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FDIC 2010: Urban Firefighter Magazine Creators

Fri, 23 Apr 2010|

Bobby Halton interviews the creators of Urban Firefighter magazine.



-- here FDIC's today and it's Thursday we've just come off the main program -- we made an incredible announcement. There was a tremendous event of fire services here and unbelievable dimension. When the launching of urban firefighter magazine hit the airwaves and the Internet it was -- that was perceptible. Across the entire country it was a product that came out of unsurpassed quality -- tremendous insight dynamic writers and -- by these two gentlemen we're joined us today. -- were able to this announced today. Was a fire engineering and urban firefighter. Are now one family we're going to be working together we're going to be partners were going to be out there trying to bring you the very best fire service knowledge training and talent that we possibly can. With fear rodent. And -- McCormack with the founders and creators and producers. Over firefighter magazine. And great friends and now. Co workers and Greg thank you sir it's great to -- were the other guys that won it how the heck did you come up with this idea what. What a struggle lightning. Nine I think -- -- -- of course was one out of a lot of the attendees and talking FDIC attendees and firefighters coast to coast about. What might. They be interest it and that's where government firefighters who that and also the medium. Things. They're -- -- -- to do what it was an -- creates. You know boilerplate. Magazine something new -- we're looking at creating a whole different. Dimension in the fire service waited -- they're delivered training content media and culture. On the horizon here accuracy cultures -- this is the greatest culture in the fire service we want to build upon that. Kind of bring in a little more specific content. And insure that we we we brought in a lot of people that may not. I mean nobody -- and two. You essentially participate in the magazine's bring more readers into the into the mix -- -- specific contents and the culture. Where people could you won't be a part of it and be as much a part of the continent as the authors themselves isn't. Credible format and and you you don't have to via a techno -- it and understand that are. You know I went online and you know numb on the other side these are looking at this something chemists and asked him -- open and -- like. While places don't -- -- visually stunning and there's no two ways about it knowing yeah -- -- -- that the content is is stunning you know it is. This just an amazing deal is going to be done quarterly. As for the made major portion because our quarterly it's free. You can go to in order -- firefighter dot com. It's sign up and you're gonna get notified right it's going to be skewed as a way to sign up for it just -- just go there recovered right now just go there and it's right -- for -- when he forced seven to be myriad ways sentinel winds coming out. Through the social media into it -- -- -- dot -- -- urban firefighter dot com you can link to our engineering -- you can link there are -- dot com. One of the most incredible. Pieces of information. Technology most incredible breakthroughs I think -- -- -- much we've really we've really moved into the digital age yes sir with with. With you two guys leading the charge and I'm telling you I'm so proud of these principles -- and working together now on. I just can't wait to see what next is going to be like where it FDIC. There will be an urban firefighter hands on training evolution. Which is going to be crafted. In the in the -- if you will of the content of the urban firefighter magazine so sign up for that -- Because it will fill up and again garbage that's a one -- -- -- the -- Acela. Well I'm certainly aren't -- that great and sign up for FDIC now for next year because -- -- tell -- right now. It's the 9/11 it's the urban firefighter hot class. It was very a lineup of special events and things going to be happening. Which you just blow you away. And I know several hotels are already -- just about maxed out the downtown so. 201110. Anniversary. Urban -- special classes and special hot program. We'll see you heard FDIC next year for sure but to my new friend and old friends and partners it's great to be working together -- it is. I'm -- -- this is Eric -- and Ren McCormack and we like to go to fires.

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