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Fire Engineering: December 23, 2008

Tue, 6 Jan 2009|



Hello welcome to fire and hearings we can review. On fire -- -- editor in chief Bobby Hoffman and welcome to the week in review for the week of December 20 2008. This morning fire engineering is extremely saddened to inform you of the line of duty death a firefighter EMT. Michelle Smith. Michelle Smith who served for five years with the Delaware city fire company number one. The incident which took -- -- life occurred approximately 10 PM Saturday evening. The Delaware city fire company had -- the basic life support ambulance. To an accident on DuPont highway. Michelle Smith was the driver of that ambulance unit. Motor vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Struck a police officer's car the police officer was able to get back into the car before the vehicle struck heroes the vehicle -- struck. -- Smith and her partner in T -- as they rendered aid to a motorcycle let them on the side of the highway. EMT -- is still hospitalized. From his injuries but sadly this morning Michelle Smith 29 succumb to -- injuries. Michelle is survived by a twelve year old daughter. And on behalf of fire engineering and firefighters everywhere. We wish to express our extreme condolences -- Michelle's family and friends. And to our fellow firefighters. And EMTs. In -- Delaware city fire company number one fire department. We must remember that whenever were operating on highways to be extremely careful. For more information on -- services please go to the Delaware city fire company number one website or fire engineering dot com. And related story three Akron Ohio firefighters were also struck this week while attending to a motor vehicle accident. All three sustained minor injuries -- treated and released. This must be a wake up call -- all firefighters particularly in this inclement weather please use all of your safety equipment. And remember position -- apparatus -- -- way before you the greatest possible safety. For more information on how to operate safely on the side of the highway but responder safety dot com. The American fire service -- Always be prepared for incidents involving mass casualties. They can occur from any number of ways from fires to transportation incidents from terrorism to construction events. This week -- to mass casualty events we'd like to begin in Atlanta. Firefighters and Atlanta Georgia and the -- responded to collapse of a canopy walkway. In the Atlanta botanical gardens. Construction crews were pouring a portion of concrete on that elevated walkway when it collapsed shortly after 9 AM. The collapse dropped some workers up to forty feet. Eighteen workers were injured and 166. Year old Angel shoe -- -- died as a result of his injuries but -- scattered workers and debris along the hillside in Atlanta. Atlanta firefighters. Had to cut through fences in order to get to many of the injured. The Atlanta firefighters. Using pre hospital triage -- able to quickly assess and treat the people and move them to area hospitals. The actually -- been far worse. The botanical gardens are very popular location for school children's and other educational activities. The collapse reminds us all of the terrible Kansas City Hyatt regency accident which occurred in July 17. 1981. Which killed -- 141 people and injured another 200. Firefighters were responding to construction accidents need to be extremely careful when working on or near -- green concrete. For more information on the dangers of working in and around green concrete and -- concrete please check out frank -- whose book. Building construction for the fire service it contains excellent information about how to operate in these extremely dangerous situations. Mass casualty events can occur at the best and the worst of times the holiday season in particular the Christmas season. Is it time to reflect on both -- good fortune and spend time with our families but this also means -- increased air travel. And this week for a 107 passengers. On the Continental Airlines jet in Denver the holiday travel bought them both danger. And a reason to be thankful. A Boeing's 747 continental taking off. And reported 31 mile an hour winds experienced some type of difficulty which is still under investigation. The -- never lost the ground however it skidded off the runway. And slid. Almost two almost within 200 yards of one of Denver's four fire department stations. The plane then erupted into flames predominantly on the right side. Passengers were able to exit using the emergency exit ramps and miraculously. No one was killed. Passenger report heavy smoke and flames inside of the plane. They even reported seeing the melting of the overhead bins. Passengers exited quickly following the instructions on the air. Safety crews -- experience broken bones and bruises however all 107. Are still alive. Two important points to bring out from the story. First the safety briefing -- at the beginning of the flight must be taken seriously. By everyone on board the aircraft regardless of how many times you have flown. You may need to remember this information quickly and under extreme stress if -- -- occur. And it can be extremely difficult to remember even the simplest of information when one's life from the ones we love. Are at stake if one is not. Correctly mentally prepared. Firefighters should always identified the exits and be ready to respond and -- flight safety crews in the event of an in flight emergency. First identify yourself then decide what course of action you're going to take and be guided by the flight crew's instructions. For fire crews responding to aircraft emergencies you must be prepared for severe injuries and -- loss of life. An extremely difficult operating conditions regards to education. Not every air crash results -- a complete loss of life. And rarely do we see one as we -- in Denver where everyone walks away. Firefighters must be prepared for this extremely dangerous -- nation and for extremely dangerous fire conditions. For a good case study look at the army -- -- aircraft parish and Oyster Bay Long Island. This report provides us with many useful lessons learned from air crash which resulted in multiple fatalities as well as multiple rescues. Fire -- -- -- like to acknowledge the Denver fire department for extremely exemplary job of managing a very difficult mass casualty event. A final story this week revolves around -- tragic deaths of two -- of my firefighters last year while operating at the Deutsche Bank building. Firefighters Robert Padilla and Joseph -- by now we're both killed on August 18 2007. At the Deutsche Bank fire. -- bank -- -- 41 story building which was under demolition at the time of the fire. The Deutsche Bank building was heavily damaged during the nine elevenths attacks and the contractor had demolished the building. Down to 27 stories at the time of the fire. Investigators believe the fire -- it was started by a worker who inappropriately threw away a cigarette. The building had numerous violations in -- regarding how -- building is to be maintained during demolition. The building also had not been inspected as -- the New York City building department's own regulations. Indicted this week -- three construction supervisors. And -- -- subcontractor. This is the result of sixteen months of intense investigation. -- exposed numerous violations and failures by both the contractors. And city officials. We hope that this tragic incident provides an opportunity. For all cities to pay closer measure of who and how they allow buildings to be demolished in their cities. We would hope. That the memory of these two brave firefighters. Is honored. By continuing. This investigation. And also by allowing the fire service to learn how to better respond to these incidents and protect firefighters in the future from being endangered. By contractors who either by omission or coalition -- not properly conduct these very dangerous jobs. On a final vote. We'd like to encourage all of the firefighters out there listening to remember that the ray Downey courage and valor award for FDIC nomination period is still open. You can nominate a firefighter. By obtaining a form of a fire engineering dot com -- the FDIC web site. They ray Downey courage and valor award will be given out at this year's FDIC. On Wednesday. And along with the battle comes a check for 35000. Dollars. In order for far -- to be eligible or prove firefighters to be eligible their act of heroism had to occur in 2008. To be nominated simply fill out the form and send it to us by January 15. Finally on behalf of everyone -- fire engineering FDIC. And and well who would like to -- -- -- happy Chanukah. I'm very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year. -- -- -- -- And please remember. Be careful out there.

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