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FDIC 2010 Invocation and Presentation of Colors

Wed, 21 Apr 2010|

The Presentation of Colors, Invocation, and saluting the 2009 line-of-duty deaths at FDIC 2010.



Ladies and gentlemen. Please rise for the presentation of colors. The united eight Canadian national anthems sung the voices of IFD. Let's -- okay. Okay news seeing. Oh. -- being yeah. Let's move. Okay. But that's okay. Yeah it's. And it's. Through the okay. Just a Lulu OK. Okay. We need to. Well this OK okay. He's he's really didn't yeah. And and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A well. Okay. Ladies. Men who love -- -- And I. Loan. Okay. Years. OK. Okay. Oh man do. And I. -- -- And we. Okay. Yeah okay. Oh -- humanities. I love. -- lot of okay. Threw me. -- And love. -- we're. I okay. Okay. Please remain standing for the invocation by father Edward -- We get -- once again here in Indianapolis to renew our selves. We come again to learn. We come to increased our understanding. And our abilities. And during this week we'll have the opportunity to -- to everything. From the ABC's. Air bags. To the use of aerial ladders. From rapid intervention training. The firsthand experience -- many lives flash over. We will study the nature of fire. And how to fight it. Who -- specialized equipment. And how to use it. Who prepare ourselves physically. And mentally. To face -- challenges which confront us. But. If we got here. A little work will be incomplete. Beyond the physical and the mental -- there is a third element. An element which provides. Essential support to the whole. There is a vital dimension. Of spirit. I would like to read an excerpt from an article. An American magazine. Said. When human being open and go to a power. -- in their own. Extraordinary things can happen. And later. -- -- -- What explanation for Saturday's -- From an evolutionary perspective it makes no sense. Why. Risk one's life. To save at -- it was not even related to us. -- firefighters and emergency care workers. Who had all the time. -- -- -- jobs well it means. Risking one's life. So where did this site -- a health computing come from. And is no practical benefit to the -- To put it in theological language why is -- origin. Of this kind of loves. There is but one -- God. Is in the midst of tragedies. -- in the -- of tragedies. Both in the -- those who need assistance. And in the person who willingly give themselves to help others. Just suffering people. In river is an image of the god who suffers with -- -- people who give selfless. Service to others. Represented god who gains. And give us. Those who freely. -- -- Something of the divine in those actions. Even in the midst of their own flawed humanity. -- that article was written by doctor act. -- rally. -- medical student lost a face. But -- -- serving patients and learning from them. The greatest power we have to put toward the work we do. Is a power of love. At the moment we respond. There is no thought of the worthiness of those in need there's no consideration of race or religion. Of age -- political translation. No waiting of the ability of the receiver. To repaint. The gifts that are gonna. We respond. Because we unneeded. And more often than we know. Our president. Is a response -- prayer. They yelling god help me. Got anything. We -- -- -- a -- god has nobody. But yours. No hands. No -- but yours. -- -- is the -- with which god looks come. Passion on the world. Yours -- defeat. With which guy -- to do good -- other hand. Which which god -- All the world. Each one of us here. It's a part of that -- In the words of Saint John. Greater love has no one's -- -- -- he -- down his life for his friends. And -- we take a moment now. Who -- -- those. And a great love. Shown by those who have given their lives. In service. And we -- to get this year. Last year. It's. I'm good good.

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