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Fire Engineering: February 12, 2009

Fri, 13 Feb 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton discusses the major stories of the week, including the Australian wildfires.



Hello and welcome to fire and hearings we can review -- chief Bobby -- And this -- we can review is being brought to you by the FDNY high -- symposium. This one of -- -- symposium is the only one in the fire service brought to buy the most experienced and educated high rise fire -- in the world. This march 19 and twentieth at the FDNY training facility on Randall's island. Will be the location -- the latest in cutting edge research and wind driven fires. And other common fire around challenges will be reviewed and explained both tactically and operationally. Don't miss your opportunity to train with the best of the best. Don't find yourself after a major event. Wishing you had been there so go to WW. WFDNY. Foundation dot com. That's WW. WFDNY. Foundation dot com and register today I'll see you all there and now to the news. Today hundreds of Australian volunteer firefighters continue to mop up after the worst wild land fires -- -- nation's history. The death toll from these tragic fires is expected to exceed 200. Several significant issues have been identified by Australian authorities which also had tremendous importance for us here in the United States. To begin where the fires began during a devastating drought. Along with extremely high temperatures. Recorded temperature Saturday. When their experience most of it when they're experiencing most of the extreme fire behavior was around 115 degrees. The second significant issue surrounds the recent immigration a city dwellers to more rural or country lifestyles. Mark Adams at the brush fire cooperative research center said this. Many urban it's -- -- to see outskirts have no experience with wildfires. And rely wholly on fire service for help. And families who live in the area for generations. Prepare themselves to battle blazes by themselves. Which leads us to a third point. Recently American firefighters in California. Considered implementing this Australian wildfire tactic. The tactic is called by the Australians. Stay and defend. This means that residents are expected conduct -- fire operations by themselves in lieu of sending professional firefighting forces. Australian officials are currently reexamining. Its -- survival strategy when blazes threaten. They get out early -- hunker down and fight theory is under scrutiny. Many of the victims from this fire were discovered on roadways. Burned to death in their cars. You may recall from an earlier we can review where we spoke about the Los Angeles fire chief. Michael Freeman of Los Angeles county fire department expressing his extreme concern over the adaptation. Of this Australian firefighting practice. American -- -- must always remember that our profession is not a one size fits all profession. Tactics which work well in one country or one part of a country may not translate well to another. This a large part goes to the local nature of our fighting. The professional firefighting recognizes that local issue. Concerns -- resources. And their capabilities will dictate what tactics will work in which won't. We know the chief Freeman was opposed to this Australian tactic and now we know the Australians themselves are second guessing. This high risk tactic. Now to our next story a tragic story. In San Francisco last Thursday. Five firefighters were injured when the roof from -- vacant structure that they were operating and suddenly collapsed during extremely heavy fire conditions. It's assumed that the fire had been burning for considerable time prior to the collapse arson is suspected as the cause of the fire. Over a hundred San Francisco firefighters battled the fire. Of the five firefighters who were injured and transported. To remain today in the hospital. The tensions. Who suffered serious burns is expected to release this week however fellow firefighter paramedic firefighter Christopher Posey is still listed as critical. Firefighter -- suffered extensive thermal burns to his face serious burns to his loans he remains today on a ventilator and is under sedation. Chris Posey has a brother was also fire -- Martin Laura who serves the San Jose park apartment. Fight a fire Mora -- -- brother and chris' mom. Wanted to express to everyone -- sincere thanks for the cards and emails and well wishes that they have received. As Christopher battles for his life. Those wishing to contact the more family are urged to utilize the department liaison Tricia Tapia who asked to -- -- this phone number. 408. 47613. Twelve. That's Tricia Tapia the liaison. For the -- family at 40847613. Twelve. To send cards or letters and thoughts -- them more effectively use this address. Address it to the -- family. 394223. Street San Francisco California. 494114. That's 394223. Street San Francisco California. 9411. For most importantly let's all keep Crist and lieutenant -- -- our thoughts and prayers for speedy and full recovery. Now an international story. Fireworks are to blame for the death of one Chinese firefighter and injuring six others in a massive high rise fire in Beijing. Chinese officials are reporting that the owners of the building. And contract -- and fireworks company to manage to display which is now being cited as the cause of the fire which destroyed the three story Mandarin Oriental Hotel. And killed a 29 year old Chinese firefighter. Firefighters saying died from smoke inhalation. All fighting the massive fire. The far required over 600 firefighters and 85 pieces of equipment to bring the blaze under control high winds were also a factor in this fire. And finally the national institute of occupational health and safety has issued a draft comment period. On an alert on fire fighting in -- an unoccupied structures. The report entitled preventing deaths and injuries of firefighters. When fighting fires -- unoccupied structures is currently open for your comments. And it's only in its draft format. Fire engineering urges all firefighters. To get involved. Please read the report carefully. Your comments and suggestions we'll be taken seriously into consideration by the good folks at night gosh. In the final issue of this alert your comments can make a difference as to how this report is worded. To comment go to WW WC. DC. Dot gov slash my gosh slash fire. Remember your opinion really does count this is your fire service and you must participate in order to make a difference. I'm chief Bobby -- This is the news. And remember. Be careful out there.

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