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Frank Ricci interview

Tue, 18 Mar 2008|

Chief Halton sits down with New Haven (CT) veteran Frank Ricci to discuss issues facing the fire service today.



I welcome on the road -- -- and I'm here today with a good friend my friend Richie. Fresh currently firefight with the C in New Haven, Connecticut where he's been for how many years for an 1111 years and during that time I've known -- about the last two. During a time he's been an -- He's -- -- kind of steps out trying to recapture some of our safety issues that we had in the past and in my opinion it would cut interest away from. And frank and his cohorts -- there have managed kind of recapture some of that the essence of what made firefighting -- And to that extent they've done some things -- kind of outside the box with -- right up -- what they've done. -- worked with filter technology. And -- what they did was they conducted a large study survey test if you will. They did a part not a fourteen -- three -- for training and medical study with dioxin. Equipment and -- -- some folks that were involved in it and why. But more importantly I want for it when we started here want to talk about. Why he got interest in this -- it happened so what spurned his curiosity. And firefighters. Running out of there on the fire ground so with that I like to welcome my good friend frank -- Frank welcome Don -- chief. About what happened to you. That got you interest and filter technology. We're at a job and get a -- somebody trapped and as we are searching for the occupant I ended up. Making a mistake it clear to -- -- and as I put my hands down continue to crawl. I've ended up being in this ended up at the bottom of shaft the next thing I heard was how would -- -- next to me and captain Bobby -- -- Landed on top of me as -- was put my mask on -- get an off. Up off the floor and -- mussels off my shoulders we were very fortunate that we were within fifteen feet of the door but for that split second. There was that reality of what we -- -- Absolutely so. A lot that's happened to a lot of guys so you think you gonna run an air. How does that get you to look -- -- canisters because most guys wouldn't have gone they would talk about. You know. Denver drills and we've talked about the love not they would have talked about incident command. Stand on the line I mean you you somehow going to filters. A fire for in the city here George holds a -- And he invented the connection take a filter onto an SCB a mask and I saw DuPont's independent lab tests. But as a firefighter I'm not -- on trust anybody else. So I wanted to try to bridge the gap and I contacted Yale university and -- said is there are ways that we can independently test these filters to make sure that they work. And I sort of -- -- DuPont said. This is going to be better for your product if we can get -- -- university on board to test it. We can't give me any constraints she can't say this is how you gonna do I'm gonna test it in a way that I think firefighters -- -- find themselves. When he jammed up and that's how we started with the DuPont. So and I was okay with us on DuPont was the effect pro -- and -- backed pro filter you -- was gonna come corrective back girl was actually on sale in continental US I think there was over 20000 and there are there sold. And it doesn't fit into that and I am not sure I've got to think two -- -- yet another -- This farmer walked environment we're just the reason we just talked about -- -- partnership which you -- you can rely on -- you don't know -- -- well -- -- -- down. And and you gotta have some to back it up and we. -- a little editorial month ago so we talked about no parachutes and helicopters to try to draw that corollary to there's no back up. This piece of high -- technology that we carry -- our backs on an air -- if that fails what should back up. His argument saying we should have. More open circus stuff pure fresh air again -- -- -- owners such to back it up rather than a filter. Great idea currently has some out there. There's some controversy about them as well so you go to filters you get with DuPont and say okay we're what you want to test -- university jumps on board. You get a house to do for a -- We started -- -- doctor -- and when we started looking at the response curves and with there's remained was a project manager at the time we saw some things are reserving DuPont ran additional tests and found that was -- problem -- the package. So -- actually because of the Yale study that DuPont. Forced the recall and he recalled all the units from US fires so -- -- you can run your fire in your study. -- -- figures out that the packaging is causing degradation filter. Because these that they have a -- yes this photo sensitive so it is exposed to sunlight -- There's I was more areas areas in it triggers a filter so bills and filters have to these are actually see it's actually -- correct so that filtering or going bad. While they were in the package correct okay say -- you gotta -- notice how -- actually -- for yourself right meets me. We what are you decide to do with this building you've got to live -- -- we got our work groups this was all within a week via camera crews and this is how we came up with smoke showing on -- he said. They were pointing that the study was completely