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Today at FDIC: Saturday

Sun, 18 Apr 2010|

Chief Bobby Halton reports live from FDIC 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.



I'll just -- -- ambulance following capital. Is live from FDIC and FDIC to want to have a couple things going on behind you Susan Crawford -- -- -- together then we come back thrill. Evolution for a hot program again sold out for six consecutive year. Also on monikers for his guys in my -- five -- the survival. Of an evolution and -- particular. Back to the conventions and -- don't know all the boosted. Registration table and things are going great guns and FDIC. First and sent out this is honored for what it's and I got -- Kaplan wanted -- quick story. And about 20000 firefighters since sending -- Indianapolis. This is just this year. One of the firefighters -- displayed their -- is one of -- this division of the alpha version of this incident response counselor -- want to -- what -- -- plea yesterday. On the way into Indianapolis. Gentlemen. If you -- behind suffer a heart attack went quite for us. We have fifteen minutes off from landing -- about the future with the Minneapolis and he worked in a workable code events -- let's for a film that was on board the station. Home so easily happen. How they knew you were far I got a few of the bathroom while with my fire from shirt on and -- when don't know who became unresponsive that started young enough iron -- firemen and doesn't the -- they're recognizing them. I went -- from there. We gotta remember when we're in our uniforms -- what we're wearing our colors. Like this one was never gotten a -- and farms store since plug. We don't act like -- if you were uniformly throughout he's ready people and -- -- -- help -- -- need your help. He was there have been huge difference -- with a neurosurgeon I have that correct this if -- -- -- -- us -- human potential -- -- assistance fund. -- Pauline chapel united great attempt yesterday that it working on an airplane run code on there just unbelievable. That's what you firefighters all about that's -- FDIC is all about passion commitment. He -- 24 hours a day seven days a week. Three societies you. Always you know people Newton -- congratulations and great just another example there -- truthful about. We're not flag on our shirts and how we have that -- what the citizens all over on -- they recognize that flag. And and hospitals with with his life -- We're always out there are not represented everybody hold. So you don't have the -- it's gonna be discussed. Beautiful weather everything just about hold -- it's amazing. Sounds already advised to wait for you get here today -- FDIC. It's a 110 miles an hour already for you know take a look at what people had to say about last year's FDIC. Here is fantastic it has always. Plus my first here but it's really neat experience I mean especially nationally. It's environment -- across the globe here the country's. It's that -- experience. Quality of -- cards spectacular and I'm really having a great sense instructors -- agree. We're in the Laden's on the -- to expect in the it's my department. I think it's very -- -- -- an opportunity to -- it and you certainly get around -- -- over the years yourself talk. Plus society deals here on the process and I -- -- that little thing to do. The hot classes have been outstanding the classroom session drew a wonderful that you can't find -- -- -- didn't want to together. I would say coming to FDIC is priceless. -- a world of good for a I have nothing bad about any classes taken assistant comments obviously the topics are. Great they're cutting edge. Get the latest information related charges and first service but it -- in the networking and get to meet people from all over the country. You get to network with them and talk about challenges on your department -- department life under the same challenges they have different perspectives different answers. The -- problems and in this guy goes with the -- That it is great. -- can't wait a little but smart has been a couple classes today it's been tested and now on the -- -- fire department volunteer outfit. Nothing better than below the -- I think that's great but rather do is gonna vacation -- -- -- doesn't get -- -- It's really educated -- but it. -- -- and we'll see here a couple of days and Indianapolis. The 82 running of FDIC.