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Week in Review: March 6, 2009

Mon, 9 Mar 2009|

Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton discusses the major stories of the week, including concessions some Ohio departments have made to avoid job cuts.



Hello and welcome -- -- we can review I'm chief Bobby Alton. And this week -- be brought to you by the FDNY highrise symposium. Be sure to be in attendance this march 19 and twentieth. That's one of a kind training symposium to be held at Randall's island -- the in my training academy to register go to FDNY foundation dot com. And now for the news. Lancaster Columbus, Ohio firefighters -- -- the first Americans to step up and agree to wage concessions. In order to save fellow firefighters jobs. Columbus mayor Coleman and Lancaster mayor Smith with a tremendous praise for local 67 president Jack rail. And Lancaster you present JC watts of local 291. For leading this effort to save firefighters' jobs but conceding to reach freezing and agreeing not to -- tape negotiated. Wage increases. Firefighters did this despite the fact that police locals have yet to agree to such concessions. Columbus union president Jack real -- that the citizens are approaching firefighters on the streets in grocery stores just to thank them. Present real says he could not be more proud of his numbers for what they have done. Firefighters may receive -- profile in courage award which bears the words of John F. Kennedy who said public servants do what is right. Rather than what is XP. President Barack Obama's elected Craig -- -- to be the new FEMA director. -- -- is well known volunteer firefighter paramedic who served with the -- county fire rescue service for over fifteen years. He later served as -- -- manager for that agency who now runs the Florida division of -- management. Where -- oversees a full time staff of 138. Nominee director few game. Has extensive knowledge for -- manager response having run the Florida division members of management during four separate barricades. During that time -- but 23 declared emergencies eleven which were declared presidential disasters. We -- sure the brother few -- will follow in the footsteps of director Paulson. Representing the fire service highest traditions -- -- calling congratulations. To nominee brother -- few games. Boston the bitter battle between firefighters mayor Thomas Mann. Took another turn yesterday as that union -- city hall of putting citizens at risk but blocking cheeks from responding. Two shootings and stabbings. You present -- Kelly asked why the city -- wanna send trained firefighter UT's. When one of their citizens is Stan. Shot. Merrill spokesman dot -- said having firefighters respond to stabbings shootings is the best use of their time or equipment or training. And their equipment is not built to respond to shootings and stabbings -- trading is not police work. Fire engineering. Agrees completely with union president and Kelly firefighters are required to undergo extensive -- training within one year joining the Boston fire department. And their rigs all carry lifesaving equipment. The citizens of Boston are being short changed by this your side it may oral -- As Australia still mourns the loss of 200 citizens and recent -- extreme wildfires. California fired she's -- in Australia. And they're planning to recommend the California adopt the controversial. Stay -- defender leave policy. The Australian stay and defend or leave policy is now under tremendous scrutiny. Previously fire engineering has reported that many prestigious California fire chiefs have -- reservations regarding this highly controversial policy. However battalion chief Mike for -- -- of Orange County fire authority says that overall he thinks it's a great program. Fire engineer and currently is not at all convinced that this is a good idea from the state of California. And rather would argue are urgently. But just the opposite is the best policy for civilians that is to evacuate early. And to follow the recommendations of trained professional firefighters. The wild land urban interface is no place for the untrained. Citizens -- the -- prepared. We recommend strongly. Against the adaptation. -- this false. And on -- final -- remember that the FD in my foundation symposium. And -- firefighting -- Randall's island march 19 and twentieth is so fast please go to WW WFT in my foundation dot com and register today. FDIC Indianapolis is also filling up with several classes already -- be sure to be there at 2009. For the 81. FDIC. Be among those who among the best of the very best and -- -- -- -- FDIC this year. This is probably home from fire engineering remember. Be careful out there.

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