off. They say well we already paid for the -- so. We're going to just cancel contracts and assemble this would be shame why don't we make somethin' on staffing tactics and how we L building blocks come together. For -- for safety and survival and Tom Brennan who was mentored me all my life from reading that random thoughts. Page like it was hot off the press you gotta read that last page. That's probably all I can -- so it was kind of nice you know I get that -- last page that in the editorial. Yeah that in the editorial also. -- So we started with that we said can I have that can't workers and they symbol we won't pay for anything I said well that's fine I'll have to go to find some other friends to pay for any. And that's where we came up with smoke shelling and -- -- been downloaded over 100000 times it's up on the media center now. Part of fires -- in dot com. -- Providence firefighters gain for the mayor and everybody on city council on from the union volunteers and using it for recruiting. It's -- -- arbitration in Connecticut to get more staffing for outcry and firefighters. And so it's been used throughout the whole entire country and a lot of positive feedback and it's it's designed for the layperson and it basically takes. You through fire tactically and how all the fired. Actions have to -- sometimes. Yeah although practice -- come -- -- -- -- for a layperson. This tremendous value to share your crew download it it's absolutely free -- and everyone and do it. Frank approach doesn't fire engineering and said if -- office paper the editing will give us safer for. So to give it to us while it would be an agreement we've posted on our website and fires -- doesn't dvds available they'll hand out and if you ask his formal rules -- sedatives actually -- Tremendous piece of work because as there's a gross misconception. In my mind and my heart. -- people think you can do tactics incrementally sequentially. You cannot -- tactics incrementally sequentially if you're doing that that's not tactical firefighting. Tackle firefighting is about all of those activities coming together so logistically to create a safe envelope make the building -- -- -- -- to say. So we can conduct at work and as a validation. Extinguishment. Search all that has to be coordinated has happened simultaneously. Which is -- staffing issue and that's what that. It was about time used to go to arbitration hearings and he used to. Kind of blackboard all the different aspects of fire on an essentially that's what we did we took his blackboard teachings and put it into -- video and I think it was. And and isolate -- obviously. Call accountant firefighters. Can be used to say stop. Tell me if firemen are on that scene right now and then we go through it okay got got a truck company well they don't. Two guys a force in the front door for access to -- through as a goal for the -- Initial first set up the platform. That's five we start there and he just go down the line what's the first engine instructional line in the door. You know we shall first making connections. Behind him and his hope and -- -- four you know. When we talk about staffing something that I bullish. We all know that there's staffing problem throughout the country and what about how do we get that -- and how do we achieve that -- and I like to say rely on ESP. Education emotion. Standards and statistics and political action you need all three S and what we found in Connecticut we do we took smoke -- and use that as the opening. Four fire ops one on one program. Firearms one on one is critical to get the politicians understand what we -- and fire -- You don't know how to get a -- far from won go to the IFF dot org. And go to fire optional one and somebody from -- office -- -- expert when his folks don't get a hold you they do a tremendous job they'll help you set it up. That wonderful guys and them all over the country they can walk usual legal stuff the -- -- one. Should be happened -- reunion in America so here we are. Franks created this dvd. We've got this relationship on and -- got a call for frank. I should get a call for smaller friends talking about what strikes next project is and here's frank gonna get ready to test a filter a new filter telling about this new -- There are fighting just back up for one -- I think it's important for fire departments across the country. Press conference and we're losing fire service when we need to take it back it's ours we need to take it back in its. It's phenomenal and we have the ability to do that but we have to become politically active the days of the fire department -- whether. We're gonna be neutral just doesn't work anymore we got to take a stand we've got to -- issue advocates for staffing. We can't be afraid to take out a page ad in the paper are union president -- took a bold stance and even our membership was a little leery of saying. Well you know are we gonna get on the wrong side before contract no we can't worry about the contract we got to push forward and because of taking. Our local politically we have one of the best staffing agreements in New England. You're exactly we. There's there's -- tremendous need for firefighters. And in general to reestablish themselves glad you brought that up. I think part of problem becomes politics in general you just look at the derivation award