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Ladder Tips

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Mike Ciampo shares some tricks of the trade for setting up ground ladders, including safe climbing techniques, methods of entering windows, and much more.


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When Barbara Starr to -- tools they use you try to iron together prior climbing a black. It's very important that they hold on to the bottom of the -- and not the wrongs of their -- Iran's nothing is touching the latter except their feet -- -- the second. Maintain this hand and slide up the latter. Another important feature of this is separate the tools. -- Barack. -- it up on -- wrong. -- -- wanted -- balance when the other hand -- and begin to slide a Cadillac. A quick tip what we're deal to wait wait 24 foot ladders to -- that powdered. Normally see many fire departments have their hired tied with the -- -- -- the safety. Where Barbour throws -- latter through building yes -- liable -- on time and not. A quick trick of the trade used -- -- tire out -- Simply untie that -- We're gonna -- tie. -- -- The bottom -- You make -- not. Slightly -- Now in the -- raises the latter. Well he has to do is pull down try it. To extend a fly without on time enough. Major any man -- to each withdrawal latitude roof that should be three to five runs over the roof. There's a little bit of a problem with only three runs first we have smoke. Coming -- a structure wouldn't lose visit go Leo latter only three runs over the rules. Another point is there's a fire -- begins to exit the roof he has -- reached down through the latter to hold on it maintain his balance. This motion can also throw his weight off the building. How -- five or more runs over the roof. Allows a fire ever. Possibly see the latter when he's operating here if smokers in golf in the latter segment -- always the permits an easier access. You can -- -- better balanced position and transition to a ladder to climb down. When firefighters remove a latter from one windows to the next there's numerous ways to do it. Some firefighters like to try to slide a lot of my other firefighters try to lift it up vertical and reposition it like carried over to the next one. Simple record -- reform is simply roll ladder over to -- that's when. Remember the -- -- -- some problems do happen. And icy surface or vinyl side in the latter could run on -- slide too fast. And you lose your -- It would bring a ladder to the vertical position and carry -- we have to watch out. We're we're walking the ground to be on even we could trip and -- rolling it is a much better option. A few tips to remember are to be a well balanced position. -- assume the linebackers stance and keep the latter in front view if you walk this way and not pay attention you give it your way. Try to maintain a well balanced position glance it we're going well. Sometimes latter wants to kick out. Everything for about stopping your role as -- bring it back. The more vertical position. To -- issuing a role. -- fire departments that -- -- of portable ladders or use extension latter roof line. This video we're gonna use the expansion. What we're trying to do -- place the last two thirds -- -- -- the -- window. By doing this is the window maybe -- from the fire inside a glass -- -- -- we're also trying to break the senators actually for alive through window. To vent the window simply remove the -- -- the window in the building at the vertical position pleasure foot. On the through a latter -- -- plays both hands on the rail apple release a latter with a little bit energy and force. -- -- it comes down you'll take your hand off the rails -- -- it doesn't slide down and -- -- but being a bounce position in case we got the casual latter. Now the fire pro vent the window at the portable latter. Some firefighters are still talk to enter a window from the side. Unfortunately it puts her head and today superheated gases and smoke save him from the building. Not only that there's -- chances slipping and falling as -- transitioning from the latter to the windowsill. It's normally -- to players who latter just lot of windows so. We'll tour -- to -- -- -- keep it to one side this'll make the window actually easier. -- -- and climbing a ladder. This is red -- -- approach. The broken window -- are -- body to -- left. He would take his to all sweep the floor first and then -- the reason we like to sweep the floor -- we don't pound down on a victim. We're swimming for a -- -- then reject -- ability -- floor you know is my face I haven't faced these on I'm glad the building block give me gas in the heat. Now I make my transition. Date this left and imposition it here I'll climb up. I still have my face away from the building our climb any slide down -- low in the window. On a -- when Darwin though I may have to lift my head up and then Communist. On some wire windows market slide back further -- can slide in and down. Remember it's very important to install a daughter latter it's the last thing you want don't. You come in you still -- Daniel latter contact. This way there's a place lit up on you weren't positioned ahead first -- slide if you were trying to escape this way. Some firefighters -- had their head first stable ode and smoke. There's a few problems with this when you go -- your body loses control of itself. As it enters the window there's a lot of forced coming over windowsill if you're hit a piece of -- could end up halfway across the room. -- today's lightweight construction you're also causing impact load of I was owners warn though sound good my tool I'd be fine and also. And there. -- myself over to sell the impact load -- cause a failure. Of the lightweight construction lived here.

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