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FDIC 2010: Firefighter Safety Panel

Thu, 22 Apr 2010|

Clips from the firefighter safety panel at FDIC 2010, featuring Brad Pinsky, Billy Goldfeder, Ray McCormack, Walter Lewis, and Ron Siarnicki.



He should not today take sides that are -- or discuss topics that are easy to deal with. Let's deal with a tough issues I'm a volunteer a combination department. So I take no sides -- -- volunteer. And I know that most of the panel as a career. Background as well as some volunteer. But generally speaking we have to deal with firefight -- firefighter physical fitness. And so my question view is. How fat is too fat. How old is too old. How sick is -- sick and when is enough enough. Realizing that this is not just. This is also a volunteer issue. -- the volunteer side we may very well lose a good portion of our membership if we are too fat or -- holding can't do the job so I turned you guys. You know. Doctors can determine whether or night you're capable based upon existing standards. I think at some point when you get too old it's it's a determination between the fitness and of it and you know what's important to you -- I think all of us would -- to keep gonna fires forever but at some point you go beyond the part where year of value. And particularly addressing the volunteer issue maybe there's other roles but you know we see many of -- -- can certainly I certainly Enron's board of directors as well. We see a significant amount of firefighters who quote die in the line of duty and I'm not being disrespectful. In a 79 years old that the fire scene well you probably gonna die soon anyway I'm not be in me. But you know at that point you know I know when I hit seven in and that's part time. And you know maybe not getting up 3:30 in the morning for an auto accident 79 years old. Needs to be reconsidered. The problem is that we have communities that accept the fact that the primary driver. All of a volunteer fire department lives three doors down. May be have been in involved to part -- their entire life and maybe 72 years old or in one case night. But. You know that's what that community accepts is at risk doesn't make it right. But that's what that communities is okay and I think that's for a week as -- service need to tell that story but that isn't. What's best for all of us. Because then that crew dependent upon that seventy year old -- -- year old or whoever is driving. Who has a heart attack behind the wheel was known danger to everybody on their writ of hasn't done the personally called line 11 for the -- in the very beginning. Hasn't done anything to help them but -- another -- situation along the same time. In the city of Syracuse a few years ago to firefighters fell through a roof which they were -- -- they were not wearing SE VA. So the issue came not should we be wearing SE BA -- -- -- Forget on the roof of that SE VA and it adds 35 pounds it limits my mobility it limits my vision it makes it a little bit more restrictive for me to get around. Those -- all fair. Excuses. But the best one this is what's gonna happen if you don't letter. You fall through the roof and everybody seems Phoenix video firefighters used back within one gentleman fell through the roof the other stores -- -- Because -- they're giving in and place the gentleman walking her today if the year and. Unbalanced if you're comfortable and in -- training enough. He has spent more time on roofs -- and you may ask whether to do jokes are whatever. C become more comfortable with a what you'll see is to see some deposit don't train Munson months of the time. -- on balance of the SE VA are so comfortable than -- -- doing it enough. If you -- enough overtime if you where you mask on a regular basis that is racing before through. It's all over -- mean you've you've heard a hundred times firefighters. -- in and -- taken those hot gases and had a mask on you don't wanna go through that.

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