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Advanced DRD Drags

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Frank Ricci and Anthony Avillo demonstrate some advanced drags for the drag-rescue device. Sponsored by Globe.



Welcome attorneys in the last segment you saw a simple drag it appeared today. In this segment reviews and more administrators using things like mechanical advantages and different parts of bonuses to perform -- We're gonna show you the belt track or the -- track. With two different options here you have an exterior harness the one thing got to be careful -- -- to safety but you have catch points when you're working. The other -- that we have here is an integrated harness it's got less touch points and it's a little bit easier work where. -- the firefighter finds it down firefighter. He's kind of avoided PRD. It's gonna undo is integrated harnessing whole game. -- transition -- is important. Stop right there you saw how he flipped over his leg over firefighters -- it's very important that you think that quick second. And reach back to make sure that you did -- lives of firefighters air supply we gotta keep this firefighter on there now we're gonna drag out. As you can see do you still maintain school get up on the -- your feet. -- going to be able to move much quicker. He's going to be able to feel warm front of them for any holes. The hook up with both harnesses his identical the keys again get on the ball's in your feet. Start moving a firefighter throw. It's important whenever your -- Listening. Having -- back me up for the -- -- set up with a large here inner -- can help facilitate. Nicely removal of fire fire. Won't use firebird the top of the stairs which future reference point how would you put it through another firefighter. Remember whenever. A rope system is -- He had been in the role that moves that's gonna give you can't advance this is just -- simple to -- -- can't system. We're -- anchor point. We're anchor -- which is down well -- I was -- before it is now firefighter. At this point down firefighters going to have it -- rescue device to deploy. Remember that we want to continue with the rescue. While -- this is going on that Ritchie movie going the system. The original rescue for a five -- this week is being used. And the bullet holes and got the -- slightly -- but we'll wait for that. -- -- -- -- Suitable anchor inside the building we can still maybe -- -- -- mechanical advantage system. In this system over here we're still gonna use of double Caribbean but in this case we don't have -- -- we're actually gonna use the Caribbean. As our polling. Firefighter will be political logic Caribbean on -- the -- rescue device. Once it does that. -- -- position himself in the doorway and is actually gonna use the door frame as his anchor so he's really gonna become yank it utilizing the ball find. Once he gets in the place he's gonna hook his Caribbean and into -- Internal -- that he's gonna now to speed up against the offerings. What we did here was we created a two to one mechanical advantage. Using his arms he's -- a couple of firefighters stop right there for second. If you don't have a lot of arm strength what you could use here is scripture -- up Nixon. Decreased the space between your legs. And I actually do a -- press the poll of quiet on the back go ahead. -- -- -- You're actually doing -- pressed full of Atlanta audible. So it works really well this just because you don't have an anchor doesn't mean you can perform and one -- Right after you drill or during a normal -- inspection we want to make sure that the -- is reset. So we're gonna and snapple. Flip it over what's real important here is to look here it veered -- wraps any insight. Make a complete circle around me off its. -- as you can see here. What we're finding. In the field a lot of time just after a structure fire or -- members washing your -- what they'll do is they'll stick your arm. Into that -- No one snap it. And a pull out there lying. When they -- -- -- lineup. This topped the -- strap break here tends to fall down. So now after -- done washing -- -- and are interpreted your back together if you're not careful you'll reinsert. This -- backing your -- after Strider clean. Also the straps will remain -- well. So it's important that you properly align your DRD. When your political back together. In this segment we look at some more advanced procedures used Madrid rescue device. It comes down to circumstances dictate action. We'd like to thank our sponsors school for their dedication firefighters say things about has been -- minutes so it felt that.

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