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Danny Sheridan interview

Fri, 22 Feb 2008|

At FDIC 2007, Chief Halton talks to Fire Department of New York Captain Danny Sheridan, founder and director of Mutual Aid Americas.



Hi and welcome to on the -- above column -- -- lot -- an FDIC 2007. And -- good friend from the New York City Fire Department. Captain Danny Sheridan -- also the president and director of mutual in America. A nonprofit organization that goes to South America primarily providing training to those countries that have no training. And also delivering much needed equipment supplies so if you're -- heavily -- load of old SE BA is perhaps a fire truck that you can't. Unload duty -- -- -- ninety no one or any other reasons any equipment at all that you think could help folks and Ecuador and South America to keep our brother firefighters are -- -- brother firefighters down there safe and healthy. Daniel get at all Danny is an honest straightforward has a guy all of this stuff is out in the open. There's -- who is no hidden stuff here no hidden agendas. Danny's not get rich selling anything everything you donate -- -- donated. It's a hard working guy he's a captain who's just only has to be worked tonight New York City so he's got a plan -- pretty quickly without that -- like to introduce you all. My good friend and brother Danny Sheridan anyway on the road thank you for being here I'm honored its -- okay well first time at the SE first time. What you think. It's incredible I didn't of those Sony farming -- you so. My FDNY world you know we have 101000 guys and we have function you know give a thousand guys it is -- Really they were just shy of 30000 -- towards -- -- here and it's great it's great. It's not what you teach I did a class on fireproof multiple dwellings. I'd. Started out in South Bronx and to -- -- -- -- -- operations at all and we learned a lot over the years we took licks and we lost some guys in which you know and we had to come back to basics you know we had to reevaluate who's doing and I've been on the kind of going with that the curve you know and -- having my own ideas about we we should be operating and they seem to be on the mark with with the -- thinking you know and I just said when -- myself is that you know. I should put this down on paper known and mixture -- knowledge with the guys as we we do with someone's you know it's it's us it's -- and -- and -- know. In other cities its notes kind of a rare event. You know maybe once he would -- a. -- -- Gotta start on the South Bronx to those born there so as far as that your classroom honestly -- there is -- -- that the bout between husbands in the city. He growth -- environment you realize it as a kid I saw a couple of really tremendous fires. You know of those buildings -- those are tough fires. Was to fires and and folks need to pre plan on the need to understand those buildings and other work. Exactly and what you have to consider these days you know when I started on job. Know people don't have the furnishings and have computers they didn't have -- plastics and and now the viewed the far -- -- -- -- -- is so great you know stole the size -- -- maybe ten years ago. And with a win those who you know went once -- lose control window on the door. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have to kind of rethink our tactics excellence things. Position -- there's. Some knowledge and information just came out about these are -- are death. Just a few days -- Virginia. Which was wind driven fire and residential structure that collapsed. You know can I first started being in the grown up in New York City was unusual to see -- residential building collapse -- back in the day. Today it's routine. Today it's it's only going to be playing for right. Well well do the flip side of that my district is now you know we've we've suffered -- the -- -- -- -- in the seventies and early eighties and they knocked down a lot of buildings. And all the new construction commonalities -- it's not built with the firefighter mind it's built kind of with you know the cheapest materials the lightweight construction. The trusses the you that the always be bored and it's zone it's working against -- all the clues in the for a -- and couple that. We didn't heavy. Fire look in own. In a short amount of time -- is clay you know two minutes. We're losing floors and. Some loopholes that that the jobs getting more dangerous that's for sure it's it's not getting better. So let's talk a little bit about mutual -- America what what's on all of them were you working on there and. Yeah I've heard probably it's thought -- -- -- and the thing about mutually in the beginning. It hasn't varied from that the day one like I. Evolved after 9/11 on you know was one of like cutting the positives the Cayman island had a lot of people come to New York. And we -- get a visit from -- chief. -- from South America like it or you know when I had a cursory knowledge of Ecuadorian -- -- -- -- -- -- opens. And he invited me down it would be great you know and I went down in I didn't know what to expect you know and -- used to working in my. Comfort zone that's in -- you -- -- fully equipped we have many guys we have great tactics and you know my eyes were wide open and went down into the first job I want it was like two days -- that -- trip and had this -- and fire and uses I couldn't believe those guys -- -- and ran in sandals and T