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FDIC 2010 Rick Lasky

Tue, 7 Dec 2010|

Rick Lasky introduces Bobby Halton to a classroom full of firefighters on Day One of FDIC 2010.



This is -- -- -- -- for Pulaski probably needs no introduction. -- five alarm leadership again this year and FDIC for higher but not when versus the sixty or follow. At least here at least amazing amazing run great class. Great guy. And we get ready for some special we want -- that tell you about. It's the tradition tradition symposium going to be holding on the show on May. We saw on thirteen thirteen fourteen Cuban tradition alive in -- Texas useful Texas I'll be down there for both days -- QB don't have both that is. It's incredible opportunity we -- pipers and drummers the best instructors in the world come down there. We take over the Lewis hall plaza downtown and we. Basically party and have a great time play a bunch of bagpipe music and -- a lot of drums about some of the best instruction. Have -- been there every year your opener you mean you're our Q notre every year you do a great job forcing guys look forward to -- I'm Heidi Kamal. One your your corn Shakespeare the next you do all kinds of things and it's -- I mean it's all over YouTube from people get to watch an all time they love what you do. And now we've got again national -- -- academy doing their thing Jim Kilpatrick and -- fire back -- Snare drummer turned drummer and a world and we're just love and having a -- -- -- And we're very American hero we could FDIC and we hope to see you FDIC. Wire why aren't you here. Where right Mario and he should be here.