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FDIC 2010: Frank Ricci Interview

Fri, 23 Apr 2010|

Bobby Halton interviews FDIC 2010 Keynote Speaker Frank Ricci.



I'm Robert -- today -- FDIC. We just had an incredible day. And our friend frank -- who's here with me right now give a tremendous keynote speech one which will be remembered for a long time to come. About merit based promotions and about his whole experience right. He has apart again my friend of thank you testing things there. Was great and how do you feel. I feel great excited to -- some very small part of that the FC. And thank you so much for your political courage and what FDIC. And what fire engineering means to the American fire service the only magazine that we keep the issues responsibly. Head on it means a lot to America and I thank you. Thank you my friend I appreciate it accomplishes you're you're the eye of the storm were just hanging out like -- hurricane watcher of flood or tornado watch and we just want to all the debris -- off. It was a great great speech this morning also heard on the wire that the Jewish throughout the case that it last case that was trying to do try to be brought against -- On an individual was trying to intervene -- actually. Not take away my promotion but take away promotions from qualified. African Americans who serve as role models who. Who work -- there's -- very brilliant because they weren't news it. A lot of times when it comes -- identity politics it's about protecting an advantage not about level on the playing field. We just want everybody treated -- good. Outstanding and you're gonna -- panel force here this morning how -- panel here this morning with the John moment was the president look professional firefighters wonderful gentleman and -- Horvath. Correct sort of talk about all kinds of issues diversity race age the whole deal. -- really wonderful -- your great spokesperson or so what else is going on here right now would help us a thumbnail on Frank Rich. I believe I left the thank you -- my speech today get at least acknowledge my son Nicholas and my wife for home watching this. And not Chris Kepler and not save the -- body to cool so thank you for you guys do for me. I appreciate it and -- frankly she's working on for more dvds -- the of those gonna come on board we're gonna bring a bunch instructors and we thought PGA Norwood from east haven fire department my normal crew and we're gonna do tactical perspectives. Good good outstanding. Of frank thank you for being here thank you Bobby rates between had a great morning here -- FDIC. Who were moved -- into the full class remote -- are gonna open up and about an hour and a half. And we'll see you and FDIC.