shirts and that is. Trying to that. To the best they can you know to fully occupied building -- first floor and they face -- clueless you know. So right at that moment you know I realize -- has been pretty carefully there you questions Clinton areas lot of volunteer departments you know. They throw stuff now I know for a fact that -- your garbage and trucks sitting on the -- Is that what can take that stuff redundancies as an entry and he hasn't changed we we that was them. The philosophy. You know on mission from day one and hasn't -- it was still was stolen contract which is trying to expand. -- You know we've really you know I don't wanna -- -- you know we really turned it department around five years and these guys. The feeling fine and like we we made them feel -- formed -- -- -- equipment. And they -- and now it did you know they go in there it. -- put the fire out the confining you know they complain so far -- up again. That's good that's a good thing should have been here five years ago that's we have jobs. Simpson has -- so -- the other thing on the flip side is you know buying cars like. Like we just -- this for example -- we we don't analysts cuts they'll never go back to nowhere Texan you know and you know I think we're opening markets for preventive -- you know -- Andy talking here you know that that's what the Houston like -- group once got you know and you know that's an amused and -- you know their product now is is in lately. Told those at Texas allowances. It's in -- election they want they want what's cuts you know that's is one product. You know that's so we're not. Initially. You know my philosophy is like when it's on a one way street you know we're hoping these guys would also introducing new products that they've never had. And they'll never go back now to the -- then. The shorts. And in this -- -- have. It's a very good bunker here -- analysts say you know what the TPT on and is known. They don't be called -- -- find out more about -- in America and and folks listen. But I had a sense of two so what senator the website it's www. Mutually America is one word -- work. -- -- usually Americans dot org. America yes America with -- mass -- in America does not Hillary then what's going knowledge that the NY today what -- you where you sign in where things going. -- -- -- now captain now covering in the sixth division and captain for years. Include your phone -- for the orders in 46 cents sell products. -- took over the spot. Amongst useless. Personally promoted god willing next year. Things are good and I saw a figure the other day that we I sort on the board I was working in -- the time. Maybe have -- jobless in ten years now so its own its it's kind of a new challenge as an officer you know. Because what I think my job it was like you know we had the senior minister demanded to see humans and in the offices to -- sister and it's like now as a captain. You know my my vision always think the captain was like formally. Known but I think the captains and tennis and wearing two -- and when that. The training officer had with a senior Manhattan you know we're we're we're -- have to be everything these guys who is you know. I was given something valuable as a -- fart -- from the old times and valuables and experienced well you know that. Jason and the stories on how -- -- -- and how you know all the old sources. They were very busy you know and I feel like -- was -- -- -- put the tail end of that but now it's my duty. Yes penalties these new guys and we don't want problems that tradition. Institution back here again next year if you. -- back. Or his viewers appreciate. Did as an instructor -- folks don't know who we would strip on new folks. There and you for a few guys to teach fourth -- some great guys because the -- from the job. I had picked these guys and they all had the qualities was looking for you know -- that the love of teaching and and just below forresters. -- -- it's a blessing and of those kind of guys you know and make me look good you know you go anything else you'd like to say before we close out. That's just it's really I'd be there really aren't -- -- mutual -- America's dot org. Spare equipment used equipment we don't -- kind of conditions -- doesn't take care where you live you know not be on the East Coast West Coast. Did you figure out how to get it to people who really I'm actually looking to -- for some good instructors from apple -- it's really important you know. We have these straight guys would. You can't get over that one hurdle -- language you know it's great that I go down there and sometimes it I think speaks passionately you know as you know. I struggled to put. It's always nice when we can deliver the courses in the in the product and in the native language you know so fly -- guys. A motivating me wanna see the little bit of South America and Central America. Traveled mutually -- give -- call turbulent and Daniel QQ and it -- healthy child some of the highest quality freighters that you can never. So -- I was definitely wasn't funny. I'm shocked -- nation -- -- run -- -- -- -- -- you know things that is true. The seriously mutual aid America's dot org if you got some spare equipment and it could sure use -- put it to -- -- -- thank you for joining him out on the road volley home. Thank you for -- and and then we'll see you all again next time on the road involving all. Thank you.

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