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Week in Review: March 20, 2009

Mon, 23 Mar 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's major fire news stories, including an apparatus crash in Philadelphia.



Hello and welcome fired hearings we can review and she's bubbly -- and this week -- being brought to you by. The fire department instructors conference. FDIC 2009 is April 20 to 25. Don't miss your opportunity to participate over 25 hands on training solutions 38 full day workshops. And over 160. Classroom presentations. This world class of those being brought to -- -- magazine. And it is the premier fire services that in the entire world. But fire engineering fire injuring community dot com or FDIC dot com and register. And don't forget to register for the second annual courage of -- final run which will be held at the -- this year on Saturday April 25. Now to the news. For story today comes from Philadelphia where yesterday to fire trucks collided at a busy intersection. In Center City. Nine firefighters were treated for injuries and sent to local area hospitals. The most serious injury -- -- lieutenant on board of letter nine. Was knocked unconscious. And had to be extricated from the wreckage of -- nine. Units were both responding to a fire alarm when they collided in the intersection. Fire officers need to remember when responding from out of quarters to be particularly aware. The possibility of other fire apparatus -- -- on the same emergency. California -- jury has recommended the death penalty for one Raymond Lee -- This is the man convicted of -- several California wire wildfires. Including the Esperanza fire which is responsible for killing. Five California -- fires. -- was convicted of five counts of first degree murder twenty counts of arson. Seventeen counts of using incendiary device. Final sentencing is set for June 5. The judge could still give -- the punishment that the defense had urged for and that is life in prison without the possibility of parole. Spectacular fire being described as the largest fire in the last thirty years Indianapolis history has been ruled -- source. The fire which go to the cosmopolitan hotel on canal project. Which -- -- nearing completion also spread to the headquarters historic landmarks foundation of Indiana. The fire record over 125. Firefighters. To bring -- -- control. Crime stoppers of central Indiana is offering a reward of 1000 dollars and the ATF is offering -- of 9000 dollars for any information. -- the arrest and conviction of the arsonists. Vice president. Joe Biden promises that the new administration will do more to help firefighters. Speaking at the I have -- legislative convention in Washington this week. Biden told the -- leadership that the Obama administration was committed to getting firefighters the equipment. Training and additional staffing they need to do their jobs. Mindset and to quote. These are not just -- -- platitudes. This is -- new government taking bold action to ensure that as a community firefighters. Are as strong as possible. -- continued I understand that we can't make an inherently dangerous profession safe Biden said but we certainly can make an inherently dangerous profession safer than it is. Biden clearly stated that he believes the lack of firefighters. Is putting other firefighters at risk he said that that will change with the new administration. Biden also said the president Barack Obama will sign legislation to give firefighters and other public safety officers the right to collective bargaining. -- injuring will closely follow the new administration. As we were greatly disappointed by the lack of fiscal support so far in both the stimulus bill and the proposed budget. Much more is needed in order to ensure that adequate staffing. For career and volunteer fire departments has met in America. Much more is needed to be done to address the significant shortcomings. In many American fire departments apparatus. Equipment. And support. Finally on -- Sad note the -- continue the small community coats bill. We have been reporting on the fires which you played the small city of 121000 for the last two years. The community is losing faith in the government's capability to capture and stop the arsonists. Residents say that they're having trouble sleeping. And despite to arrest the arson continues. -- -- only hopes the criminals responsible for the loss of life and so much destruction -- the small town will finally be brought to justice. The arson task force is offering 20000. Dollars for any information leading to the arrest and conviction. Of these arsonists. Are engineering hopes and prays that these criminals will soon be captured and brought to justice. Remember FDIC is just four weeks away and hot classes are filling up fast all indications are that will break our previous attendance records. To register go to fire injuring dot com or -- community site which can access by clicking on the community tab above. Or go to FDIC dot com. If you not a member of the fired you're an online community now's the time to join. It's free and the home -- over 5000 the world's most active and experienced firefighters. I'm -- -- editor in chief of fire engineering. I'll see you all in Indianapolis. And remember. Be careful out there.

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