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Aerial Placement

Tue, 24 Feb 2009|

John Riker examines how to position the aerial ladder for firefighters to make full entry and egress from a building.



Hi welcome to train and it's. They will be positioning the aerial ladder. At a window to gain full entry and egress for firefighters to enter the school. With the apparatus turntable positioned correctly. The -- could now be positioned at the in order to have full access to the -- -- -- is critical to the operation. That the side -- of the aerial ladder level with the window so. This pull out before reporters to. This would sound out the war. -- -- Windowsill. It is extremely important to realize. Firefighters should not used in the latter work well -- to exit the golden. -- they can take the safest means to exit that we -- tears there. We've just seen how the aerial latter can help firefighters in their operations. Remember just because firefighters -- -- -- the aerial latter doesn't mean they have to come down that way. Always choose the safest means of egress -- build. Firefighters have just for a -- and are tired. There's no need for them to come down the aerial apparatus it's a dangerous way to -- -- -- John -- thanks for watching.

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