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Collinsville, OK, Live Burn

Tue, 16 Jun 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton reports from the scene of live burn training evolutions in Collinsville, Oklahoma. In this segment, Chief Halton interviews Brandi from Tulsa Life Flight.



I was volleyball more on the road -- in my backyard here in -- -- Oklahoma or do some live burns down the road with Tony you know like walker and some of the other guys in the area got about 3540 guys learn how so -- people decide economically -- the flight nurses who has branded -- Let's what's the secret -- a little clearer this it is yes -- -- methods. Air Methods now leaflets. I mean the -- -- -- Wednesday on a weekly basis -- -- -- -- when necessary. Week average of approximately 840 flights a month while and that includes neonatal babies as well as -- -- medical patients. While hundreds reflects a month so you don't ever juggled her forward didn't that -- a busy helicopter this one and then we also haven't they found prior to. We -- version from them there is -- -- -- just about forty miles north of Tulsa to get out northeast OK and you all right out of Tulsa we are against Brad of the actual statements hospital right now. So how many how many paramedics -- stuff from this and nurses -- stuff from this unit we have about 22 -- paramedics and flight nurses. We have approximately. Eleven pilots and then we have three dispatchers. So you've got to be idealists PO us the ball yeah we've got to have the whole gamut all of our our -- are also. And especially registered paramedics you have to maintain -- certification. As well as your car and license to fly why and then that homer. Carrier -- your license. Nurses guess and then you're also carrying. Paramedic certification yeah yeah plus all the other hand credentials as a tremendous amount is a tremendous amount of dedication and the tremendous amount of work nor does the remains active front -- Lot of to lot of classes on education we do that cadaver lab and a fantastic medical director doctor -- -- out of Saint Francis ER. And -- she make sure that we are kept up to date on all the latest medical technology that there is out there in them. Try to work really hard to make sure we get the best for patients and community this is agreement on governor revisions can you carry lose -- -- -- -- patients. Loaded in it we can -- take came remembers that we need to if we have a child and -- apparent that wants to go along were able to take a family member along with it so and it's kind of a nice feature. That's Arlington loved ones and I understand you pick up more people out who fly over the bird we all are we are very excited about that it to get to kind of give a couple of you got -- right here at -- -- from the -- Beautiful. This Bobby -- were on the road in -- the Oklahoma.

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