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FDIC 2010: Eddie Buchanan

Fri, 23 Apr 2010|

Bobby Halton speaks to Eddie Buchanan of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors at FDIC 2010.



I -- probably all member FDIC 2010 and I'm here with my good friend and he Buchanan who is the president of the international society of our service instructors. An incredible organization and one that you have to belong to if you're in the fire service. -- can't be a firefighter. Unless you instruct to firefighters teach so make sure you go to. The web didn't and you can just type in international -- pressures instructors dot com I set aside that'll work. Arrived as I got over that it was certainly will it take -- right so and you we have links off our website yes my new -- dot com and author of the diocese so. And there are official partners we've and I have been doing this now for a fifth here -- someone that that theory and and we'll be official partners forever. So -- -- -- tell us what's going on with the office we were way. There are so excited that we declared our engineering our official magazine so problems when you look at it. The content a magazine when it's all about it very much aligns with our mission. And those who were very happy about that yeah absolutely and you'll know it's instructor remember. Because at their bio will have the logo -- you're an instructor you citizen if you remember -- you -- this article please let us know. You we don't do -- the database at every time please let us know. The slot or all the thoughts -- thoughts new website this week judgment that the actually and -- got a full learning management system in the background has a lot of you know we can do webinars and things -- tools you can use our members. To improve other instructional ability and teaching methods and all that's what's gonna really awesome. Other things we we're about to launch any AFG grant project -- we we we got to research. Prevention grant from AFG to take a lot of the information received from Chicago or consistently well all that -- search on lightweight construction. And we are created a package. Of that material that will go out to all of our members and any member of the safety and health section of the IFC. And the idea is this is to give them the company officer something that they can't have at the fire station that you -- talk about the coffee table you know that they could. We wanna get this information -- -- -- construction at the -- level. -- of the guys -- -- -- backers on those engines can can understand that have access to so we were very pleased that we had that. -- -- mentioned grant to do that. We've recently launched -- three instructor a program. That -- gives. Firefighters in in several different categories you have your class saying gas fired required structures he -- three models in the program. Where you can go in and learn from the best in the business. On how to safely -- -- fire -- operations as it is loaded and we we've resource we certified as nice a procession took it that you did so. You can have some credential there that you -- OK I just didn't walk off the street. -- -- a quick look at the standard and now here we go you have some some validated. Type of training so we're very happy with that. -- for next year another reason why that are signed up early for the icy mixture not only the 9/11 tribute not only the -- firefighters special track of -- -- firefighter. Hands on training evolution now we're gonna have the master. Firefighter. Yeah instructors course -- -- working on several levels of achievement you know -- guys to get their fire instructor won in two or three different. And that's kind stops that there's no path beyond that and we wanted to give instructors path. To develop as a professional educator. -- tonight it is just they give to teachers do they evolved through -- age issue doctor and you become you know whatever but our service needs to do that kind of credentialing. And instructors lead that charge working with busta -- him on the tracks that's something else you want. You wanna be you know don't be don't pieces we sold out so many classes and our attendance through the room -- -- I don't see that -- -- you know. This is the -- to be -- always say this is church is where you go to get reinvigorated. And get the latest information on on -- far and we also the first instructors that are at the supernova we did we get a reception instructor reception for all these -- It went very well we had you know alive live entertainment there -- -- it was a great way a lot of people -- -- on Tuesday night in the you know. What better way to get you know get going structures together you see your buddies. You see all the who's who we had a lot of they named big names in there you know a lot of guys were really impressed what can -- there's -- cornerstone of the issues that is you know that lot of that gets me angry and I heard it you can listen. Yeah yeah. They have -- and sound actually but as as it goes. So listen rather big year for -- remember. Go to. -- set aside that courses and yet -- we think we need to us via our service instructors. He did that back in the sixties or something so we had you know its side as an aside out of work -- volley all the word at the -- -- my good friend and Buchanan. And we'll see in the DNC.

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