poly means many and takes a tiny -- -- and parasites. -- keep that -- back your mind when you deal with these folks just kidding. But they didn't do the real issue there as you're exactly correct is that. Together we have tremendous voice and and the more unified -- become -- tell you become a more unified see tremendous leadership in America today. I Suton and chief Freeman and LA NC chief -- Chicago -- -- -- in. She achievement curtain here and in Boston. I see -- in new York city chiefs on -- I see tremendous leaders in this industry stepping up for all the right reasons providing quality traits of people. Relentlessly looking for the pursuit of continuous improvement. To fit to the actual who detriment of their careers politically. These and then we're not motivated by remaining chiefs is a -- motivated by making. Firefighting. More survivable of that. Not gonna say safer because I always hesitate to say safe from fire fighting in the same line you can fire -- carefully. Safely. It's kind of an oxy moron. It's like Jumbo shrimp and all of those others -- firefight it's inherently risky and dangerous it always will be. There's always going to be things because a critical natural boundary and and scientists would cause crippled national -- -- dynamic stringent. Highly unpredictable and highly chaotic and damaging things can happen of people. That being said that's not going to change. We're not gonna move away from all the polymers and plastics -- move away from trusses and went up and away from engineered components we're gonna see more. The firefighters are young firefighters coming out today we're gonna face our problems are in -- potentially dangerous than the ones we find ourselves in right now our dads did. Or frank and and -- -- found themselves in the bottom of the shaft with MS often running out of there. Now. We get to the filter and why the filter matters. You can do everything right in my opinion and still find yourself in a jam. You can have that happen you can become disoriented in seconds. And run out of there and if you -- a -- -- technology. That can fail. That's where this filter comes into play so your front hasn't felt -- in fact pro people contact you can pick it up from there. After recall DuPont and it up that division went bankrupt they sold that off and some years later -- -- and bought the -- and and had new military technology their military defense contractor they work with the US air force -- -- today. Air force and -- and so they had a new way to package to filter they solve the packaging problem by vacuuming packet and actually -- It's got two balls on now you actually care of the filter out and you can -- what wet gloves on in zero visibility and had the opportunity do it twice now and it works it just comes out and as simple as disconnecting your mask you hook this and the important thing is this isn't to give you. Fifteen more minutes of operating time inside a structure fire this is the whole game and get out it's your last chance to see there you're gonna. Rip off your mask and -- an -- -- environment and or you're gonna have this hooking and and get out something that was interesting I chiefs were. Really concerned about this which rightfully so and he asked well does this trigger a -- and I said no it doesn't. Because you're maybe should be called long before you want an air it's going to be that real extreme circumstances where you get pinned immediately -- something. Extreme where it would pump -- -- right during the changeover but. You should -- calling for help as soon as you get jammed up it's better to have the guys talk about -- the kitchen table because yeah. Made a mistake here -- there then to see what a great guy you were at your funeral because you're just and there are some call for help and that's something that we need to do across the country across the board. You're exactly right and and we're making great strides -- people calling me days. Before they actually need to be rescued which is when you should call. Clearly it's like the old joke about getting lost -- -- drive faster. When you get lost when you when you when you are disoriented in -- fire can be extremely careful about what you do from that point forward because your air is your lifeline that's all you have -- there. So here we are you get this new -- We go from there. I -- FDIC and I met with SX PV NR and I said the only way you're gonna get this on the market. Is if you allow Yale University do an independent test and you put no stipulates no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- no credit here reaction no restrictions on how I set up. The power and I'm gonna do -- build in as many safety controls possible it's gonna get approved by peer reviewed through Yale but you gotta let us work the filters. And he said to take it step for. Forward I -- be -- invite people from all over the country to come see this and they're a little hesitant on any civil. Why is that it -- it it's gonna build the credibility and it's also gonna help get the word out about filter technology -- I think this is something the whole fire department needs to embrace because. We continue to run out of there in -- -- structure fires. And to -- team has been proven over and over again what's -- -- from Phoenix Steve price -- he did a phenomenal study in. Even through his own