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Collinsville, OK, Live Burn

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Chief Bobby Halton reports from the scene of live burn training evolutions in Collinsville, Oklahoma. In this segment, Chief Halton interviews Oklahoma City (OK) FIrefighters Tony Mack and Clint Bowring.



Latest -- -- -- back out live on fears the Collins bill burns me were two guys just handed me a tool to Oklahoma City firefighters. We are Clinton by lowering and Tony. Tony Mac and Clinton Tony have come up with a tool called the bell ring. And I -- I feel like how the guys must have felt when -- pounding came out elegant tool. This amazing tool has so many uses Clinton -- matter got to go through a -- -- -- here. But we're gonna -- safari Internet technology today these guys and just start up the company so it's gonna be available -- -- online and negatively get your hands on it. It's the DO WR. I NG the bowel ring and the guy's gonna show me some of -- -- -- right now so clip shows so we can use the -- ring. -- Started off as a advancement cool. Can now. They're doing -- turning content so as a host advancement -- I can take this slap it down on the -- have my nozzle out astronomy but you look euros here. So this is -- some leverage -- -- -- I got my tip out here. I can deflect some of that. Salt almost like it -- reaction someone was can I can hope. This right here this this here anywhere red line -- -- -- and -- its reporter guy this -- It's doing it. To enhance it and very -- that -- -- -- was to finance its toes it's laughable that move up down the line when I'm ready to counteract -- -- -- Or PS. Or host advancement I go that we CM by. Well actually I've taken. Taken. Got -- -- on the hose and a transferred into the grip pressure -- pressure. -- transferred to your lord -- back legs and show. It's amazing you can also take it. But -- -- what are your straps -- gears -- -- line off. When those longer fire -- we just wait and advance a line so your arms are you know -- not use employees stressed taken off from there you are back in action. There's this -- right here is H and -- coupling. To enhance its doubling its doorstep please Internet -- good ethics -- -- to battle. Gas meter battle. Optional gas meter ground water -- This right here Yohei admit that with Rick in the window. Stick this through the window in this drag all the window window it's just making it. And razor blade area right there. Well the best thanks for is that I read it -- firefighters -- You stick this down their back that they're straps on this -- it. This was his SE de -- state that I think grant him all. Or at stake in his right. Just amazing I think bigger is standard. Which way it's gonna. -- -- Like every other figure it works. -- have been under way and train with a much tension -- netbook is run through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For example like -- -- Probably aren't -- You don't awful day expert -- says he can all. Yeah. Versus board. Police. -- going. -- you use it. -- So does. You also run it through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that way. And also -- on this here here. We're doing this. Even -- this -- also may get a self breaking home run around here. You bought anyway you like go to scandal over them. You're -- -- on this. Breaks it when -- tell you pulled -- my handle here in a row once there. So again so be -- though people. -- -- -- -- aren't holding back. -- I we edit one of our -- We had to and at -- line sold for 200 -- Clinton -- and all the without a battering I was backing him up. With the -- 300 -- it. Loaded it it. That's fire ground innovation right there are these are real firemen came up with a real tool -- us. People always say that the fire service. Hasn't it evolved that's absolutely untrue and you look at the gear -- and look at the -- where and you look at the tools we use recommend Mike -- -- come up with the bowel ring. Just amazing and amazing new tool. One I know is gonna. Really -- the fire service by storm I can't wait to see how I can't wait to see with the rest of the men and women out there come up with in terms of uses for this -- -- You know limits or just your imagination with this tour it's just an amazing tool and it's comfortable it's easy to hold it. -- you are the ways of saying. Just a fantastic tool I can't thank you guys enough for literacy this. That's the -- WR I NG the bell ring Glenn god bless Matt thank you thank you so much guys what a great tool. Directly into the bowl remember one guy go end to pull down firefighter out there on all -- fire conditions of -- I used to bowl -- drug firemen out of virus that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- show's almost done. All right so now we found a fire fighter. -- -- -- -- -- There he's on his belly and -- will act on a wet on wet floor with a net. -- Outstanding. Not bowel ring dot com videos and THE DO WR I NG dot com check it out.

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