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Side-to-side Fire Attack

Tue, 17 Mar 2009|

Ray McCormack demonstrates an alternate way of using the handline when conducting a fire attack in a narrow area filled with potential debris, such as the aisles of a commercial structure.



-- When attacking commercial building fires standalone strip malls. And buildings of that type we should change on nozzle technique wolf and we're going it to stores that have. Display racks and aisles full of merchandise. If we use a traditional clockwise motion you know fire attack we can -- a lot of stock down into the aisles. That may not be a big problem for -- wouldn't. Momentum -- when we go to leave the line. When all bottle runs out. We're gonna be crawling over debris is going to be very difficult to leave the scene. What you want to do is get that line open to the overhead. If you want to knock down. The ceiling -- house. And get at that really high heat level which is up at the ceiling and inside the ceiling. The roof space to -- -- space you wanna get our water into that space. By using this side to side motion with the line we can cover the whole locked. And C wins. Where it was circles you know more -- Fight using -- side to side motion with the stream. We can get the whole width of the store in addition we can lower the -- height. And get way back into the occupancy by doing that we can listen to the sound of the stream hitting the wall. A lot of times commercial building fires -- the -- By moving upstream horizontally across the -- we may actually finding entrance to the -- -- stock room. This and the fact that we can -- much more of a -- area with the water is an advantage of using the side to side motion as opposed to the circular motion that we use in residential --