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FDIC 2010: Bill Miccio Interview

Fri, 23 Apr 2010|

Bobby Halton talks to Bill Miccio of the World Police & Fire Games at FDIC 2010.



-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's with the world police and fire games and -- -- he's here to tell you a little bit about what's going to be going on at the -- you can participate. And ten and helped contribute to support. -- efforts of the world. Police and fire games and good. Firefighters and cops across. You don't like being with us thank about it -- to -- -- -- the games were what happens again we'll. The world but if I give the existence for 25 years and every two years it's held in a different city. Around the world. 101000. Policemen finally wolf Ottawa compete -- games. -- significant for the 2011 world despite -- in New York is that it's gonna coincide with the ten year anniversary. I picked -- fifteen. Maybe fifteen to 20000. By effectively took his competing in negotiating an opinion anniversary in how special that would -- some. -- competing you want look at new games to have 68 different sports and everything from. They've -- volleyball soccer wrestling. Down systems actually jobs specific it is. Police eventually traction that those shooting events there's a must -- event for firefighters. Firefighters stand race and -- -- an ultimate firefighter competition. Off so it. How would you how would you if you want to compete fewer. It's -- at every fire by any sworn personnel anybody it's one firefighter police officer. As bad is eligible to compete in these games is no qualifying contest. -- -- -- on line on the website. You pay your registration -- -- eligible to compete. Yeah we've had for that believe that you know Olympic hopefuls. Some former NBA uniform and NHL players. You can buy tickets just life. Actually did they talk about the felt that they're publicly jive with the exception of the opening ceremony. It's like -- the regional. We're in New York it's -- held all throughout the five bars in the surrounding. We have -- two main hubs for the game you're right in midtown music and data -- -- and also rented them sold around. It's 65. Sports. Over eleven days. -- ceremony closing ceremonies -- Candlelight vigil this agreement he retires them. Actually all the retired firefighter -- of eligible to compete not only did they volunteered. And they wanna be part of the -- they may feel like gone to out of shape it. You could be your own age group sells my father competed in the seven -- -- -- a hundred needed to the slow addition Adelaide yesterday. -- -- -- Anyway silver medal but he does you know you -- the F camaraderie it's time that ties with quiet quiet please note that those bonds. -- the seen all of on the world. And everywhere I've gone at that people like myself. A little to take and take action shows around and that there have been -- a lot of people find -- more should be so. If you go to a website or if you Google 2011. -- and -- Dot com and it's actually 2011. WP. -- Got a wide. 2000. -- -- -- and if you Google. 2011 -- with the flag and Hilton puppet show you right now which is how most people game against. And it is a lot of information on the website these videos we just had a recent gala dinner. You can be yes I do you compute a cookie to beat valuable. Doubles could be -- expand -- Indoors. And that's but that is my brother. And doubles point. Few of -- yeah it's. He is actually recording secretary you -- by trade association. And before that you know -- -- -- that -- 27 a -- -- -- please. That you know we'd have a good time they'd they'd be better teams and -- that nobody has but I. -- thank you so much stuff I thank them and more time to be. 2011. World police and -- -- WP FT dot ORG. No thank you very much. This FDIC it's Thursday and we'll see you here tomorrow.