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Innotex -- FDIC2010

Thu, 13 May 2010|

Mike Mondoux, Director of Sales for Innotex, discusses the latest innovations in PPE apparel they've come up with at his company.



Hello my name is my mind there I work for the company it ticks like you my biggest moment -- -- -- -- company. And also talk a little bit about our products. First volley in a text name. Comes from innovation through textiles. And the reason we took that name is because. We all -- -- team average from the same manufacturers it is important to bring innovation to the fire service -- a continuous. Changing job. -- logo also are shield is a three -- shields. And it means that through layers that you have any fabric in the garment which is the outer shell moisture -- from the liner. So that's where I mean come from and our local comes -- We've been around for over 39 years -- the close of forty years -- and PP. Apparel. And we've been and a text name itself has been around for ten years we do make proximity here. And that can be. A -- -- for high -- situations and airports simply. We also have a very extensive stock -- product. We have four models -- or start your model so we do have four different -- models to be of the cover all of the firefighters needs. All at a reasonable price and availability is shipped within one to ten days when it is our bureau wants six player caller. And raising Elektra six layer caller is because it stands alone and it's nice to have a standalone caller in the back that there's no water. Dirt or Hudson -- -- coming behind your neck or fall and give it between your coat and an. -- elect to talk a little bit -- also about. Our construction of our sleeve. You'll notice that under -- -- what we call Lee reached flex which is are under -- gusts at underneath the coat. -- -- reached -- -- that is to allow. He's your movement of the high a proportion and operates in the arms so that you don't get any. Shrinkage or -- pulling and exposing arrest in the west that the harvest reforms -- -- you have more fabric in the elbow over you needed. And you have less fabric here where you don't want it to bunch up on. While -- -- turned around we'll talk a little bit of water drag rescue device you'll notice that we have this small tab. Very high up towards the neck area so that the SE BA which would be like this when we flip up -- -- you'll notice that security devices there. In the -- of the jaguar and we can -- on it. And we -- you see that it's completely open so there's plenty of room for firefighters -- -- -- put two hands to -- of the drag the firefighter well. -- you'd notice when I pulled as well in -- that the -- did come up. And the back of the -- did not come up so you're really getting a lot of all of the dirty. Webbing is pulled in towards proportional. Which is what you want you want the -- floor -- -- -- she got better way of pulling the firefighter wrote about lifting his arms or exposing his back. -- we'll talk a little bit about our triple trim. All of our triple trim as four rolls of -- stich. Lost its means that. If you happen to burn party triple trim. Or you got the break that the threat happens to break it will not continue on -- because it's all locked each individual threat as long. A lot of people use will be called chain stitch. Which is whenever that -- breaks you can and -- -- -- and we'll all one's soul so we use for rules of blocks -- -- and that is -- as a lot to the durability of the of the jacket. -- that is sewn onto an outer shell cast is subjected being. -- -- -- -- -- -- Therefore you don't want something to come off and rip off so if you notice their ads attached persona to the outer shell -- -- -- we have very clean. Very distinct dance -- tax someone you might tab you'll most -- tax on each side. Where you're the only company. Eight -- tax on our pockets. By open up the jacket little bit you'll see. That we have what we call our snap in liner or liners put in what snaps and there's plenty of snaps and -- also be. Crushed -- or moisture membrane will be put in here. As well -- -- and overlap so -- the liner in the outer shell -- you have plenty of protection. Of the moisture membrane to protect -- from any kind of let packaging or chemical or foam coming -- like to talk about our water well in her wrists slit. We have a water wells that are what we call shallow in its own before the triple -- and and you see we have -- holes as well so that when the army is that anything that any water or. -- and it comes it will come out through the drain holes and come on the outside of the garment and not be caught or trapped underneath the trip -- trim which could cause steam burns -- And that's a design that we feel is much much safer for firefighter. As some quick features on our cancer. Select the show as one thing we have is what we caller -- and -- -- Ergonomic mobility -- And you see that it needs preformed. With -- in the side and falsely assume that the shape than he is already as -- done that way so there's no friction for the fire -- -- -- -- that the truck. Or step onto -- latter you want to -- to be up to view them without any kind of restriction. So are multiple panel this line basically would be from the top of the waste to above the needs. From above the need -- -- -- -- -- one panel to panels. Three panels -- panels and return of pan around to see you got another panel from the -- to the middle of the need. On both ladies give us a total of about nine panels part of water waist -- Double and us Airways and you'll notice that we have a recall a nice a real waste -- into the pit. It's not just a small piece and -- -- -- piece of fabric. We actually have a we -- is made of the same thermal liner and same moisture barrier as the actual. Liner of the -- that you purchase and you'll also notice that the snaps are close enough. That there's no -- of the -- between the outer shell -- pants naturally -- -- the overlap of the layers for the fly area. -- -- six layers totally overlapping each other three on one side -- and the other so given your toll of six layers covering the open closure in the front this force or is it applicable with -- -- Indy and that's that we also have a closure with a zipper which we can show you on the other models. Something about -- suspenders. We all use will be called the. Parachutes dollar. Cricket just quick -- suspenders we color X model these NYNEX mobile and -- -- without model versus the traditional when we just seen. Is that has a few features that are different so we've done in this case is we added the what we call us say I didn't sleep you'll notice that the suite has no wonder our guests at but he but has the bigger diameter here. If you -- anything is it's got a much much bigger diameter. And it goes much much closer to the caller says -- starts basically -- your shoulder allowing you more mobility in the shoulder rotation movement. So that's what that's designed just for our caller and his -- as -- look different you'll notice that -- the putrid traditional four layer called. It's got the same L -- or -- but the caller is definitely a four -- caller versus the previous traditional one which was a six layer call. The difference in this file isn't that having a snap in liner you'll notice we have a zip liner and this and in that area. Now as I mentioned any -- model be like keeper -- are neck nice and clean and away from any kind metal snaps zippers so to be able to do that we had an eagle it. A fabric. So that's a little bit about it in attacks. You have any questions please do not shy. -- you can send us questions on any text dot CA which is our web site. Or you can give us a call at 819. 8265993. And somebody will help it there thank you very much for your time and please do call.