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FDIC 2010: Bobby Halton's Intro

Wed, 21 Apr 2010|

Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton speaks during the Opening Ceremony of FDIC 2010.



Please welcome the education director for FDIC an editor in chief of fire engineering. Bobby -- That was a PT test. Good morning and welcome to the 82 annual fire department instructors conference. I'd like -- please join with me in thanking the wonderful color guard. The Indianapolis pipes and drums the voices of the IFD. And father -- for their wonderful and beautiful work here this morning -- commitment. I'd love to mention everyone we need to thank for assisting with this tremendous event however that would take up the entire conference. But allow me to extend to all of our wonderful partners. And are tremendous volunteer is a heartfelt thanks for their countless hours of devotion and overwhelming support. You know it's not hard for those of us who come here year after year to understand why men and women are so willing to step up and donate their time. Their thoughts. And their talents FDIC. -- stand. Here in front of you this morning opening up the 82. Gathering. Of this wonderful -- -- -- important of that. You see we hear today represent the fourth generation. To be participating in this -- And we're now mentoring the next generation of fire service leadership the men and women of the Fifth Generation. Of FDIC. Now the road ahead of the next generation steepest challenges. And it's daunting and its dimensions. They will inherit the battle to make residential sprinkler legislation a reality. They will inherit an array of dangerous building construction methods from modular to light weight from Altria insulated to green. They will inherit shrinking budgets. And dwindling recruitment. And as they travel this profession is noble road as you before them. Have for more than 2000 years. They will be tested. As you -- test. Connection racial find obstacles behind every bend. Dangers that we cannot even now imagine. But I know in my heart. That they will succeed. I know that they will overcome. All obstacles I know that they will be victorious. And I know this. Because I know you. I know that because of your devotion. And your passion that you were going to ensure that success. I know that you're gonna -- the strong foundations that they need. The rock solid foundations. Of truth firefighters. Of of true public servants of true peace warriors. That is why you are here at FDIC. You didn't come here for your own self interest. You can travel to -- venerated institution for a few days of camaraderie. You're here for the future of this great profession. For the for our nation's futures. And that's why men and women like you. Instructors and students of this profession have painfully come -- together and FDIC. For 82 years. We come here because FDIC. Is where we exchange ideas. FDIC is where we challenge the status quo. Where we propose. New approaches and we do reinforce. Proven methods. Here are the best of the bravest gather probably to celebrate this profession's honored tradition of continuous improvement. We gathered recognize a profession that's noble of character and we pay respects to the rich history of dedication and sacrifice. And we do so with tremendous respect. The sacrifices. That those who endured by those who sat here before us. In nineteen to any. The very first part -- instructors conference. Opened up -- pretty much the same way. Now there were not 30000 attendees but there were far department instructors from across our great country's. They're number represented about equal to what our numbers were present today. You see in the US and Canada they're roughly two million firefighters. And gathered here with -- this week will be roughly 30000. Instructors. That rep -- roughly one. And every 100 firefighters in North America and that -- presentation has been about the same throughout the history this great conference. You hear an FDIC. Are the one in 100. And what is deeply humbled when we remember the tremendous struggles and the horrific tragedies that -- -- bearers had to overcome. For this conference. For this FDIC. To endure. The firefighters who began FDIC had no idea that when -- later in 1929. Our nation's would be plunged into the worst economic downturn of all times. But due to their dedication and devotion to their sacred sense of duty. They would continue this noble endeavor this worthy cause this fire department instructors conference in 1928. The year that this conference began Canada was still morning. From the -- up palace fire theater where 77. Children died. One year later FDIC net after the infamous Cleveland clinic fire which claimed 123. In 1930 FDIC was assembled at the Ohio potentially fire which claimed 322. -- And FDIC instructors -- after the Hindenburg. And they said what what we do with the next disaster how will we be better prepared. After coconut grove as more than 400 were being buried. They met and said that never again this should never happen again we need to do more and they did. Did authorities in the forties instructors would come on trains on horses and on foot. And they came not because they were paid to come they came because they recognize that they had a duty to be here. And their duty compelled them to sacrifice. At a time when they were already sacrificing. More than we could ever imagine. Their devotion to duty did not let the Great Depression stop FDIC. Nor did the tragedies of the Second World War. Their devotion to duty compelled them to be here after the disaster -- Texas City, Texas in 1947. Their devotion to duty required them to be here in the shadow of our lady of angels. While tears were still all -- things. The hotel then don't. -- -- -- All respectfully discussed and analyzed and FBI's. Not for what happened. Not for what should have been done. Well it's war why. Not to point blame or diminish the virtue of those who were there. But to try to really understand what those at the flight we're facing and how those in the fight solve the problem. And why. They didn't want they did. Our devotion to duty brought us here to FDIC. After 9/11. We met. We cried. We remembered. We -- our fallen and people's devotion to duty and we carried on. And we can to. -- to me today and we do so not for us but for the very same reasons we did in 1928. Honor. Do need and you -- compel us. We meet for the next generation. We doing to be better instructors for those who will come next for the next generation -- -- instructors to our -- The next generation needs its role models to give them direction. The next generation deserves the best training from the very best instructors the next generation is looking to the one and 100. They're looking too. The road ahead of our profession is daunting. And make no mistake about it there will be challenges and tragedies. There will be triumphs and failures there will be those who will. Give up those who run away and fear those -- wring their hands and say they can never get better. And it would be easy to join them in their better critiques. And just -- but I can't. I can't because I know you. -- said. Out of every 100 men they send me. Ten shouldn't even be here. Nine of the real fighters and we're lucky to have them for they will make the battle. The one. The woman is a war here. And he will bring the others. All you are the one in 100. -- warrior against apathy against ignorance and against the status quo. You will help solve the staffing crisis you will develop the new tactics for new construction. You'll -- the strong foundations. You -- the one the next generation are looking to. You are the one in 100. You're an instructor. A warrior and you who will bring -- -- -- home welcome to the 82 FDIC. God bless you all ten months old.

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