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Week in Review: May 1, 2009

Sat, 2 May 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's major fire news, including a building collapse in New York City.



Hi and welcome to fire engineering -- week in review -- chief Bobby Alton and this week were being brought to you by our good friends. A true north fire equipment. True -- a long time supporter of fire engineering and more of our main sponsors of the fire engineering annual courage and -- fund run. Held this year and FDIC. 2009 would like to thank our friends -- true north. For the continued support and for the valuable -- that they make for wild land firefighters. And firefighters in general please visit their website and see -- incredible array of products and now. The news. The -- New York City building collapsed part of a five story building that had recently cited lower Manhattan collapsed. -- mounds of rubble and slightly injuring three people. FDNY crews search the site and a neighboring building. Three people two firefighters and one civilian were treated for some minor injuries and released. -- large and who lives across the street was looking out his window at 6:15 AM. When according to Louis -- started trickling off the top corner I was thinking it was raining or something. Then within ten seconds it all just came down like a wave or an avalanche. The cause of the collapse is not immediately determined work was being done to shore up the building which is next -- construction site. Inspectors had been there this week and violations had been issued Wednesday for a loose bricks and cracks throughout the building. The city decided Tuesday for being vacant open and unguarded. The building which was constructed in late 1890s. Is part of her official start district in the TriBeCa section of Manhattan. From Camden, New Jersey a federal judge clears the way for Camden firefighters -- trials. A federal judge is allowing two Camden firefighters who want to 2001 discrimination suit. To pursue new trials and possibly obtain further damages against the city of Camden. US district judge -- obese when bell did not dispute the winning claims of the two high ranking black fire officials in the suit against the current fire and former. Fire chief of Camden. But because an appeal by the city and a procedural mistake new trials will be scheduled. Regardless of the outcome. Some Dell said that part of the damages back wages 1161000. For battalion chief Terrance Crowder and 70000 for deputy chief Kevin Haley. Must stand. In 2001 the firefighters. Now the second fourth highest ranking members of the department. Contended that they were not promoted because of their race and that they experienced retaliation after they complained. The firefighters attorney said that because the city to draw on this case out candidate could be on the hook for close to two million dollars including attorney fees. The judges ordered yesterday said that the new trial should be on the federal discrimination case. Which awarded each point of lost wages and one dollar each and pain and suffering. This retrial was being allowed because the city contends it was not culpable for the two -- and the related attorney fees. The second new trial which was in for the punitive damages came to 600000. Dollars because of previous judgment an error in his jury instructions. A third lawsuit based on alleged discrimination is the firefighters since 2001. Is also pending. The -- fire department faces steep budget cuts this year. Companies have been consolidated and over time was reduced firefighters have complained to the City Council that there's often not enough manpower and equipment to keep the -- say. Two weeks ago Camden firefighters marched through the city streets to protest cuts on Saturday only 24 -- -- Of the more than fifty scheduled came to work for a shift 49 firefighters are needed to cover the city of Camden and any one given time. Council members said fire departments from neighboring towns are tired of backing up -- depleted force. And now are only responding to major incidents. Next story has to do with the Swine Flu Swine Flu epidemic has already spread to at least six other countries besides Mexico. Authorities around the globe are now like firefighters. Battling a fire without knowing how far it has extended. At this time containment is not feasible option so the assistant director of the World Health Organization. With the virus spreading the US is prepared for the worst at the White House Swine Flu update has been added the president adopt Obama's daily intelligence briefing. President Obama's of the outbreak is not a cause for alarm although the US has stepped up checks of people entering the country. And warned US citizens to avoid nonessential travel to Mexico. According to Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano. We are proceeding as if we are preparing for a full pandemic. The -- panel US Homeland Security chief. -- watchers Washington is dispatching people and equipment affected areas. And stepping up information sharing at all levels of government with other nations. Richard -- -- the CDC's acting director says his agency is aggressively looking for evidence of the disease spreading and probing for ways to control and prevented. Flu deaths are nothing new in the United States the CDC estimates that about 36000 people die of flu related causes each year on average. In the United States during the 1990s. But the new flu strain is a combination of pig. Bird and human viruses in humans may have no natural immunity to it. In an effort to send a common message. US -- administration. Is working with the department of homeland security and other federal agencies and issuing an EMS medical first responder specific guidance document. Firefighters should review the link the CDC link at CDC. Dot gov Swine Flu and take a look at WW WE MS dot gov. For a pandemic influence -- specific inflammation. The US department of transportation's -- pandemic influence and guidelines. For state wide adoption and preparing for pandemic influence. Recommendations for protocol development. And 911. Personal and public safety answering points are available online at EMS dot -- Click on pandemic news. State and local EMS agency should review these documents for additional useful information. For the most current information regarding the outbreak of H1N1. Flu visit. WWW CDC dot gov slash Swine Flu. We -- trying to raise the level hysteria among firefighters. But we would like to remind all firefighters about the basics and responding safely to any incident that may involve air borne infectious disease. This is a teachable moment for the fire service and an opportunity to reinforce some valuable concepts and procedures. Check out the information we mentioned earlier. And from the -- at WWW -- that dot org click on the links pandemic flu drills. Our final story comes you from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The wildfire that the power the homes in Horry county is now 90% contained and fire crews from around the state -- returning home. Insurance officials that survey the damage estimate the claims will top 25 million. More than seventy homes were destroyed and another 96 were damaged in Horry county according to the state emergency management division. The fire burned 191000 acres a South Carolina forestry land. Firefighters are working Monday to extinguish hot -- the continue to burn near the origin of the fire crews will remain in the area reinforcing -- lines. Your homes in case the fire does rekindle. I'm -- -- thank you to our good friends -- true north for the continued support of FDIC. Fire engineering and the current dollar fund run. That's the news and remember. Be careful out there.

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