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Fire Engineering: January 12, 2009

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Chief Bobby Halton discusses the major stories of the week, including updates from the "Black Sunday" trial and a high-profile fatal apparatus crash in Boston.



Hello and welcome to fire injuries we can review the week of January 12. I'm chief -- -- an editor in chief of fire ring magazine. And this -- week -- review is brought to you by the FDNY. High rise symposium. The symposium this year will be held on March 19 and twentieth. At the far department of New York's training academy a state of the art facility located in the heart of New York City on Randall's island. The FDIY response to over two million calls for service a year many of those involve high rise buildings. There is no far apartment in the world with as much tactical and strategic experience. And high -- firefighting as the FDNY. The FDNY is known worldwide for its expertise professionalism. And will be sharing lessons learned. And some of the cutting edge research in these challenging fires. The symposium will cover significant tactical strategic issues such as wind driven flame fronts EMS. Building evacuations. Crane collapses and new strategy and tactics which are currently under valuation study. By the FDNY. We hope to see you there to register go to FDNY foundation dot com. That's FDNY. Foundation dot com seating for this was a lifetime -- -- is limited so we urge you to register soon. And now to the news. -- news this week begins with a black Sunday trial which continues with testimony this week from survivors of that tragic day. Firefighter Douglas -- fish on the witness stand described how firefighters suddenly lost water pressure while fighting the fire on the third floor. Firefighter and -- also described the extremely unusual fire behavior which was witnessed by the attack teams inside of -- -- building. That -- usual fire behavior was caused by the partitioning of several apartments within the four story building. It to bedrooms by the building manager and the owner who -- the defendants in this particular case this unusual partitioning. Pretty great difficulty for the firefighters. In locating and advancing to the scene of the fire. Firefighters describe gases coming up and over the top of one of the apartment walls -- the third floor. This is highly unusual fire behavior in a tenement apartment. Firefighter Jeff cool also testified. You -- remember that Jeff was one of the six firefighters was forced to jump over fifty feet from the fourth war. When the fire intensified dramatically. Killed during that jump firefighters' -- -- -- and John -- Firefighter cool described as he and his fellow firefighter -- -- -- -- DiNardo. Attempted to rescue one another from that inferno. Firefighter cool initially offered his rescue -- to firefighter -- narco. Who declined saying to Jeff know you have kids you go. -- in auto than anchored the -- to himself and attempted to lower Jeff cool. Both firefighter -- an article and firefighter cool ultimately fell fifty feet to the ground along with four other New York firefighters. For a -- cool described vividly waking up a month later in the hospital. He has since retired. Due to his injuries from that tragic fall. What is at issue here is whether or not the building owner and the manager who -- remodeled those apartments. Created an environment -- the tenement. Which created the unusual and extreme fire behavior which took the lives of two New York city's bravest and critically injured four others. Since the black Sunday fire New York City is issued to every firefighter the personal escape device. The case continues this week and we will continue to bring you updates. On the black Sunday fire. In what could turn out to be when the most significant law cases for the American -- service. The Supreme Court of the United States has decided to hear -- case which was filed by twenty New Haven, Connecticut firefighters. Who claim. That they were wrongfully denied promotions because of their race. The case began back in 2003. When the -- administered.

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