acknowledgment. No he just blacked out -- in the daytime how long it took to -- to find -- guy in the amateurs around eight minutes long so. If we're call for help too late which we need to change that but even if you call for help orally how long does it take -- written to -- you. So we think that this filter technologies can help buy that extra time or get you out when you get -- -- -- So you got the building set up would you invite -- -- case. Indianapolis. Detroit Michigan LA not count me LA city chief Frazier -- collar -- on the respiratory committee -- -- PA. Joey Purcell who runs a flash or simulator for -- using. He came as -- counting -- -- Vernon Vernon county burn care not represented Teaneck but he came out to burn we had. I don't say about the chiefs from New York City come out to -- -- -- eagle came out health and safety came out research and development came out we had several New York City firemen there. It was. And we did this in him in -- nothing -- an impossible without chief -- Ernesto from Hamden Connecticut in the union him insane. Here you can host this medical study in our community because we think it's gonna benefit -- -- -- -- what it's not just an average. Fire bird talk about -- mongering that went on. Beyond that just medical -- -- couple things I guess we there's gas detection. I think formed a partnership with Honeywell where VW technologies is that like to be called in fire service and we meter for hydrogen cyanide. Oxygen carbon monoxide. And I think though those were three gases and and we need your -- he is well and we took regular. Combustible say you would find somebody said well -- -- engineering and rooms Saddam engineering room the way my wife engineers or later there's no. Crate and Pallet test -- Saddam and -- and -- -- Within what you find in normal room -- fire and we built in safety controls to ensure that fire efforts to safely. Efficiently and effectively operate in this type and firemen. To ensure the participants safety and yeah test so you learn for gases temperatures. We've got safety or started to test and the -- to perform. It was remarkable on I didn't change -- -- in at first -- beacon to answer yeah I come from the associated tech and not technical. Generation you're talking about where I'm used to inside -- fire where my mask so. Disconnected when I had -- my tank which you would never do. To put in this -- was you know for a second -- thinkin' well maybe this really wasn't such a good idea. Really everybody outside his first time it was -- in you know I just took a breath then and then -- disconnected and how we're teaching people with the sky. -- is the -- alert starts going off around -- hundred PSI. So you know for me that's about sixty -- so I would never change over to you were completely out of there you want nothing beats positive pressure. -- -- -- without a doubt. But we connected again and you know and in Crawford nothing like that guy now and -- -- unbelievable and I think that's what. Everybody said across the board is that it was unbelievable the thing used. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We had a meter so we -- brush and we found the lowest option reading room and can transpire even after flash over. Was -- can point to form of the fire so we weren't getting those big drops now a person. No -- classifies. Or nineteen point five -- -- -- deficient atmosphere which it should. A person's going to be able survive up until -- 1514%. Now greening your motor functions in your cognitive skills are -- lesson. But if it's enough time to get used in a window or for the -- can find you. It's the blood gas and it's that gas attack in your what's your body can't. Process the action that's what's callous and that's not because of the action -- -- CEO -- with your hemoglobin and all other good -- CEO hydrogen cyanide is propane. They're all there and -- all present drive so the filter works. Get through the testing. Positive results you've written -- great paper which will revulsion barge iron about the test. Really fast forward a little bit now where's that Stan what what's holding it up how come we don't see it out and the market yet we'll right now the cities -- New Haven. Cooperative effort from our chief of department might grant. And I -- president -- and and also. The Norfolk fire department my brother -- being president there Jim -- and -- chief Charlie go back signed the notion variance and we. Put it forward to ocean -- through the -- process right now to achieve the -- the thing is. Even -- Tanzania -- mean you're saying we don't really need advanced is it really doesn't fit into any category because when you're out of there you're at a -- what. Good is the certification on your packet there's no -- So but -- I talked to manufacturing and doing the responsible thing let's go to OSHA. Let's make sure that if fire departments and -- this technology that they do with the proper controls -- that -- make sure nobody abuses and I think that's very important. Well so now you -- -- that we received any yet. Not yet we're right now we're in the process of variance with federal she takes about six months -- about three months into him are expected to meet with OSHA. At the end of February and our goal is to bring on. Fire service organizations yet she's -- talk about fire engineering you know our