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Flaking Out a Handline Off-Room

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Ray McCormack shows you how to flake out a handline in an off-room or apartment when preparing to advance a hoseline on the fire room/apartment.



Many times you come into a building. Looking a flake out of England in the stairway. We either do that on the -- itself or up the staircase in the next half land. When fires coming out of the apartment door. It's too dangerous to send a firefight erupted in next half plan obviously outline what we -- -- look for is a place to safely stretch I don't -- -- Please do that -- -- -- apartment or wolf room. This allows us to make a simple you wouldn't want. Get it squared away so that when we opened the door and fires right there on -- squared away and we have a nice rapid advance. The fire that's. Remember when there's no place left for you -- out of line look for an adjacent apartment where Jason area. This will enable you to bring you be -- cleanly into an occupancy. We turn it back towards the fire area and be assured that you'll have a nice clean stretched into the fire. This is extremely important special fires at.