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Plugging & Patching Drums

Wed, 15 Jul 2009|

From Action Training Systems, Title 1 in the HAZMAT Containment Series. Discusses the dangers of leaks in hazardous materials drums, demonstrates leak control and more.



Welcome to -- sample course from action training systems. All of the learning objectives included in the full course are listed on screen. You will be -- -- sample of these sanctions in this demo a complete listing of our course content is available on our web site. The typical metal Brohm is comprised of a single piece of steel hot rolled into a cylindrical shape. The top and bottom may be welded in place -- the top may just be clamped in place for easier access to the product. Many punctured heat are caused by forklifts in storage or shipping area. Punctures may also be caused by the drum being placed on a sharp object. Such is a nail sticking up from the floor of a truck or real caller or some other surface. Pressure can cause drums to burst -- care. Pressure buildup can result from an external heat source or from the chemical reaction inside the -- The purpose of plugging in patching is temporary -- control not from repair. The objective is not to achieve a long term solution but to employee a rapid containment technique that -- secure a leaking -- The technique used for plugging -- -- often depends on the size and shape of the whole the -- And the raw material. For more information about the full line of over 200 course offerings available from action training systems. Visit our website at www. Action -- -- dot com. Or contact us at 180755. 1440. Extension three.

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