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FDIC 2010: Lenny Carmichael

Fri, 23 Apr 2010|

At FDIC 2010, Bobby Halton speaks to Battalion Chief Lenny Carmichael of the Trenton (NJ) Fire Department.



As volley all were allotted FDIC 2010. And I'm here at my good friend battalion chief when -- Carmichael recently promoted. And doing a great job out there the city of Trenton. When he welcomed the FDIC again back to ancient -- what ten -- yes -- outstanding medication this year among Oakland based on initial size reports the first company officers -- classes pretty much its peoples together. Having -- organization for 161 fire ground had organized farm program. Given orders for initial run opening stand and when he's been a great friend of mine and great friend of our engineering and recently money. Introduced me of doing friends at the international center for a black professional firefighters yes we're here enforce this here this -- I mean. We look at the cadre of guys that -- pulled out to teach Kwame Cooper. Shah Mohammed yourself. Joseph -- it yourself. The big kids -- -- and we -- the only NFL football player actually Tennessee titan guys guys twenty feet tall yes so so. You know the relationships that are building here growing -- just phenomenal. And if you look at the woman in the fires are natural or -- speaking. It seems as if FDIC has really gotten back into its stride of the fifties and sixties where. It wasn't just a competent as the -- right and I and we have you thing for help with. And for help reach out the people who need to hear about -- and and for helping us to let people know that everyone's well here -- thanks everyone for their and you were really the heart and soul -- that you know impetus and and from -- Arctic and I am much appreciated. How much I'm enjoying the relationship with the Crowley I that the call -- Bill Lester you're request that moves at time life great. -- -- the men and women or. Just breathtaking -- so what's next -- -- and introduced me through next. Next the tradition do well -- all I think that we've warm that he. The relationship far engineering you know presidential change from black firefighters. Woman card servers. Now we need to start talking about the issues of diversity and I think we're going that today we are TO panel and I think it's nice and everybody starts to understand what the issues or. And I think that's one -- -- fire engineers are best magazine out there who we gonna trade. Because we look at these issues and bring people together to make sure that everybody understands and the only way that we're gonna understand each -- talk about each other one about the. Exactly and that we've been talking about each other but not with each other exactly you know in and that's silly country we're never gonna solve these problems and silos. Growing -- -- -- -- common ground. Come of that common ground embraced talk -- to know each other. And ten years from kids coming on -- -- -- problems there and that's the goal the article is that people forget there was ever an issue. And I think we're close I think we're very close everything going good on the job where they signed him. Everything is good I'm assigned to The Third Shift which is people -- District one let's -- -- -- -- -- west shouldn't have a great budget captains and firefighters that work with me and now we work together and we have our issues book for the most part will be happy family and I'm blessed to have. With mom blessed to be your friend blessed in my life and we just keep going rather thankfully -- of the war on Bobby -- where it FDIC and we'll see you out of the --