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Fire Behavior

Mon, 2 Feb 2009|

From Action Training Systems, Title 3 in Essentials of Fire Fighting, Firefighter I, 2008. Describes the science of fire and combustion, the Fire Tetrahedron, states of fuel, pyrolysis and vaporization. Identifies types of heat energy, methods of heat transfer, the stages of compartment fire ...



Welcome -- -- sample course from action training systems. All of the learning objectives included in the full course are listed on screen you'll be shown example of these sanctions in this demo a complete listing of our course content is available on our website. When fighting -- fire it your best weapon is knowledge and understanding the science of fire and how would developed. Into an edge in five. -- ground state. Depends on being able to accurately predict how the fire will be being given the conditions -- -- this season. In this program on fire behavior. We'll see many of the factors that affect fire ignition and development in the structural like. The role of oxygen and oxygen -- agents in combustion. -- fuels are transformed into different states -- matter through I -- and vaporization. Different types of he didn't and the self sustaining chemical reaction in the -- Ted -- heat. A description of the products of combustion. The stages of compartment -- developing. Key factors in fired up. And you'll learn how fire behaves when confined local park. For more information about the full line of over 200 course offerings available from action trading systems. Visit our website at www. Action dashed training dot com. Or contact is -- 180755. 1440. Extinction during.

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