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FDIC 2010: Ron Siarnicki Presented Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award

Thu, 22 Apr 2010|

Ron Siarnicki, executive direction of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, was presented with the 2010 Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award.



Question cumulative total mistakes -- we came in -- but they get them out of jail I think Fred if you read this month I wouldn't leave. Let's forget about all my people would they run a -- -- the whole secret of his business I think it's among -- armed -- as intimately yeah. And to connected as you possibly happen very close to know. CNN news fire -- how the enemy reds -- conduction through radiation. And he got a million dollars deal you're gonna do battle on fire -- -- -- got the battlefield. The premier position that the workers in this -- is what -- what this surface then. Is that we're the most popular service for the most excepted service where the most trusted service we have to waited two hours is because firefighters are worth saving. His message was always. To make a difference to live life so that you -- remark. This award shows -- are scrambling. That he truly made a difference if you didn't fire is -- no matter how experienced you you gotta have something on -- -- -- Back to you because you don't know and there are times when you say yeah. Thank god just get me through this you know they're good -- -- church -- -- a very -- yeah -- through this. It's a super thing and I'm very appreciative this award I would just like to leave one simple little message today. And younger people. Can't make it okay. My father we're here this. Reminders of the cold hard facts -- no leader is any greater. The men and women. Location which brings. Tremendous response. And to enjoy yourself. Put them out as people live and yeah we're -- -- fire fighting in the -- it's. Much more. I think like most people would -- Had these things happen team. They realize that they released him on the shoulders of people who have gone before them people who stand next to them and -- people -- -- my. Safety. That's what firefighters -- for this country. Somewhere in his room there is someone that real hero stage accepting this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- Wardrobe malfunction sorry. The greatest -- -- That any of us there -- hopefully behind -- certainly our families and our children. After that it would have to be contributions we make to the betterment of ID as a whole. This is lifetime achievement winner can boast that he's done both. You from -- he has a career spans more than 35 years. And within a collection of accomplishments. Which was divided among four -- would still make 500 -- It divides it it it it divides own difficulty that we -- know what to cut out. Because we tremendous pleasure to give you a brief overview today of the career of one of America's most distinguished firefighters. Gonna take a lot of -- -- In 1978 -- fronts aren't you join the prince George county fire department four years later he was promoted apparatus technician. In 1985 became a fire sergeant. In 1998. In 198080 was promoted the -- of fire lieutenant. In 1990 -- was promoted the rank of captain Ron quickly made -- -- in -- in 91 and lieutenant colonel in charge of management service in 1985. In 1997 Ron was -- -- executives -- deputy for the prince George county fire department and then was elected the fire chief. He held that position for four years retiring in 2001. In 2001. -- became a full time executive director of the national fallen firefighters foundation. The national fallen -- and firefighters foundation. A nonprofit organization which was established a united congress in 1982. The mission and purpose and that is to create programs honor and remember America's fallen heroes. Firefighters. And to provide the resources of the survivors. Of firefighters who were -- in rebuilding their lives. -- duties executive director of the national -- -- -- -- memorial. Include the following. The firefighters memorial weekend firefighters support program firefighter training programs -- -- support and other support programs in the creation of the national memorial park. The national all of -- -- in the wrong direction has been working with the entire fire service. To develop and implement programs that reduce the number of line of duty deaths that occur in the United States each year. A director of the national -- firefighters -- expected to implement and develop national fundraising campaign. Ron directs the capital expansion activities the national memorial park including the work oracle walk of honor and -- -- there. Ron works tirelessly to promote and maintain partnerships. With in the fire service -- communities. During his tenure he isn't race relations with the federal agencies having fire service revenue. Service responsibilities. Ron represents the foundation of the national state and local conferences meetings training sessions and fire -- the funeral. And most importantly. Whenever one of America's bravest falls in the line of duty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He explains the procedures and policies that need to be followed. Your benefits. And most importantly provides a strong loving and caring shoulder. For those people who -- on. When they need -- the -- He reminds us suddenly stricken -- they're not alone. And -- the sacrifice but they're now -- -- We'll never be forgotten. -- make sure that everything. Everything that is needed to be done emotional and financial support of those people is done. And is that weren't enough. Executive director Ron -- also has created -- -- -- a program. -- everyone goes home program. Which trains local the training of local assistance teams and sixteen initiatives -- -- Project roll call the roll of honor. The survivors