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FDIC 2010 Opening Ceremony: Dignitaries

Wed, 21 Apr 2010|

Mayor Greg Ballard, Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department Chief Brian Sanford, and others speak at the FDIC 2010 Opening Ceremony.



The mayor of the Indian Indianapolis. Greg Ballard. Render out a little -- I must tell you though I have never. Seen. A better spokesman for -- particular profession. That man. Is unbelievable he represents all of -- so well. I -- in quite frequently here Indianapolis which I'm very pleased to do obviously. And so we throw him every time because it was complete passion dedication. Two profession now for all of you. It's very remarkable. It was against my -- privileged to be here morning. To join you I love this -- coming to Indianapolis. I know you're gonna learn so much I know you're gonna have some fun. -- that in the evening. But your city right now -- public safety is job one. And it will always remain so as long as -- the mayor of Indianapolis. We all know you have one -- most challenging jobs out there. I'm putting yourself in harm's way. And or some other. -- the training in this everything that you learn here. And that you take back home it's absolutely critical to make sure that everybody. In your department. As the best opportunity to go home they -- partnership. Or urge you to take that responsibility or are. We are extremely. Proud. To host this conference every year. We are really committed to keeping Indianapolis. Firefighters. Trained and safe. And we think we have one of the most progressive fire departments. The country obviously when it comes to the help. Safety equipment. Standards we take those issues very or are we here in -- city and hope you do also. And one of the primaries we -- this is to. Continue to support the service. -- the -- -- during these very tough economic times. As you can talk to in any in the fire department union open and productive we talk all the time we talk about standards we talk about anything that's what we do. We will continue to do that -- -- June. Take advantage of these full opportunity that you have the next few days learns best you can to go home. -- -- About this that we just -- minutes ago as much or next year. -- mark but both in the classroom at the -- like you can learn so much and the families. And citizens are probably better off because of that they -- would be great grateful for what you -- back your home. So thank you for coming today please Victorian album we've got a lot going on here recently capture -- -- -- Final Four. That was a fun time here and anybody. It's always fun yeah the FDIC hero or I don't want to assure you we love having the proper -- -- in Apple's put you we will continue to do our two best. To make -- most productive conference we can't be. Thank you so much for coming today -- -- I this is this is a mayor -- when he -- means -- -- -- and follows up. Colonel Ballard promised to support the fire service journey has just -- with our squad required from FDIC. There's -- jump on matters America please him and. Each of the Indianapolis fire department. -- -- Well good morning. On behalf of over 12100 men and women in -- our department it's my pleasure to welcome in Indianapolis. Were honored to host the fire department instructors conference here in Indianapolis for the sixteenth straight year. Or -- -- equally honored to have so many leaders so many future leaders in the fire service throughout this great nation and beyond here witness this week. FDIC is a leader in advancing education and safety in the fire service and we're proud to be a part of it. Or their training vendor displays showcasing new advances in equipment. Or just a great opportunity. To network and build fire service relationships. FDIC is there. While you're here please. -- yourself a part of our IFC firefighting. And emergency response family. Those who bravely serve our great city are eager to -- -- any way possible. If we can be of service during their visit please ask. Feel free to visit any of our 38 Bart stations and enjoy the hospitality our fellow Brothers sisters. Make sure -- stop by the museum of the union hall local 416. Inexperience a piece of our history. And a pretty good party on Friday afternoon. Here with me today is our public safety director doctor -- drop. -- dropped -- A few months ago from White Plains, New York where he gained national recognition as the commissioner of public safety. I can tell -- and experience he's the truth seemed older and he is advancing our city and Indianapolis department of public safety. I look forward theology throughout the week and had a great time you're here in Indianapolis. Good morning. It's a privilege to welcome you to the city of Indianapolis. It is home. Of a great fire department. Great hair. And great -- and I hold each of you. In the highest -- Your courage. Your bravery and dedication. And professionalism. Chief countless lives. Each year. After many years and long -- right. I was asked to serve the public safety commissioner and White Plains, New York. I became a firefighter. Work with a tremendous department. For having and a half years. Four months ago. Mayor -- -- -- to come to Indianapolis. Urban similar role. My friends and colleagues in the -- service -- I had the opportunity. To work with the idea being. -- packed my soft. Kiss my wife. Drove me to the airport. Not really true. Close. But they -- to my -- I would ask you to enjoy your time here in Indianapolis. -- you know -- -- -- wonderful part of -- Sure your stories. Learn from each other. -- -- May god be with you on every -- thank you.

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