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Week in Review: March 13, 2009

Sat, 14 Mar 2009|

ChieffBobby Halton reviews this week's major fire news stories, including a major fire in downtown Indianapolis.



Hello welcome to fire -- -- we can review. -- -- -- -- and this week were being brought to you but yet the NYI right symposium. Next week on Randall's island the -- and I will be presenting the nation's most informative high -- symposium. Yet the NY -- symposium combines the finest speakers and the most experienced -- our ground officers. In one unique experience. Please be sure to join me on Randall's island march 19 and twentieth. For this one of -- kind training experience. And now for the news. Buffalo firefighters are being credited with saving the lives of dozens of occupants of the -- towers buffalo firefighters responded around 7 AM. To a fire which appears to have started -- trash -- According to buffalo fire commissioner -- Lombardo it was a real potential for catastrophe. If the firefighters hadn't put the fire out quickly. He believes that would have lost everybody on the eighth floor and that the firefighters -- a tremendous job. The buffalo fire department is an excellent organization. And this is just another shining example of their professionalism and quality fire protection that the good citizens of buffalo continue to enjoy this professionalism. It's in no small part the responsibility. Of commissioner Lombardo. Are engineering and settle longstanding relationship and friendship with congressional -- and notice the safe. Certainly it -- firefighters -- being reinstated union town Pennsylvania fire department. Following binding arbitration seven union town firefighters. Will be put back to work at least temporarily. The seven were among 41 employees were laid off in February and October of last year. The firefighters were reinstated after arbitrators determined that the city it failed to get the required thirty day prior notice prior to the October layoffs. The union argued and rightfully so. But by taking Union County fire department down to two firefighters per shift that the city had caused delays in response times. And it forced the firefighters to wait for back up from volunteers before they could fight fires. You -- fire department closed one of its two fire stations and had been left with only six full time firefighters on duty. It's tragic to see that in these trying times city leaders continue to make cuts in all the wrong places. Those who pay attention to social trends we do well to notice that in trying times there's a greater demand for public safety. Particularly. A greater demand response and fire. -- and medical emergencies. Also firefighters responding to a medical call was salted by an angry crowd who accuse the firefighters taking too long to respond. -- firefighters. Were on the scene attempting to render aid to a woman complaining of respiratory distress. As the crew was attempting to get information vital signs from the woman. Well she was sitting on -- porch and then suddenly jumped from the porch onto one of the firefighters. Knocking the firefighters the ground. The -- began punching and kicking the firefighter. As well as several female crowd members who were screaming at the attacker encouraging him to speed up the environment. Two other firefighters were able -- the man often come down the -- the officer in charge call the police department to respond. And when the crowd heard the approaching sirens they ran. The attacker described as a twenty year old -- -- Black man has not yet been arrested by the police. Assaulting a firefighter -- state of Oklahoma is a felony. Local radio stations were flooded the next stable calls regarding whether or not firefighters should carry firearms. In order protect themselves. Fire engineering does not believe that that is a good idea firefighters should not carry firearms we should leave that type of protection to law enforcement. Although we understand the high risk we put ourselves that. Carrying a -- armor weapon and changing the public perception of who -- what we are carries far more dire consequences. Indianapolis firefighters -- a massive fire and had to fight it in freezing temperatures yesterday. 340000. Square foot apartment complex under construction downtown along the canal. Erupted in flames yesterday. Over 125. Firefighters fought what's being described as the largest fire in Indianapolis history in the last thirty years. The under construction condominium complex just a few blocks north of downtown began burning at about 330 yesterday afternoon. Three unoccupied buildings were completely destroyed in the blades and firefighters were on scene actively fighting the fire well into the night. Mop up operations continue 24 hours later there -- no reports of any injuries to firefighters or civilians. Firefighters did have to work feverishly though with multiple large diameter and lines and several elevated platforms. -- to protect the -- structures in the area. Please remember that the 82 FDIC. Is just six weeks away so get online and register quickly. The FDNY -- -- symposium -- next week it will see you all there. -- chief Bobby -- editor in chief fire engineering magazine. And that's the news. And remember. Be careful out there.

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