network -- this -- the fire chief program the national -- bark -- annual golf tournament. And the lives. Goes on. And on. And upon. Ron prince any content of this this ignorant and he's currently the chairman of the and and of the board of directors of national phone Harper's foundation. And we asked for comment this is what any doesn't. Have -- already has been dedicated his professional life to serving and protecting people. As the chief of prince George county department and a leader in American bar service you'll be remembered for creating a latest he has these he has now created -- us to follow. Now on his role as executive director of the national fallen firefighters foundation. He is taking his contributions. On the national scene to a whole new level. You -- he's passionate commitment to making a foundation more effective. Is evidence and everything he does. For him it's all about serving the nation's firefighters are honoring those -- -- law with a line of duty. -- for -- virus. Reporting to training and a fire department and doing what ever it takes reduce the number of firefighter fatalities. Experience here in our country. It's extremely deserving of the Tom Brennan lifetime achievement award. The board of directors advisory committee and that's the national all our fighters could not be more proud of wrong that was from any -- them. From an of the chief I think you'll recognize the legal Federer who -- all on the board of the national fallen firefighters there is this comment. When I found out that -- -- -- would do anything that Tom Brennan lifetime achievement award I was thrilled. But then I started thinking of the reasons why. And there are many reasons. My real focus is on the word. Achievement. The key word in -- major fire service award it is. Achievement. -- started as a volunteer firefighter and a career our current and worked his way up to becoming a for the department. In prince George county -- Certainly doing that alone. Achievement. But moreover where he did make a difference in in that community it is your community where wrong has truly achieve. When Ron took over as executive director of the national fallen firefighters foundation he understood that while honoring those were killed in the line of duty as a -- and critical role. You all don't realize that just like a responsive fire department. Prevention. -- all of the goal. -- with the support of the board of directors United States fire administration Department of Justice clearly. Under -- direction and passionate leadership. He took the role of it took on the role of firefighter. Death prevents war. Under Ron's leadership -- Eckstein initiatives the everyone goes home program and much more -- come to life. And -- directly affected the way firefighters train think and operate. Today there are few firefighters who have not been either impacted directly through the program or indirectly through other firefighters directors and officers who have carried the message. That is possible to be an effective firefighter while not -- early getting seriously injured or killed. Simply put Ron truly deserves the FDIA lifetime achievement award for what he has achieved in helping to train firefighters to understand. What are -- very -- and water not. But all for what we achieve the firefighters and -- it -- passion and proven leadership throughout the united in Canada. What Ron has achieved matters. From doctor Denis O'Neill. Superintendent national fire academy. Only once or twice a lifetime -- you -- made an individual with the poise leadership and compassion. And the fiscal acumen to accomplish what the national fallen firefighters has done in his short tenure. From their continued efforts to reduce the line of duty death to their breathtaking execution of the memorial service each year. We rely on -- foundation for guidance and and consolidation. In times of need. Constellation office in times of need the remarkable remarkable organization is -- motivated by an extraordinary leader. -- -- Who works tirelessly to raise funds to support the families of the fallen the lifetime achievement award is well deserved and long overdue. I could not agree more with doctor O'Neill and finally. On behalf of myself. And over the one million firefighters. Who I know would want me to say right now that I'm representing them. Thank you -- for a job well done. You've always been a friend you'll always be -- -- every fire fighter. A quarter and a shoulder to lean on when times are tough and a light that we can always count on to point -- -- true north. For your love your strengthen your passion we thank you. Ladies and gentlemen. It gives me immense pleasure. To introduce to you. The 2010. Tom Brennan lifetime achievement award winner. Chief Ron are making it. Well good morning. As I was in the back waiting around for bodies to. Finish that's a phenomenal story. I was watching the names of the people -- gone before it was award. And -- I am truly humbled to be among those great leaders of the fire. And it's kind of -- A unique moment. But. Significant moment for all of -- you don't journey. And I like to begin by first and each -- honored and privileged -- had been elected this year's recipient. -- the Tom -- and lifetime achievement award. Tommy a gentleman is -- so much for -- far -- -- personal life and -- my friend. And have been created with his legacy is phenomenal. Point in my life. Because lord civilized and -- interest -- great things to me. But most of all -- and a significant journey throughout my life. Involving. Our our service community. -- You. The entire -- engineering FDIC had well organization. I think from sort of the unique honor upon me. It is a privilege to call you my friend. And today is -- I will not forget. I would never have thought that my efforts to be a good firefighter. Fire chief and most of all of did Stewart. Of the national fallen