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The Drag Rescue Device

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Deputy Chief Anthony Avillo of North Hudson (NJ) Regional Fire & Rescue and Firefighter Frank Ricci of the New Haven (CT) Fire Department show how to use your personal protective equipment's drag rescue device. Sponsored by Globe.



In this segment we're gonna talk about the -- rescue device also known as the DRG. This device is a quick removal device designed to be used by the firefighter who was with his partner that gets into a jam that wants to get him out of the way quickly. It's not. A replacement for rid operations is a quick fix or attempt -- a quick fix -- get a firefighter out of the dangerous area while help is on the way. In order to remove this it's it's -- -- in place to simply lift up the -- -- And pull out the strap. Important thing to realize is how the firefighter where's the SE BA. If the firefighters wearing SE BA improperly and carrying the weight on their shoulders what happens is the straps will cover up the DRD. We want to get in good habits -- always wear PP if it's carried on the hips as it suppose you delete access for the DRD. In the one firefighter deployment the firefighters simply axis is the DOD at the back of the coat. Simply pulls it out -- firefighting tool -- tenable position remember this is not. A replacement for the -- operation. This is just to get a via body you'll partner from -- -- untenable area holds -- title area. Firefighter would out of tool as a useless firefighter. In this segment and DOT drag. And do it and use our tool rather leave our -- with a -- how it can fool here. -- -- put the DRG and it was how can tool around the DOT. And use -- to assist in the drag of the firefighters. May need the -- forcible legs literally a point sold to lead the way you find the firefight at. Is not such a great idea. Two firefighters are always better -- one firefight especially doing the rescue. In this case. With the BRD. Deploy the -- -- the slide how wooden tools within the decade and each firefighter grab one side of the housing -- and drink the firefighters saved. You'll notice here that they have to maneuver through a narrow -- The next segment we will address how to do this and narrow -- what we're utilizing two firefighters pull -- one cool. This is ultimately a better operation and it would corroborate. As is the case of most. Rescue operations we have to negotiate narrow areas rather have to firefighters' side by side we're fighting against each other. We can utilize the -- rescue strapped and a piece of webbing instead of the firefighters and the -- went. Now they can get to go away quickly. One firefighter pulls on the treasury rescue strapped while -- filed articles on the -- an Alley com. Firefighters may not have a house looking to oldest and -- -- -- how would invoke or pike pole. It's such cases can utilize tooling and assimilate that and how it -- tool. Again take the head of the tool rapid through the yard the -- twist at the tight -- And then -- -- a -- -- the safety. Yeah. We just saw a couple different methods on how to remove -- -- fire -- -- and what's important here -- -- -- at a firehouse and start training with. It's not a replacement for -- It almost seems like there's that little -- apprehension health care to use the DRG because they think it's gonna take away -- operations it's not when you're there with a partner. You get the firefighter out. Does -- you have to get out here late princess pushed the equipment let the equipment work you need to prepare our firefighters and got ready for action so that when. He real -- does take place without much more prepared for -- This was trying minutes would like to thank all of our sponsor and -- -- be safe out there. -- -- -- --

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