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Interview: Chris Hasbrook and Steve Kerber of UL

Mon, 1 Mar 2010|

At FDIC 2009, Chrs Hasbrook and Steve Kerber of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) talk to FDIC Education Director Bobby Halton.



I -- -- we're live at the IC 2009. And I'm here with through my best friends together or world. And work through underwriters laboratory -- my good friend this has -- thing about it slept. The current reform in this those you might recognize the name -- recognized the Alter Archie from Maryland formally now hopefully we can while you are cheaper are quieter in the Chicago area -- Steve just recently left in this laboratories that month -- full full time. Our great friends that you -- -- the official research partner afire here guys. Which is a very important. Advancement for both the fire service and I think for the testing laboratory itself because heretofore. We've done a lot of testing. Why are we testing when we really needed to do what is the dangers and Connor and what else should we be doing. In order to -- not just -- mean we've always had great. Preoccupation with our -- that's all well understood but how we make it safer. -- -- Consumer reverently and that's that you well that's that you will mission has -- program years. And you will actually started off -- -- -- Not sure it's -- the you wells founder 150 years ago this first office in the second floor of a Chicago Fire Department PlayStation. Myself down. 150 years later -- -- sixty countries customer hundred global company. -- -- -- Let's talk about the most recent project and it will wrap up we'll tell people what they expect particularly if you -- next year -- will support and every. Currently -- you will just finished up work on together witnessed and everybody else and several important projects was a wonderful player fronts the other ones that -- construction. Issues -- flavor of the talk a lot about -- and -- -- Stephen. Cherry and everybody is involved in that isn't coming up the great paper let's talk a little about this construction project that we just wrapped up. Well how is that impacting the -- service what it. You know it was usually and we learned it went from that you -- on the construction times let's put that in this perception of the technology to monitor. Sure yeah that was big piece yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It shields. -- nothing -- floor but the floor like you find -- It's like we see every day or more ticket and you're not gonna see anything. You didn't have 15100 degrees below you and -- -- -- gonna show you two degrees. Right now I was the big misunderstanding between absolute and relative temperature differences in the monitor will show you. The fire in a room that's not completely consumed by that temperature will show you the differences. But the floor is not on fire so. Shielding is gonna prevent you -- seen that temperature. And that's a tremendous now. We go to original we click on. Construction as a sidebar for classes that you -- you -- you know its its actually you well that com forward slash fire service all of work. And on the left hand side economic minutes of where to get that through our priority and we're -- that just -- are. Hear him and what we'll get that will keep getting those classes out there but I got to that this guy who was smart enough to see all this brings Steven. Partner up with fire engineering and so what short -- and -- -- Steve worked for. Pardon for problem prominent problem -- primarily what you plan for uses you to get the message out. It's a regular far as a means these rocket surgeon Alter -- -- Are you are you it was given to Australia next -- in Australia next week three yeah international varsity conference. And then you become home to an annual meetings. And then we -- -- and reintroduce yourself to this is her or. Not only a couple days and I go to a fire conference in non -- Birmingham London. Then all you do you can you know -- UK -- -- But you know you question I think the design is -- Stevens is. You know army people on the world you know Steve green and white balance at this time and others as you well. Certainly but. Through our partnership fire engineering -- -- together area obviously. Online its great way to get messages out simply and effectively and that continue to invest in researches -- -- -- it. And -- and you do have tremendous investment research and we appreciate that. I think that those we go forward some stuff I want to see this there's -- a look at some of the toxicity and lease rates. And how to really kind of analyze that -- -- more tactical fashion network and on the history. And we've got a project with Chicago Fire Department where we're. Starting with third one of their companies and want sixteen squad five. And we're going around the city taking smoke samples during the overhaul station fire taken back analyzing real time and sending it to a -- Trying to determine what's in that smoking Alley and actually in 102030 -- thousand with the recent -- organizations that it has -- two years ago yes exactly. And interestingly enough as we're speaking right now -- data is just releasing her ports and has no connection between our fighting cancer. -- Ferguson and you know and -- the good folks who tried it and trying to. Do anything intentional but I think that sometimes. You know statistics are not what they are you need to -- On them and we we need you well to continue to. Program when we don't want you -- to find what we want -- to find what you well as renowned for finding the truth. Sure you know whatever the truth maybe you and we need to pursue that he's a it's a critical piece and we are retired and with doctor Brown's recent study and physiology. This tremendous work being done and now we need to package it. The guys who speak fire. And get it out down to the street level so that our first become healthier protect themselves better and better it will -- and I think that's that you will -- Actually it is -- mean -- our mission is public safety. And that's firefighter safety as well specifically we'll civilian safety and through those two things we've recovered quite a bit but it's not just -- on the -- its long term health issues. And I -- this is it working with you well -- and Christmas but. You can talk to the CE OMR Williams and that's what a gentleman and and you can talk to -- -- -- B -- And they're really the modern model for how to do business correctly. And I couldn't be happier to see this relationship. Developing better. And you -- statement timing come down it's huge for us we really appreciate it.