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Fire Engineering: January 30, 2009

Mon, 2 Feb 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton discusses the major stories of the week, including the training deaths of two Texas firefighters.



Hello and welcome to fire -- hearings we can review. -- chief Bobby Alton in this -- we can review is being brought to you by fire engineering -- FDIC on line. Next Wednesday and Thursday the fourth and fifth of February. Fire engineering is proud to bring you the second. FDIC. Online symposium. This absolutely free. -- -- FDIC symposium. Is available for you free. By going to fire engineering dot com. Click on FDIC online and register today and that's right it's absolutely free. Featured FDIC online this time will be Cheryl Horvath and managing change. Mike Wilbur -- the FDNY. And aerial and tower operations. -- -- on truck company operations 100 things to do. Jim Murphy and I -- yes what's next -- lack of light on super bugs in the fire house. -- grill from the Denver fire department on high rise fire fighting and in a special never seen before what what kind type presentation. None other than -- less -- and -- -- alive. Presenting five alarm leadership as you've never seen it before. This interactive participatory. Online show again is absolutely free -- you. So next Wednesday and Thursday the fourth and fifth of February be sure to be online at FDIC. Go to fire engineering dot com and sign up now. And now for the news. Use the fire service joins the citizens of Kilgore Texas and mourning the passing of firefighter -- Perkins and -- go away. Firefighter Perkins a fourteen year veteran are very Galloway. -- only been serving for one year were killed this week off and fall from a seven story building while practicing with the new aerial platform. Investigation is still under way. The accident occurred at 2 PM when the -- but -- training to become oriented with the new -- progress. While operating -- the tallest building in Kilgore is seven Storey dormitory on college campus we're both and attended the fire academy. Both firefighters tragically fell to their deaths. Both firefighters were described as -- -- -- public servants. The tragedy has -- this forty man department. To read more about the Kilgore treasury could fire engineering dot com. On behalf of fire engineering and deepest condolences. To family and friends and the members of the Kilgore -- -- And -- story comes to us from Pennsylvania where arsonists are trying to burn down the town of coach -- This week arsonist struck again in -- Pennsylvania for the fifteenth time. This time they burn down an entire city block leaving dozens of people homeless including city councilor in this once thriving steel town. These arsonists -- also claimed the life of an 83 year old female resident in December. During a special meeting this week leaders including governor Ed Rendell and the state police commissioner. That with angry and frightened citizens who express their concerns. Government officials vowed to do more and warned residents not to take the law into their own hands. Hard economic times mean that firefighters will be seeing more cases of -- Arson fires can be extremely dangerous because they generally have multiple ignition points. Arson fires can -- unexpected locations trailers and other arson techniques including flammable liquids can -- extremely rapid fire spread. An extremely dangerous fires. To read more about the -- still -- go to headlines at fire engineering. Com. He -- a thousand times but training pays off. General George Patton once said that a bucket a sweat we'll save a gallon of blood the general understood what -- real training was important. And so does firefighter Ethan -- and his Brothers and sisters in the Richmond township volunteer fire department. Early Sunday morning the Richland fire department and 22 other local departments were fighting a fire -- Carmen is wholesale firestorm. -- -- a seventeen year veteran accidentally fell into the burning building -- assisting with the trench -- on the roof. Firefighter -- felt ten feet -- a pile of tires dislodging his face piece. -- the department's coordinator -- the rapid intervention team credits his survival to the assistance of another firefighter. Who began communicating with them immediately from the roof. Reminding and to -- -- training to become and that help was on the way Kapler was able to use his training. Using their rapid intervention skills his fellow firefighters. Were able to penetrate the building -- in nearby garage door. And extricate firefighter Kapler in about ten minutes. -- -- was transported to the hospital treated and released. So next time you have an opportunity to drill and rapid intervention training remember that the one being rescued could very well be you. Drill as if your life depended on it because in our business very often it does. Fire service. And in particular fire engineering would like to thank chief Dave Paulsen. Chief also is a former Miami metro Dade fire chief and has been our FEMA director since the Hurricane Katrina. Prior to that he was the United States -- administration director. The fire service -- a huge debt of gratitude director Paulson for his leadership his steady hand in his relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. In his tenure as director of FEMA chief Paulson has brought us tremendous advances. Please go to fire injuries headlines and read the incredible interview by Miami Herald writer -- Wesley Clark with director Paulson. -- also reflects in his tenure as the director of FEMA. -- from all your Brothers and sisters in the fire service thank you for your leadership. Service and your professionalism. Today a must read from the Canadian Forest Service -- Canadian Forest Service has released a report on the forward avenue fire -- five Canadian firefighters were critically injured. This report coordinated by fire -- -- contributor and editorial advisory board member Peter McBride. As a result of hundreds of hours of investigation. And thousands of dollars of study. To say that there has never been a -- report quite like this one would be an understatement. -- McBride and the other contributors are to be applauded for this landmark piece of work. To quote Ontario firefighters union president Peter Kennedy. The numerous recommendations seek to address the typical questions that often follow farmers -- use that result critical injuries or death. How and why did it happen and how can performance and procedures be improved so it doesn't happen again. This report however does not stop there it challenges all of our fire paradigms. It makes us take a step back and question procedures. It challenges us to objectively analyze our safety culture and be bold enough. To reflect on change where change is needed and whether that change be in the fire service within ourselves. To read the entire report. Go and download your own copy. -- fire engineering dot -- industry news. This is a must read for remember the fire service -- report and reflect on your own operations. And finally remember to sign up for FDIC on line it's gonna happen this Wednesday the fourth and fifth of February. This has a prisoners lined up -- second to none and remember it's for free. I'm Bobby -- I'll see you online Wednesday and Thursday. And remember. Please be careful out there.

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