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FDIC 2010: Urban Firefighter Magazine Announcement

Thu, 22 Apr 2010|

Bobby Halton announces that PennWell and Fire Engineering have acquired Urban Firefighter magazine.



You know every now and then there's an event. In the fire service. That sends shockwaves through our industry. Every now and then there's an earthquake. That happens that everybody jumps back and says. Didn't see that common unbelievable. How can we not have seen this before. Every now and then there's a light that shines from one -- -- of us that so bright and -- credible that we all go wow. Unreal that happened about two months ago. Went on line for the very first time in unique product is launched. And that was. Gentlemen please walk out. Urban firefighter magazine. Standing with -- right now -- the two men who put that incredible product. To life. Then with me right now are two men who saw what the future's gonna look like. Who under stood that help people get their information today. Who recognized. The needs of the American fire service who have the devotion who have that passion -- the integrity and who have the credibility. To do what they did in a way that no one else has ever dared do before. Ladies and gentlemen today I'm extremely proud. And extremely honored to announced that urban firefighter magazine. -- -- corporation and fire engineering. Are now one family we -- now far. Good morning thank you. Our partnership with fire engineering. Is the end of a long journey. Are -- mission of course to inform the fire service. And let them know that we do have some great information out there for you and we want to just keep firing your life. Thank you. They Caroline thank you -- and I'm all in for a period. Just like hey -- The future is now. Ollie let's think there -- the quintessential. Firefighters firefighting contact. The quintessential conference -- -- sense of this partnership would obviate the best partnership we've -- thank you. These guys are brilliant this is gonna be unique we're gonna keep going. Over bringing the right things -- -- things please like you're valuations we have a fun run tonight at fire at 6 o'clock of what -- report please join us and stop drop rock and roll. I hope you had a great conference -- -- out there. My name's Bobby. -- my friend -- and Eric and we like to go to fires.

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