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FDIC 2010: Dan Duke

Fri, 23 Apr 2010|

At FDIC 2010, Bobby Halton speaks with Dan Duke, longtime FDIC patron.



There's an FDIC we just people who are friends off the Florida some. Only FDIC -- that was hanging out there and Dan duke and Connecticut I think there's -- even -- -- I've been about 878 times so -- locked down so would you do this to. Other subjects art classes on Monday and Tuesday. Personal and -- company essentials and great good time lot of work but. Discussion on different pose -- loads and different ways to spread out the -- themselves as the room plus -- friends good -- to do took advance our electric. And Holmes yes I was very doesn't act I really enjoyed it lot of cars lot of knowledge that some might take back. So you can come for seven years of -- -- we get better we get worse. I'll get better and better every year -- see something different something over and I learn. A lot every problem destroy it. We do so we looking forward to next and actually what. What should we be thinking about what what didn't see -- that -- You know -- There's a lot of classes -- -- they're wanting to take this -- because they're full. And I just maybe it's more live -- classes. Different ideas you'll like that -- classes doesn't that next -- true. And I have there's meadows is -- as a -- to the man yeah I believe that it. It's it's been a good time I was it was the best thing about it -- to see what what what really it was bringing you back here -- here. The way the show is. I see people that. I mean no from my home town that's in Peters Missouri I lived saint -- -- -- -- saint -- now I'm actually from Peoria Illinois. Oh and so I see a lot of people who caterpillar. Yes that's correct. And now. What -- come -- come up here ice around a lot of people that maybe I've seen in awhile it just the camaraderie and a learning aspect its its a good time -- and then there's you can -- -- better. We sure appreciate having you come back. All your enthusiasm on your kind words about the show we hope we're doing a great job for -- Arctic. We'll keep doing better pictures going to be news -- -- -- loans and Mercer. -- -- -- -- Can't wait to see you back here again extra to NIC I look forward that I will think again thank you appreciate it it's there's -- FDIC and we'll see you here tomorrow.