiations. For time to come forward in the near future for existing firefighters. Future hires may find -- fiscal requirements and the school standards and measures may be condition one. Finally please remember to focus your -- this week on -- that's related issues and I urge all of you to visit fire service EMS dot com. And join the advocates coalition for fire based -- yes. -- -- -- -- That's the news and remember. Be careful out.

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