firefighters foundation. -- ever brought me to this point in my life. But it has and for that do I am deeply grateful to everyone. Who helped me make it possible. I would be remiss if I didn't want to take the second to thank. People who influenced me. Along monitoring -- -- First my parent. Who taught me the values of community service. The Vanessa volunteer fire department -- house number two who gave me must start a firefighter. In the community that I grew up in. The members of the Prince George's County fire and emergency medical service department. Who gave me the chance to move up through the ranks. And ultimately lead that great organization. The board of directors and past. The contractors and partners -- the foundation. Who've worked side by side with me to bring our organ donation to the level at. Or I think we are today. Kenya the united communities volunteers -- department. Who protects. The area that I now live who allow only the opportunity to stay involved with the delivery of the murder or. Helping me remain in a reality as a -- life to be a firefighter today. In -- -- and my friends. My family. My wife -- who supported me alone in our -- Of living my dream of being a firefighter. Thanks for all you did. Some reflect back over the years. I think that there's been one guiding front people. That are in the corner term corner stone. Of my personal core values. Do the right thing for the right reasons. My parents for those that believes in me. And I hope that I haven't someway influenced others to do the -- Four it is much more important. To pass along whatever it is you have been given the all ability else. In a better way and a better day than -- received. That is why the everyone goes home program is so important to me and a path of my everyday life. I would hope that through the -- -- firefighter life safety initiatives. We can all make the fires -- with a better and safer place. From where we found. All in the audience today -- our cadre of individuals. We're helping to carry on that very -- -- like to thank -- for believing in the same dream. That I pass. In working. Here with every 12 -- sure that we go home safely. If we could prevent a single firefighter fatalities from occurring. In our mission was relative. Uniquely enough we have done that. And now we must be ever vigilant. To have an ever greater impact on those. Who may be one of the next befall. And if they -- fall there we might be ready to pick up the pieces. -- their loved ones and rebuilding their lives. And learn from this tragedy in an effort to prevent from happening again. That is what the national fallen firefighters foundation. Is all about. And I mentioned earlier that it's important to do the right thing for the right reasons. Well today and warnings to take the opportunity to do just that. Several months ago a group of individuals. Met with the members of our board of directors. And ask them to consider correcting it over sites that occurred many years ago. When the criteria for inclusion. On the fallen firefighters memorial was that. Back then unfortunately. It. A specific group of firefighters were left off of the criteria. And our board of directors has decided that they must be addressed. I'm pleased to announce today but as usual moral or an analyst for. Active duty military firefighters. Killed while engaged in are -- operations. Will be added to the memorial. Twelve name dating back -- 1981. Will be added. And from this -- forward. Any military firefighter meeting that criteria will be added in the same fast as any of their civilian -- That is the purpose of this military honor guard contingent who is on the stage of the event. -- -- -- I'm not audience has a group of military far service leader. Who traveled to hear that announcement. My thanks to the Department of Defense fire -- past and present. In the military have firefighter Heritage Foundation. For helping us to correct way. Being added to the Memorial -- -- will be. Airman first class Ronald today McNally united states air force. Airman first class blue next Thomas United States airport. Tech sergeant William -- parts of the united states air force. -- even now you'll. United States -- Airman first class James. United they -- -- Lance corporal Joe if he Giuliano United States Marine Corps. Senior chairman Donald -- -- -- the united states air force. Tech Sargent Tom are of clarity. Air National Guard. Corporal Daniel -- he often. United States Marine Corps. Corporal Robert M Webber union. United States Marine Corps. And lastly staff sergeant ray Randall united states -- -- and ask them to take a moment of silence to remember these twelve individuals. And everyone who was given they're all in service of our country. Let us never forget it. On behalf of the Foundation's board of directors. -- -- just any Compton is with us. The animal alliance of great pleasure working for in -- And all the families we are -- Throughout the country. Again I want to thank you. -- -- -- here today and all across -- -- of the community for the support is just as you've given. That's support is critical. To us being able to carry out -- -- Ask any of the survivors that are with the working arm Booth and in some time with us about what it is -- -- try to do. And yes I would be remiss if I didn't do a very quick commercial. There are a couple events that are going to be happening. Today -- appears who's the 130 we're gonna give a loyal one of a kind holiday motorcycle. Going to be a great event and of course tonight if you haven't -- your ticket. Or tickets available for not drop rock and -- Social events hospitality. Networking but most of all. A way that you can personally give to help the families. Fall. Ladies and gentlemen god bless each -- viewed. God bless all wonderful are nervous and god last night in America thank you.

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