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W.L. Gore -- FDIC2010

Fri, 7 May 2010|

Jennifer Wise, Sales & Marketing for W.L. Gore highlights two of the Crosstech moisture barriers her company produces.



That effort -- from gore and I'm here to talk about our product for the I think service industry today. -- we make several different products or -- the fires service. -- -- Love. Search and rescue -- in -- here but today we're violating through our moisture barriers and when it you a little bit about our new across that black mister -- It was developed from technology that we originally developed for partner jet -- -- programming military. We took the benefits of -- barrier technology. And brought it into the fire service when I mean benefit being to our ability which house value. And our testing. Also -- featuring at the show is our -- -- -- -- moisture bear which is the most horrible surveyor in the industry. It's different from my other my suppliers that actually has -- third layer. Of substrate on the other side -- thinking here -- -- -- side. And on this. Focusing on our door ability we have been testing them right here today to tell you about the ability of our products the first testing them out is -- -- -- -- And what this is showing you is one of the pre conditioning requirements under the at the -- standard. What this particular layup has gone through when it's going -- his pre conditioning test is five last I can -- that he. I've watched guys can -- that he Connecticut and on the -- complex that's there. In a full composite -- the outer shell are three -- to bear in the thermal line. It gets like 3000 times in this particular question. It and then through our white tester. The part of the durability testing we take composite from the album flex -- and bring it might be -- -- -- the year. On the lightning -- What happened you have the outer shell and the thermal liner operating against the moisture barrier. Scene tape one side of the moisture barrier to breed it with the thermal -- 30000 times. Then flip it and -- Brady and the outer shell out 30000 more time after the elbow plaques that there. And then tested for Waterford. To say that our ability of our -- factory. Hi my name is -- and we're going to be showing you our new cross tech black moisture barrier. And this is just one -- of the turnout here we have our outer shell are crossed thick black mister bear and the thermal -- When I want to show you is just simulating the body perspiring. Moisture coming off the body in coming through these three layers. This is just warm water. Again tried to simulate moisture vapor coming off your body you'll see some paper here. And now offset these three layers on top. This is plexiglass so nothing will come through so we should see some. -- being on top as the moisture vapor goes through the three layers. Now as you see the -- is going through up. Through those thermal liner across that black -- bear the outer shell. And and you do see some condensation. On top. This is just showing how reasonable our cross -- black moisture barrier is. And it's it was developed specifically for and improve their ability for NFPA 81851. And being compliant at that three year full inspection. Okay so now what we wanna do is -- -- measurement of what I just showed you in the previous station. Well gentlemen here with two types of gloves on long with a -- the bull. Glove with the technology we're using in their cross they might wish to bear and a plastic -- so we'll measure that. The moisture inside each hand. This is a relative humidity sensor and relative humidity was show up on the screen in what. Is being measured inside his hand you'll see this start decline. As a sensor measures the humidity that's in the -- that is not escaping. In this and again with the breed the ball technology that we -- and -- that moisture there. You'll see. You can see the relative humidity is increasing but it's approaching 70%. Which is substantially lower than the non readable -- Because that -- is leaving his hand and escaping out of the -- This hand it is trapping all the moisture. Today we just showed you some of our rigorous testing that we do -- our facilities -- moisture barriers. Again are three layer -- barriers the most rugged moisture barrier in -- industry and it's backed by -- your warranty that includes Cleveland area. Our new prospect black moisture barrier is off the back by reading have your warranty that covers your first full -- inspection. And me -- -- is one of our very readable products that we should do with are other testing today. Thanks for stopping by and learning about art or fabric. For more information visit at -- -- our -- across that back up.

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