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FDIC 2010 Interview: Joe and Chuck Downey

Wed, 21 Apr 2010|

Bobby Halton talks to Joe and Chuck Downey at FDIC 2010.



Bobby -- and we're here and FDIC 2010. And I'm here with the -- Brothers chuck and Joe Downey and their ray Downey sons and we just presented the 2010. Ray Downey courage and valor award. To captain -- -- Eric hankins of Yuba city California. So with me -- chuck. And -- Always a pleasure having guys let us the -- tonight she's from FT and why and and -- I couldn't be any proud to have these young men carry on his legacy and what a guy we -- -- -- guy we got this year I was not some guy on macro. It's in my class act just is thank you at the end I mean he -- -- -- great movement to children out what. You know his thank you at the end -- mentioned that and now when his. It is influence him in the fire service it was a nice little touch that at the end presentation. -- Yeah uses -- a kind of picked that we always feel really -- about them and just such a humble guy. And knew that we were commenting that in the men's room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The country. Yeah that's great to see anxious as you know. Very difficult to sell me heroic actions -- and yet. And -- try to narrow it down in I feel real strongly about the candidate we had here. Houston has tremendous job some things Hauser -- with the -- Brothers these days where were you guys work and now. I'm still a south to make -- five overtime. You know. -- to enjoy it was still running all over when you're not Haiti you're still a -- yeah that's -- watching -- -- files. But you know what -- just the other day we had a we demand that our tree I was working Joe was working so. We took up from that. And it's political autism day. And 75 over and like Richmond Hill -- -- It's it's as I stepped up the rate my relief is it -- a second mom there at all. Joe was right and through an area and he -- me. The event if a child and you jump and fires the iPod itself generated you know are familiar elements of -- him smile and nice and holy -- these two guys they wanted it was a nice job is he got off the rate but also my brother in -- was -- -- -- -- -- -- still gonna tough loan guarantee him. Is rated tonight 'cause it's always a net outflow. Yeah exactly reunion and then I doubt he's -- there relatives of anything from the reunion yeah exactly and that's an Irish -- second third fourth 'cause it. So dad's run this year is on Father's Day -- -- -- 18 June 20 yes and people can go online and and register. Yes it's WWW. Go to -- dot -- -- -- you had to outline active direct counts okay active dot com and sign up for the ray Downey wrangling go to chief. -- -- to -- okay that's easier for our can't go get chief ray Downey chief ray Downey back dot com chief Korea's only dot com and there's a link. Sign up for -- blue runs five K on Long Island on father's been a great time. We'll all be there on run on problems these guys and common -- and went straight up early we had almost 19100 progressively chipped a tooth now. So if you're interested -- sign up early sign up early on common these guys -- run and they'll be there and sometimes you get real crazy here on we. We've added a new. The chief ray -- -- I think. How -- and so. 32 obstacle course -- strongest most. Yeah sales and use them yet dragon -- Reagan dummies and Kerry -- so what we're gonna that is yeah and I developing that. -- -- -- As always it's just an have you guys here and -- Enron -- -- plan and get back to work protecting us that in new York and my family. Which I appreciate. The only thing -- Hollywood. It amoral Hollywood and the formulations -- so thanks again guys and thank you from the county give me everything that whoever is at best -- click -- and hearing him rather keep -- you keep -- veterans they say -- them. See you back here again next year -- they plan for the tenth outstanding. Thanks very much this Bobby -- from fire engineering and -- -- -- and we'll see against him.