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Globe "Made in America"

Thu, 7 Jan 2010|

A segment from John Ratzenberger's "Made in America" cable television show celebrated Globe Manufacturing and their contribution to the fire service. An inside look at how Globe turns out their turnout gear.



This -- don't answer the -- of the Sun Valley. In the heart of the Switzerland of America and -- -- England's courteous landscapes. Around here everyone spends a lot of time trying to give -- the goal. But there's one company that spends all -- time trying to keep -- they need. That company has little manufacturing. And it makes firefighters buildings of protecting heroes. Protect us. -- -- nineteenth century. Advances in the US fire services equipment allowed firefighters do their fighting well -- I -- places perimeter. 1000 -- graves looking all around them they clearly needed an extra measure of defense. That's where -- again. The company invented a kind of virus -- -- turnout gear silly the first of them in 19013. Dollars and 45 cents each. Yeah styles and designs changed over the years but not -- sitting. Now it's always been technology and innovations which have driven his company. That was founded by mr. Gordon at face -- would only Ford employees. Today globe employees over 300 new englanders -- making it -- fields largest employer. How long you've been there. That's that's rare -- -- -- -- -- very rare act. He -- for less than 1% of. Fire suits -- in on the -- I don't. They have to fit every man or woman just right. That's why -- offers one and a half million options. -- mass production. This has mass customization. The manufacturing process begins with a person's facial and organizational skills. She keeps costs down by figuring out the maximum number of cuts. That can be made -- each piece of material. -- and then sends the cutting machine in the factory. -- -- good but this is moving by itself. -- my itself absolutely please why is that these are ever exactly upload an expert can -- this -- like giant air hockey table. And they we can move a couple of thousand pounds of fabricated time. American ingenuity of -- People are cutting -- the batteries. The tables air flow reverses -- order to create a vacuum between -- sheets of material that plastic which angers them down. This remarkably -- -- -- -- -- -- slices through the yards of material -- well the laser precision. And thanks to -- calculations. Only 10% -- have to -- -- Those are composed of three layers -- moisture barrier and and an outer shell them. All three nearest office can be an even tougher to pronounce. These particular -- here assess whether the -- called dvi. You beyond PPI heard her off Paula Bennett admitted -- I'm supposedly guests talking -- -- the kinds of yeah. No material is completely fire proved plus does the old uses for turnaround here we'll break down until the temperature reaches 12100 degrees. Wait a second yeah maybe this is what's -- from his papers -- -- What's what's this material called this line is -- -- Millennium. Right areas of -- how to help. -- it's also 60% bulletproof. -- the must feel great comment on that you're actually saving people's lives out there -- Fighting fires accounts for only 13% of -- firefighters time. The rest is spent on the front lines of our defense for every emergency. That's -- -- here has to withstand everything sharp metal supply -- passes. No wonder globe makes uses traditional as the required -- And as unconventional as this thing. -- -- I think what saws Siegfried and Roy wherein -- I think heyday yes yeah or another media -- substrate of aluminum -- finished. The flight 90% of radiant heat. -- yeah. These are expensive that the here but you know I really it is very expensive -- and life. These ladies are in charge of personalizing disease of the heroes we're going to wear them. They'll be enjoying the protection of the safest -- -- -- the entire. And you got it won't. The folks were nice enough to make -- was super beings like you get an insider's view of firefighting. -- like you're doing it -- We don't know -- I think. Manchester fire department kindly invited me along on one of its training exercises. Everybody -- yeah good. The training facility but I could tell the guys would take -- -- -- and I had the right stuff. I had to prove. It's -- controlled burn. Your children right -- -- that means everything's under control doesn't. -- -- -- The man's gotta do what he's got to do. When he's got to do this with the best turnaround here -- ultimate test didn't live. It's held -- -- Never underestimate a man on -- mission. Voice -- Now that I -- -- I can go back into the game. -- under fire department. Cool bars and well that's.

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