partners and we're trying to get support for this there. It's it's fascinating so. Look that the thing I think that makes this valuable to me in and it and why support Franken everything he's doing so so adamantly. As you have to be absolutely clear this is not provide anybody. With a -- this is not to give it ten more minutes or fifteen more minutes. This is why -- think you're gonna die and you're completely -- air. And if you use it and -- enough airport to filter and -- Extremely hot because it doesn't -- area there. This might save your life if there is no -- to filter. You're still gonna die it's that just that simple. It's that simple it goes back today in -- theory everybody on the jobs pretty much -- -- -- paramedic -- it does no harm if you switch over. You're dead. A lot of critics say well the problem with the -- is that you have to disconnect your regulator. What we're finding in line of duty deaths -- -- for for fires is when you run an air guys are ripping off their mask now when -- king finds them. When you put heat smoke and everything else around it it's like a tactical objective get the national when this three teen finds it just. On click and click keep backing supplied -- so it has has benefits even if it didn't work for you right off of that -- It's fascinating so. That's that's story we're gonna anything -- talk about the -- before we Malone and extort ten a couple of frank Rich's stores really nervous. I found out -- was fairly seems to be controlling most of Connecticut. We're just getting and you have that and last names so I should make jokes about but. Let's let's can we move off the -- Percent sure I interest and I was growing up -- -- -- -- -- -- fireman so righteous fire and a brother not gonna we've brother lieutenant Middletown as well so. I was Catholic Irish discount -- -- priest. So and clearly didn't qualify for the priest thing you scored two points higher -- -- and I -- just costs more to me up so here I am. But the so the issue is now it's I think everybody's minds as well as a scheduler -- -- -- And his medical studies -- some kind of cowboy. And the answer is no and and we have this crystal clear proof and it's up on our website right now we'll have links to. Frank's work. The smoke showing. As well as most recent article which is called. Eludes me at the moment other Riley emergency breathing technique will be coming that's coming up at -- -- you 1403. Sprinkler system. And think it's necessary dangerous -- both live fire training 143 that I wrote we Jim Duffy -- -- the kind chief warrant for Connecticut. And enjoyment frank put together -- tremendous piece on fire engineering dot com. If you go look at there's embedded video. -- stuff in that just -- a lie everyone's concerns about what we're doing the other burns. Fourteen countries that are awful long time -- -- huge proponent. But he followed fourteen and three there's a lot of risk. -- -- -- room. Excelsior complexion of straw -- flash well. We -- in Harrisburg we've seen in other parts of the country a live fire training that there's a lot that the PPV test that vista's doing in Toledo Ohio and gymnasium and -- high school. Fleshed out some straw sort of feel you know he is there and give it all of those notes are ranged. -- -- pressuring us. Tell me about this it's. In a nutshell. What Jim and Franken who's in the fall involvement there again key swing between the guy who actually -- -- we're just taking credit for his for his inventions that are weighing. God bless you -- the -- yes England deputy chief for the Gilford fire -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't -- deserves all the credit. He -- over the was brilliant thing I've seen in probably the last ten years. And what finishing -- it's been around for ten years and nobody knew about it so really -- been using it for ten years in Gilford to enhance life fire -- And nobody when we sought and -- -- -- yet I don't firefighter right. Going there and get it. I thought that the Muslim hokey in the beginning and it is like their front office sprinkler system you know I was says slavery is a monster exists -- -- -- you know it -- just it didn't sit well it -- when I was like -- have. You know given -- -- that -- wanted to try it out. And I was blown away as a believer and I'm doing a live fire -- for John Norman's dvd comin' up in weren't using spark. Horses I mean just think about it works it's unbelievable and we're gonna shut it get this to the fourteen to three people and keep pushing this but think about it if we. If we're gonna do live fire training how many videos on YouTube right now people who live fire training something -- catastrophically wrong. And and you see. Tremendous volumes of -- I think there's -- -- a -- as the PPV fan looks to be an airline operating -- looks to be seeing the corner. Or I'm not sure it's all going on there but it's live fire training from 2004. And it flashes NBC guys trying to get the -- -- operating. What if you just pull the lever there's a metal lever them into the fire seems to be an out of control it's like -- -- -- system tremendous. Volume that the heads are all open to all wide open and this is just black plumbers pipe we're not talking about no -- system is just nothing fancy they said it cost about fifty dollars to put the system together. And -- raining and