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FDIC 2010 Interview: Cheryl Horvath

Wed, 21 Apr 2010|

Bobby Halton talks to FDIC 2010 Keynote Speaker Cheryl Horvath.



I am -- -- -- alive and FDIC 2010 with or 2000 and keynote speaker. Division chief show -- about of the northwest fire protection district. -- right this time close northwest -- -- northwest fire district just outside of Tucson Arizona. Big land -- 10190. Square miles. Right or about a 140 square miles. And it yeah we exploded in growth obviously in the early two thousands and now with the economy kind of sloppy bit where we're slowing down. It's not necessarily a bad thing for us because we can have to catch up -- number -- other areas that it's I think what's economic expect that you're gonna see more people move there so. Now -- currently on the board of directors for women farmers you services -- -- you're past present and correct actually -- -- still current president. But this is my last year Emery told the board then I'm gonna pass the baton to the next. Individual that wants to take it from here. I've served my time I've been president for four years -- -- -- well you know we've made a lot of changes good changes and were involved in a lot more conversations on the national level than we've ever been before so. It's just a good time to come politics and they take over from here you guys hold a great conference. Gals and -- children and it's not just it's not just for you know far from mistrust -- they'll wonderful conference lot of men belong to the association. -- -- it's about. Conclusion that's really what it's about and he go to their website if you don't believe in and go to the conference ones that out. Well we are. August I think it's August 24 and 25 it's the first two days of fire rescue international in Chicago so we're co locating with the -- chief's conference which were very excited about. We partnered with -- chase as you know they do our association management forests and it's just been a phenomenal partnerships -- the shares of first time we're gonna have a co located conference with them. We're we're actually sharing some speakers and some workshops on on the second of our conference and we're really excited to go to Chicago which is a great venue and were excited to be able to bring -- A broader audience and to our leadership conference. An entity of a great talk on leadership and it's up online so if folks wanna take a look at it we have a posted a stream of life. And it was is very very. Sincere and and very important that people hear that message because leadership. It is equal parts follower ship. You say it commitment. And then initiative -- hand. You really put those three things together pretty meaningful way. Well I tried to come across this is there really I'm a product of my life experiences on a product of my various environments and -- had an opportunity to -- man and a product of a lot of people helping -- -- over the years and and I really wanna give favored those folks that that sought me out there in the fire service and said hey come on be part of our team -- help -- do what we do and you know I'm an organization right now -- -- feel extremely appreciated I feel very lucky very fortunate I've got to fire chief in them and an assistant chief that I work for that. Have. Really accepted embraced motivated led me in the right direction season and certainly couldn't do what I do without their support. On your videos terrorism in your great friend our engineering you've been doing a connection -- for over a year now you can -- a virtual about our FDIC -- You know and it's -- it's complicated stuff that you -- and it's you know oftentimes we we don't know what we're Dylan we don't know the what we're doing isn't. Alan we don't know how it's come across the people and I think one of the things that that I picked up from news that you can't change. How people see you that you can change you see people. And and and and you can soften your approach and sometimes harder approach but that you can change -- -- -- and I appreciate what you've done for us. Well I think that's a key right there is lot of times we look at it and issues -- conflicts that are going on out there and we hours when push the blame over to the other side of the table and we really need to look in the mirror sometimes and say you know land maybe the approach I'm taking or. The person I think I am really isn't where I need to be in so. Everybody needs to own issues that are going on in the fire service because the only way we're gonna fix and as if we don't want them -- now work together to resolve them. Tomorrow you're gonna do is diversity -- with. Shah Mohammed was the president of black professional our -- Frank Rich you from the New -- -- was a kind of a lightning rod for things this summer and and. And very. Brilliant in -- and and caring man so don't be a great panel as -- moderated by John Murphy as the chief -- in the Washington area and also lawyer. Solution to some incredible perspective -- really looking forward to it. And in our. Goal is really start the discussion moving forward and -- -- discussions fragment students before camps informed of before. -- decide they have to defend council's. The peasants just Ethiopia and. And decided you know how we want the -- -- Well and we just we just sent a couple of trustees last weekend to the national fire academy and they participated in game really big conversation not only with the black professional firefighters but the black chief officers Hispanic firefighters CIA FC BIF. For two days we had folks in a room. Coming up with some joint policy statements and really trying to have a collective thought in terms of how we move -- in the fire service on diversity and inclusion issues. And there's been a number of those conversations and it built up to that last weekend and in US fired -- been very supportive of that so. That's how we that's how we move forward as -- fire services we really try to bring all those great lines to the table and say. What are some things you're seeing out there and you know -- spoke about a little bit in his talk today about how important it is for labor and management to come together to try to solve some of the issues that are going -- and I firmly believe that -- now that I'm the chief in my department I work a lot on the -- with the labor folks to say look we have to speak the same message to the public. So they they. I think one of the problems has been we have been fragmented and and you know politicians in particular have told us. You guys -- sending -- something different messages and there seems like there's so many different needs out there have a get together and haven't -- message so constant would be yeah exactly so I think the more we have of that kind of movement Florida I really think we can start moving the ball -- creating a good moment we need. Well surely can't thank enough for things done for. Fire engineering from -- and one great -- things this organization and me personally and Obama are we just thank you so much -- your room isn't there. Well this like you are right that. And by the same token thank you for your support violent I mean I think without people like you we really wouldn't do to get us some things you know. A -- school -- is trying to do the right thing was when do the right thing sometimes -- just don't know you know it now. Sometimes -- just don't know credit bureau is there it. And desecrated mission -- -- -- -- as well they just say you know what sometimes and I hope -- sisters and yet you still don't know. That's about it and I'm sure your group of five Brothers right -- if there's always to be gender stuff right the important part is it. They should never be -- you know brutal or harmful gender stuff. Or -- -- that's right it's okay to be stupid just be innocently. And honestly student and -- and you talk about having a good heart and really that's what it comes down to have an open heart advocate or be willing to be accepting and bring people into your team and work together to make a move enough you could be stupid hard. Sure thank you so much time in and you do a wonderful job personally and them are blessed to have you with us thank you thank you so much. Abolish all who were alive and FDIC. And we'll see into.

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