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Pin & Hit

Mon, 13 Apr 2009|

Ray McCormack shows you a technique to help conserve energy when advancing a two-and-a-half inch hoseline.



-- Advancing -- charged two and a half line is difficult work. To make it a little easier in a fire conditions allow we can use a method called the pin and hit method. This is where we stop awful would advance and have the -- firefight in kneel on the two and a half inch line. By doing so it cuts down on the back pressure the -- firefighters feeling and we can operate the line with a much easier movement. Once that's accomplished we've knocked down a tremendous amount of fire near us we can gate down on the nonstop. -- be flowing approximately 50% of off -- that point. That allows us to move forward into -- next position where we can do this technique again. Now remember it is any doubt as to. Doing this technique you must go back into -- fully open nozzle and attack the fire with this is a way for you to advance and save a little energy. This novel technique opinion. In his method was to be used. When your -- If you need to have the novel fully open to advance and you must be able to determine the fire conditions around. Like skating down on the amount would be going on about approximately half what do you read. -- -- by doing so the novel volume will be very loud all the firefighters -- area won't if you are working novel new. Which -- -- -- if they. Now remember. The main thing is cannot use this method homeless by conditions a lot of. To use this technique to your advantage make sure that there's no fire. Near you. What do I mean by that within and twenty foot circle. And -- high heat conditions exist go back into -- full open -- position. This technique -- used to give you some energy back you've just -- this two and a half inch line to an occupancy. And you've knocked down a lot of fire this is your opportunity to stand -- one spot. Hit a lot more fire and then advance -- would advance has not stopped. We've just changed.