it doesn't go through any doors so in other words you'll come through. To protect the egress it'll come through the front wall and protecting egress so it's not going many rooms because we want to make sure that we can control the door and we want to make sure that -- trained firefighters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keep failing to -- regular wanna put your -- and the crowd is now absolutely protected. It's without a doubt it's protected and it goes up so quick -- when things that I was concerned about -- What's he gonna -- he isn't really gonna drop the heat down on members operate. So why -- this room -- -- palace gig going pretty good that it's it's wrong overhead. We have some good -- now when you see if there was an actual difference 'cause I'm -- -- sprinkler goes off and not. I really didn't feel that temperature version they came out so quick and you know these guys -- there it was like within two seconds fire was out I was I was amazed at the very impressed. The thing to remember to -- you have to deploy this unit while you're doing live fire training if -- -- gets wet that's the end of the trading. Do not continue to train -- here remember your gear acts like almost like a down jacket once it gets wet it's lost its thermal. Protection capabilities but almost 70%. Dry your gear is about 4835. Let -- -- So do not continue with what -- it's how you get -- Switching gears -- your training is over you need to deploy this to keep that vacuum lines where I really like about this is that is that weighing came up with this idea. That department they didn't market it and put it out. They put it up on our website it's out there you can build it with your old high right. It's just out there and that's what's beautiful about the Gilford fire department I gotta say one quick thing about -- for fiber. I do live fire training for years now. And it takes is about three months sustainable compliance 1403. Just with the paperwork and everything. I came -- because we -- film and -- survival techniques for FDIC this year and they put together this problem for us in week swap compliant and -- the chief was was the chief he said this is -- way it's gonna be -- talked about and go take care this. Everything was taking care and we in the film -- come up from Oklahoma everything's -- mean just just. It's what you see people actually worked on so I really appreciate go for fired from coming through for us. Well and we appreciate it because they put that out there watched a dvd if you can improve on it let us know how you improve on it if you use it it works let us know worked. We couldn't I couldn't be happier relationship the for our engineering at the frank. Which bomb all you all guys -- work with you've done some tremendous things I think there from fire service. I think we need to continue to train and more things we can build into it. To make that training effective and less dangerous the better. Clearly being able to protect -- egress. Is huge. One problem I see with a 143 Byrne said that -- -- other departments doing. He's a lot of times they think every team in a routine is just a crew of new recruits that are rotated through these -- the guys that are supposed to save you can get jammed up -- -- things. Actually got to -- restaurant experience that's Arafat and that is in the standard if you read this standard. A -- rookies is a violation of the standard they're supposed to be trained equipped supervise. Firefighters. Not they are not green recruit screen records do not qualify to participate. In a written team -- fire in any capacity. That is far outside their ability to it to function and clearly a violation of standards the standards and excellence standards. The thing to -- the standard is as I know they do and and and and -- burns that's the basis. Everything you layer on top of it is what's important. 143 as a starting point I know it's tedious thing you can do all of the carpets and taken all the -- But the fire is fire place -- -- the Greek people own generators and don't mind coming to work for free to clean -- -- you're exactly right that's what it's all about my mom told me when I was three years old don't play with fire and we're telling you don't play with fire. Fire is fire treat -- with the same respect you treat any real fire because the -- you don't. Is a day you're gonna pay a tremendous price you or your people. You never ever play with fire and when you're conducting burns that in our mission is it's -- and and is focused and his discipline. As if it was the most dangerous fire you have ever been through to enough for 12 thing. It just because you're setting it up that that in some way. Inherently makes it safe. It does not but the system can buy you another question another piece of protection we're so thankful for you for Burnett to our attention. Thank you for the work on the filter for the smoke showing program I can in my column is like a junior golf -- -- It's -- it would look like little -- Verizon farm value here. We've got I mean just every every time I speak -- frank he's got something new that he's given away for free. It's gonna make firefighters say for better more effective more. More able to do their jobs and and and and do -- well and for that you know you've really stepped up to play really. Shall on the rest of us what