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Moving a Downed FF Up Stairs

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Anthony Avillo and Frank Ricci demonstrate how to remove a downed firefighter up stairs. Sponsored by Globe.



It's. Welcome -- -- minutes they were gonna take you over how to remove it down firefighter. Up a flight of stairs this -- be what are your most common -- scenarios when a fire fighter goes down. Doesn't have to be that they're out of there car trapped could be just simply a medical emergency. Oftentimes the difference in -- -- -- on the fighting around especially in a rescue situation is the problem wearing a PP eight. This includes SE BA helmet coat gloves especially if -- straps pension -- -- This is -- firefighters responsibility. And -- -- that don't enforce this on not force and most basic rules of firefighters survival to -- in here all the time on the fire ground outside the fire building. At all times this is our supervision and this enforcement -- of the -- point. Earlier episodes you've learned about how to package the firefighter and police now fire -- back on hand so we're gonna take this is a station approach. One thing that we need to focus on here is the victim make sure they're wearing her face mask. Either one firefighter where's -- -- properly with your chin strap when they're removing it now wire clutter up the stairs at home it tends to tilt. And the person won't get that -- scar across her nose so we want to make sure we protect the firefighter that's been our victims are guys let's move them. And when they're moving -- we're gonna make sure we get the victim square. To the stairs so it's gonna. Facility making easy push up those stairs. Stay right here firefighters gonna make -- transfer and -- both legs over their shoulders. And they're gonna place their hands under the firefighters but in trying to lower their head into the firefighters crotch. -- the firefighters strong enough he's gonna get on the balls of his feet. Pick the firefighter -- work as a -- communicate with each other and -- -- up the stairs. There's a tendency when doing this drill for the fire Federer on the bottom to put their hands over prize. If the firefighter on the bottom isn't strong enough however. The victim's blood drops in the bottle tends to get hung up on the stairs so it's critical that you place your hands under the firefighters but. Grabbed the converted harness or grabbed the bottle or -- your hands together whatever works whatever comfortable for him. When you have a small fire -- at the bottom of the stats you may want to take one step at a time. Let's take a look. You can see here at any power not with his legs. Not able to get on the balls -- -- -- if it's a heavy -- this may be the way to go -- Although we don't -- -- delay the initial firefight a movement up the stands by the initial retain. Additional written members can utilize additional equipment such as they -- Caribbean a rope to create mechanical advantage -- -- and bring the firefighter stands let's check that out. Right now we're at the top of the stairs we're gonna take a look it's simple -- woman can't just. This system requires no not remember we're probably dealing with varying conditions in this fairways actors achieving. Smoke so we want to get this fire fire at us -- as quick as possible. This firefighter here is just serving as an anchor there's no not -- nothing he's just simply holding the wolf still. It goes down to -- banner that read -- what this size and as you can see the motion of the Caribbean -- -- Any time we have abandoned the -- creates mechanical advantage to -- it's not as efficient as -- -- The Caribbean is big enough. So that the fire threatened to pull it -- goes down the stairs. Simply -- to the straps. And then we're gonna pull the firefighter -- Thank you for watching training next. Like the -- sponsored world for their dedication firefighter safety and survival. He says. We've -- here.

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