it means to be good -- -- entity in good. Brother for the firefighters -- your brother and we appreciate it. Well this job takes constant training it's it's not how you mess up it's how you recover as we all make mistakes constantly on the fire ground so we can bring quality training. One other important aspect with a 1403 that I think it is important. Is he gets into that air management thing where we talk about confusing pressure and volume and without -- Technical here. Your fire Marshall is such a resource even if you're not gonna burn a building for required structure like Brian McDonnell and handing -- seem to burn from -- If you get your fire marshals they know what -- are coming down what buildings are -- renovated and one of the problems we have an air management forget all the technical stuff. I base -- consumption based on pressure because. I know based on the work and based on experience. But so many guys are doing that based on the experience that they had in the smoke house this little building behind -- firehouse we need to do -- management -- you -- kind of working with three -- and what. We need to do -- controls in commercials. Commercial site structure so we change our reference -- -- management of how. Our pressure's going to affect us getting out getting -- Based on the work we do you intend to change that experience a little -- And the fire marshals are the key in your community to get in you to work with the community so that you get these buildings and perform live fire training and airmen who controls and things like that. And a quick aside just a quick -- for -- The fire here folks is the new -- -- -- by the Seattle boys justice completed. The -- the -- NFPA standard and management and the mandate that you have written enforce their management policy is and that's standard. So -- -- thing -- guys and apologizes for channel four for Tampa port deal forged a new NFPA. Respiratory standard and for air management systems. That's important. In any type of bear management that you do we we have a little myself on camera -- a little paragraph and -- management book is we wanna start doing comparative. Testing where you actually compare somebody's -- management. -- different and I -- oil consumption rates very bright so we want to compare apples apples you're gonna do comparison we kind Dyson put on their gear -- school we don't do any timing when it comes to. When she breeding techniques or how they just normally -- -- so we wanna start doing comparison test. I think that's a great idea. -- -- just before we and that here today. Tell me about any other projects -- in the pipeline things that people should be looking for that you might have come form in the near future are down the road. I worked which incurs from New Jersey to put -- structure dvd that's coming out FDIC this year and our own dvd all the guys that work from you we all kind of put together we have four instructors that are teaching and FDA seen dvd it's called. Fire for survival techniques prevention intervention. Interventionist is critical but if we can prevent it might solid staffing solid tactics and getting -- -- out the fire. -- wouldn't be a lot safer so we. Kind of try to combine -- vote pull them together. When I think is unique about this dvds you can watch it from the beginning straight through the -- doing some commercial building fire search or trust collapse. We're actually gonna put it moved in next so kind of like -- training minutes and came up with the you can actually just take a part of it. And putting into your existing program. It's called firefighters safety fire for survival techniques prevention intervention firefighter survival techniques prevention intervention. How long before that's who's gonna resell it now is someone this will be released an FDIC this year so this would be through fire engineering mergers in Ontario. Video and will be out in FTSE teacher -- -- -- Burch told season on dvd. And now we're pretty excited about it. And -- that. If you follow frank fairway sadness -- the dvd itself we'll have outtakes that you can use to set up training much like training minutes on the website. That are short concise little drills you can use for your. In your weekly drilled into a volunteer job or if you've got a career job and and it's your job devote all the daily training for the day. It's another it's another resource tool which is how even its economy and the science right now it's about 22 point two and yes that's 22 drills that you can do. Your opportunity. From this from this new dvd by -- Richie and books and there. Jim Duffy from Wallingford. Chief -- -- -- from New Haven in any kind -- teaches which council -- -- and -- -- launcher from acting in line. -- reversal from New Jersey we I -- Took from everybody because we're all better as a whole and individually. It's definitely a Wii video. And it's it's out there to say that things go wrong this is a dangerous job. But we we can do some things a little bit better. Listen I think that's gonna wrap him today was frank -- volleyball on the road remember be careful out there and thanks -- -- Thank you very much Bobby and I just wanna say everybody support -- troops that are overseas -- for a so we don't have to fight here so thank you very much everybody.

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